{Fashion} My Hollywood style icon: Elizabeth Taylor in “A Place in the Sun”

“To achieve that look today I wear a vintage “New Look” dress by Dior, accessorized with a vintage parure [set of matching jewelry] by one of my favorite designers: Miriam Haskell, Weiss, Hobe, Kramer or Elsa Schiaparelli. My favorite places to shop for “New Look” dresses are Couture Allure, Antiquedress.com, TheFrock, Vintage Textile, Woodland Farms, Vintage Martini and Past Perfect Vintage. Sometimes I wear vintage heels. Sometimes I wear new shoes by Stuart Weitzman or Cole Haan because they are classic and comfortable. Zappos carries both those labels and has the best customer service and free shipping!”

1. Vintage Gigi Young Dress via Antique Dress / 2. Miriam Haskell Pansy Statement Necklace / 3. Miriam Haskell Pansy Cuff / 4. Stuart Weitzman Cachet Heels

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11 Responses to “{Fashion} My Hollywood style icon: Elizabeth Taylor in “A Place in the Sun””

  1. PrincessTamera says:

    Elizabeth Taylor’s classy looks in A Place in the Sun & other movies makes me want to live back them where women looked more like women. I love the hats of that era too & wish there was a place to wear hats again!

  2. Roseann says:

    If only I had some place to wear this……..

  3. Marcia Robinson says:

    Of course. Leave it to me to forget one of the most important aspects of the Liz Taylor’s attire. Shoes! I had a pair of two identical to the Stuart Weitzman’s shown. I just happen to be a shoeaholic. If thephoto of the shoes is any indication that this style will be coming back, let me know.

  4. Marcia Robinson says:

    Oh boy! Do I ever remember that movie. It was the epitome of feminism. Loved the dress and of course, had one or two of them myself. And, of course, she had a figure to go with it.

  5. Debbie says:

    Classic always comes off, well……clasique! Love the look, and it was a bonus to see the old photo of the true American Beauty on the site. She has always remained a lady, above all. Thank you for showing that being covered up, can still be very sexy, and remain classy. I don’t think any man would argue with the beauty of Ms. Taylor.

  6. mrgvintage says:

    Elizabeth Taylor has always been one of my favorites. I have admired her, not only as an actress, but also for her beauty, sensitivity and fashion sense. She is a Pisces, as am I, so I relate to her in many ways, on many levels. I would absolutely wear her clothes. I only wish the quality and style of the clothes she wore were available today.

  7. Becky says:

    Elizabeth Taylor’s beauty is unmatched! The clothes she wore in “A Place in the Sun” were stunning. Although, they did not compete with her beauty. There was one dress she wore at a party at her parents house that blows my socks off!
    I would love to see here wardrobe.

  8. Kathy says:

    My sis, 71, has been posting old pics of us from when we were young. I had on a dress similar to this and I was 10! lol. Except that mine was patterned rather hideous and had a button missing (I was one of 7).

  9. b says:

    The beautiful clothes that Elizabeth Taylor wore will always make me want to go shopping. As a teen I wore dresses very like the one pictured above. I remember the quality of each dress right down to the silk lining. We wore skirts made by Century that were made with a loving hand. The details would make you drool if you saw them on a rack today. Isn’t it wonderful that really classic style never goes away.

    As for the under garmet…well I could never have pulled that off! It just looked tacky to me even when I was 16.



  10. Sharon says:

    If I had that Elizabeth Taylor figure I would definitely wear that outfit!

  11. Louise says:

    Elizabeth Taylor defined high-style in the 1950’s and her clothes and accessories remain classic, many of them still desirable and wearable. Thank heavens the bullet bras are gone (I remember my mom wearing those fearsome things!).


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