Create A Mud Pie Kind of Christmas

When it comes to giving irresistible, innovative and affordable gifts that will earn you the indisputable title “Greatest Gift Giver,” Mud Pie is the place to go! Founded by FOF Marcia Miller almost three decades ago, the Stone Mountain, GA company offers whimsical, functional and fashionable gifts for style-conscious consumers around the world.

Once you see Mud Pie’s stupendous fashion, baby and home furnishings selection, you’ll undoubtedly turn to it over and over, at Christmas and throughout the year. You’ll want your own Mud Pie gifts, too!


Feed Santa and Rudolph everything from your favorite onion dip to guacamole, and surround them with crackers, at your holiday parties. The charming, hand-painted ceramic bowls come gift boxed with a lovely silver-plated spoon.

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