You Couldn’t Wait Until They Moved Out! Now, You’re Moving In With Them!!

“I live with my daughter and son in law now!!! No regrets!! I help them with the grandkids while they work and they make it easier for me to get by with just my Social Security.”
Linda Kirn Hoyer

“Yes, and I would leave wet towels in the bathroom, dishes in the sink and my shoes wherever I happened to take take them off.”
Deborah Van Houten Dingman

I was lucky my daughter bought a home with mother- in-law quarters, I have been living here for two years. It is a one bedroom apartment we share the common areas. I thank God everyday!”
Elena Bazyler Oliveira

“Maybe an RV parked in each of their driveways for three months at a time. JK kids!”
Barbara Miller Altfest

“Trust me, I would never do this to my daughter’s family. It doesn’t work. I had the worst experience myself when I allowed my mother- in-law in to stay with us. I booted her but not before it cost my husband and I our sanity and health.”
Linda Hilz Owen

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