What’s Your Dating Style?

Whether we’re on a first date or the 1,000th date, after years with our mate, each of us has developed a dating style. While some FOFs abhor the idea of a formal evening, others like nothing more than getting “dressed up,” even for a movie.

Which of these dating types best defines you?

1. The Beauty Queen

Date nights give you perfect excuses to slip on your heels, a bit of bling, and a slinky new dress.

2. The Unromantic

Walking down the street arm in arm, or stealing kisses in the cab, have no place on your dates.

3. The Grapenut

Does the bowling alley have a bar?

4. The Grumbler

The weather to the waiter, the traffic to the theater ticket taker, nothing meets your standards.

5. The ‘Yes’ Ma’am

You’re game for whatever he wants to do, World Wrestling to the latest Liam Neeson film.

6. The Commander-In-Chief

You call the shots about everything.

7. The Date Defier

You’d just as soon stay home in your sweats, and knit.

8. The Lady of The Night

It’s not a real date if you get home before 2 AM.

9. The ‘I’ll-Have-The-Lobster’ Lady

Nothing is too good for you when you’re out with your guy.

10. The Eternal Dater

You don’t feel alive, unless you’re at a movie, restaurant, show—ANYWHERE but home.

Are you a dream date…or a nightmare?

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  1. Wordsmith says:

    While I can do without the wrestling, pretty much anything is good if it’s fun and you’ve got someone to do it with. Movie? Bowling? Swimming in the Pacific? Ice skating? Hockey game? Whatever is on the agenda is good, and top it off with dinner in a 5 star restaurant or a local diner. Then end the night with some one-on-one quiet time, just you and your special someone… a beach, a backyard patio, curled up on the couch.
    And, just as a side note… nightmares are dreams, too! 😉


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