{Fashion} Put some spring in your step!

This spring, FOF Shelley Zausmer is turning over a new leaf — she’s trading in her beloved high heels for comfortable, stylish flats. Since it’s been years since she’s shopped for anything below a 3-inch heel, she sought advice from our FOF style gurus on the new “Ask an FOF” section of FabOverFifty. Here are their picks for comfy-chic spring kicks, (almost) all for less than $160:

FOF Style Guru Linda Cohen: “The Cole Haan wedges are made with the same Nike ‘air’ technology used in their sneakers. They’re cushion-y with a modern wedge heel. The ballet flats have a rubberized sole. The slight heel makes them more feminine.”

Left: Air Talia Wedge 40 by Cole Haan, $119.95.
Right: Cece leather and canvas ballet flats by J.Crew, $128.

FOF Style Guru Terry Gibralter: “The fact that loafers, spectators and brogues are in style this spring is great news for those seeking comfortable footwear!”

Left: Spectator oxfords by Candela, $158
Right: Keyman by Stuart Wetizman, $325

FOF Style Guru Lisa C.: “I’ve had good luck lately with Sperry, the same company responsible for Topsiders. Also, ballet flats are still in style this season, you should be able to find hundreds [of pairs that] are adorable and comfortable.”

Left: Simple by London Sole, $165
Right: Madaket Slip On by Sperry, $67.99

FOF Style Guru Linda Cohen: “The designers must have been listening to real women who want to be stylish without wearing a 5-inch platform! The ‘Thimble Clover’ by Clarks is a perfect example. The rubberized bottom and foam foot bed make them comfortable and the embellishment will make them your season’s favorite sandal.”

Left: Nasy by Corso Como, $159
Right: “Thimble Clover” by Clarks, $89.99

FOF Style Guru Sandra Soich: “Toms are my weekend walking shoe this season. They are so comfortable. Neimans now sells exclusive styles of Toms with a sturdier sole and in fantastic tones such as a low-key pewter colored shoe I bought and wear everywhere.”

Left: Bennet Metallic Slip-On by Toms, $85.
Right: Air Bacara Ballet by Cole Haan, $148.

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  1. sharon910 says:

    Oh my I never paid any of those amounts for shoes and I found alternatives for wearing a high heel.But love the ones you have just out of my range.

  2. Elaine says:

    Love the shoes, nice variety. However I have a wide foot and have to search long and hard to find a cute, comfortable shoe. Many styles in wide have an orthopedic look. Sometimes I will buy a medium width and have them stretched to fit me!

  3. Karen says:

    I love all those flats! you have some good choices there.

  4. kathleen schmidt says:

    really, $148. way over my budget!

  5. doreen says:

    I have always worn flats in style of out! The right ones can last a long time….


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