11 Ways To Connect With Your Kids After They Leave For College

It’s never easy saying goodbye, whether they’re leaving for the first or fourth time. These 11 ideas will help ease their transition from home to school.

Send a different care package once a month

Think favorite snacks one month; laundry and cleaning supplies the next; homemade cookies the third month.


 Film a personal funny video

The stars of the video could be your daughter or son’s pet, siblings, or you and your husband.

Dash off a chatty weekly email, with photos, about things happening back home

Cousin Jill is pregnant; cousin Joey just got engaged; Aunt Zelda is getting divorced.


 Arrange for 2-minute (max) Skype session once a week

The purpose of this is to say hello, not to ask a million questions.
A cardinal rule: Listen more than you talk during the call.


Text a joke once a day

Even dumb jokes will be welcome!

Email an article that would interest them

This could be an article about a pop culture phenomenon, a hot new TV show, or a brilliant  column on the crazy 2016 election.



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