{Dating} 5 Places to Meet an (FOF) Man!

“FOFs tell me they want to get married, they want to find love… but first, you need to be open to dating and having fun,” says expert Cheryl Savage.”

Cheryl warns against going somewhere with the sole purpose of meeting “the one.” Instead, she has this sage advice: “Go for fun, go for adventure and if you see an interesting man…go talk to him!”

Here are her top picks for places where single FOF men congregate…and where FOF women have the best chance of meeting them!

1. Golf Course Bars and Restaurants– After finishing up a round of golf on a Wednesday or Thursday night, many FOF men will unwind at the restaurant at the 18th hole. Many of these men might be married, but there certainly will be some singles amidst the group. Recruit a married girlfriend to accompany you. Married or happily-in-love friends can often be quite encouraging.

2. Car shows – Here’s a spot FOF men, many of them single, gather. Similarly, they gather at car races and sport races. Grab a girlfriend and carouse around. Approach a man you find interesting… If you don’t know much about cars or sports, use it to your advantage. “What do you think is the best car at the show?” is a great conversation starter.

3. A restaurant with bistro tables – Don’t hide in a booth in the back. Sit at a tall table or at the bar. It’s okay to go alone. It is easier for men to approach you when you are at eye level and by yourself. They won’t approach you if they have to bend down to a table or if you are engaged in conversation with someone else. If you’re in a group, turn away from them periodically. I call this, “separating from the herd.”

4. Sports Bars– Especially during big games, men congregate at sports bars. Go with a girlfriend, not another man, even if he is gay or your brother, because a man who wants to approach you may not know that.

5. Bike Riding Groups– Many single, professional FOF men go cycling on Saturday mornings and then head to coffee shops after.

Are there any places FOF singles should avoid?  “Sitting home on your couch cuddling two men by the name of Ben and Jerry!” says Cheryl. “My best advice is to get out and have fun. The chances are better than when you don’t.”

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  1. NavigatingtheDatingScene says:

    Ladies you can meet men at a gas station, once you learn your “manar” like “radar”. I have a cleint who met a man at a gas station on her way to a black tie event. She noticed him looking at her so she approached him, gave him her first name and number. About an hour into the evernt she saw him across the room. He approached her at the event, they had a nice conversation and have been dating every since. He would not have approached her at the black tie event if she hadn’t made the first move at the gas station. You don’t have to go to a restaurant/bar, there are many places to meet men, go out, have fun, and smile a lot.

  2. mamacita says:

    I suggest the meetup groups…there are several different types, from walking, to biking, hiking and just plain old singles meetup groups.
    Try http://www.meetup.com, and see what you can find. Good luck.

  3. The Most Selfish Woman in America says:

    A girlfriend who is FOF suggested the bar or lounge of an upscale hotel. Many business men stay in the hotels, don’t know the city, but don’t want to be in their rooms. Most cities have hotel/condo buildings that have happening restaurants and bars that have become popular meeting places in that city. Not for a pick up, but just a meeting place for people of a certain age and phase of life, shall we say!?!? Cheers!

  4. Cécile Wheatley says:

    Rockyred, fully in agreement. 150% No bars for me. And after-the-game-dinner in the grill room reserved for members. So unless you are a club member I don’t know how you are going to blend…

    I have tried Polo matches in Palm Beach, gallery openings and exhibits, the perpetual French small-dinner-party approach and joining small social groups. Currently I am happy with the status quo. But I would contemplate the cyber social group.


  5. Rockyred says:

    I’m 50, single and searching, Not desparate and don’t want another loser in my life, but still looking for the decent guy who can stop my heart, be my hero, go toe-to-toe in a heated debate over the toilet stool lid, and still offer a foot massage at the end of a busy week. With that said, I do find some of the suggestions here a bit surprising. Bars, really? Car shows are not that plentiful on an annual basis.

    I bought a dog – the best man magnet in the world! Beats hanging out in a bar every time, and I get exercise!

  6. Joanne says:

    I’m neither single nor seeking, but I wanted to say that I think this is a wonderful idea for Fab Over Fifty. Many single friends can make good use of these ideas, which I pass along to them.


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