{Fashion} Spring’s Sunset Shades: Bright Pink and Red

Hurrah, it’s spring! Now slowly back away from those pastels. The colors of the season are BRIGHT. Specifically, bright pink and red. We saw these hot hues peeking out from under coats and jackets throughout Fashion Week.

The key to wearing them: don’t be over the top, but don’t be too tentative. Head-to-toe pink and red will leave you looking like FOFBarbie. But one pink bangle is a snooze. Instead, invest in a few fab pieces and use them two-or-three at a time to pull a basic look together.


Picture these beauties with a bright pink sweater, blue jeans and neutral flats.
Splurge: Watercolor silk scarf from Ann Taylor, $98.
Save: Made of me double dot scarf from Nordstrom, $29.


Summer staple jewelry that you can wear with linen pants and a t-shirt, a simple shift, a dress suit…you get the idea. Don’t forget to pair them with that gorgeous scarf (above) or any of the other pieces (below).
Splurge: Adreena Bangle Set by Amrita Singh from PinkMascara, $115
Save: Cara Mixed Media Bangles from Nordstrom, $58


Meet your new neutral summer bag. Believe it or not, you can pair these with just about anything in your closet. Bonus points for mixing in another bold hue such as neon yellow or electric blue.
Splurge: Flicker-Tenley Patent Crossbody Bag by Kate Spade $178
Save: Small Patent Crossbody Bag from Steve By Steve Madden, $78


Swap these for your regular jeans or khakis and suddenly you’ve got “a look.” Especially great with nautical striped tops, khaki blazers and latte-colored accessories.
Splurge: Alisha Skinny Stretch Jeans by Not Your Daughter’s Jeans from Nordstrom, $104
Save: Signature Colored Denim Flared Crop Jeans from Talbots, $79.50


Like the bags, these beauties are a surprising neutral. Wear them instead of a basic black flat with all your summer faves.
Splurge: Erin Patent Leather Ballet Flat by Michael Kors from Neiman Marcus, $150
Save: Patent Ballerina from Zara, $39.50


Swap this for the neutral spring cover-up you normally wear (we’re all guilty of wearing a navy or grey cardigan just a few days too many–it’s ok). Even better, pair the pink top with your red pants and visa versa. Add gold accessories and you’ll glow like the sun…or, better yet, the sunset.

Splurge: Cashmere V-Neck Cardigan from J.Crew, $178
Save: MOD.lusive Roll Sleeve Cardigan from Nordstrom, $42

  • Debi Rice

    My purse is famous! I purchased the bright pink Steve Madden purse on sale at Sears for $20. Every single time I carry it no matter where I go women from 5 to 70 compliment me on it. I LOVE bright pink but thought when I bought it that I might get some funny looks. No way! I have never owned such a popular piece. Glad that you agree.

  • The one I worry about–over-anxiously when Scott is away is the fact that the kids become my sole responsibility for a few days. When I leave work to pick up T., or to get L. from school, I am conscious of the fact that it;s just me, no one else to fall back on. I feel more tense, on guard. The spectre of what-ifs plague me, day and night. What if something happens to me on the way to picking up the kids from school? Who will know? What will happen? What if one child falls ill in the night? What if I fall ill in the night?

  • Great Looks. Pink is such a fun color especially in the spring and summer.

  • flowerdiva

    I would wear these combinations together. Pink is not my color to wear so I would choose that color as an accessory such as purse, shoes, scarf and definately jewelry.Definately pants as well. I may not go crazy and wear pink pants and an orange top. I would choose one color and then the other to accent. It would be a fun look to try.

  • kellykat

    Love the combination — vibrant hues keep you young

  • Dianne

    I meant – a scarf is an inexpensive way…..

  • Dianne

    Wear what makes you feel good. I know what looks best on me and I stick with that and always get compliments.

    A scarf is an expensive way to keep current if that is one’s desire. Keep it classy, not trashy is my motto.

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  • BeBe Pfab

    I love these colors together! I will def use them in my Spring wardrobe! Will look great with my new bright pink lipstick. Just because I turned 60 on Feb 24th doesn’t stop me from enjoying the latest styles!!! xoxo

  • Casey04

    Here’s my question?

    Who should not wear colored jeans that I am seeing
    in the stores for spring /summer.
    I am a size 10-12..i”m tall however, i have problem areas. I should stay away from this look.

    • FOF Editor

      Hi Casey – Our best suggestion: Go to the store and try them on. Since you’re tall, you can probably get away with a lot. Not Your Daughter’s Jeans and Talbots carry bright bottoms in sizes 10 and up. The bright colors will draw your eye, so if your problem areas are in your butt and thighs, you may want to stick bright pink and red elsewhere on your body (like your shoes, a scarf or another bold accessory). That said, it’s always worth trying. Plus, jeans with a little elastic can hide a multitude of sins. Good luck!

  • Heather Cariou

    Even if you’re a Fab Over 50, if you are a size 14 or up, which many of us are, I don’t think you want to be wearing pink or red jeans!


    What a great post! I love the vibrant colors this season and your wear tips give me the courage to go forth brightly!

    • FOF Editor

      Thanks, Wlongman! So glad you like it. this makes our day!

  • ncfab50

    It’s SO strange…I remember a time when wearing red and pink together was considered hideous and SO wrong! I do love the look and will definitely try one of these combos! Thanks Fab Over 50 for the wonderful tips!

    • Judie

      Not much to choose from. I was hoping for new place to shop, but, truthfully……soft surroundings and especially, Chico’s and TJMAXX speak louder to me. It’s just feedback and I do appreciate all the sidelines offered, as far as diet and such. Won’t shop here unless there is more variety.
      Thank you,

      • Heather Cariou

        I’m with you, Judie.

      • FOF Editor

        Hi Judie – thanks for your comment. We’re not actually selling these items…Are you referring to this story, or to the stuff in the FOF shop?

    • FOF Editor

      Thank YOU ncfab50! so glad you liked it.