If You Could Be Invisible For a Day, What Would You Do?

We’ve probably all dreamt what it would be like to be invisible. Maybe we’d eavesdrop on a gossipy friend, or walk the red carpet at the Oscars.  While Christi would collect a windfall of cash, Karen would do normal everyday things, but with a twist. As usual, you’re a creative bunch.

“Spy on my ex to see IF he was who he said he was….BUT I’m sure my own gut feeling was right. Don’t need to be invisible for that really….LOL.”
Colleen Davis


 “Totally rob a big bank…LOL.”
Christi O’Brien


“Walk around naked as nature intended, doing normal everyday things.”
Karen Watkins


“Listen to what my friends and family say about me.  Then I’d be free. Or comforted.”
Nancy Cox Ferrara


“I would put all seven grandchildren together and just watch!”
Libby McNeill


“Pop tires of rude drivers.”
Brooke St John


“Go to a Disney hotel and to all the parks.”
Annmarie Diaz Passaro 


“I would like to smack some people! They would never know what hit them…LOL.”
Faye Allen

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