Be Honest, Do You Have A Favorite Child?

When we asked if you have a ‘favorite’ child, many of you diplomatically said they’re all your favorites. Destiny offered the cleverest answer of all! And Patti’s definitely was insightful.

“I have a favorite. It changes all the time. But yes. LOL”
Destiny Walser Head
“I would like to say, ‘I hope not,’  but I think some do. Each of mine is my favorite for different reasons; be it in their accomplishments, or because of their heart. I love them equally and am blessed to call them, ‘MINE’.”
Paulette Greyn

“Calling a child a favorite has no bearing on the amount of love you feel for all your children. I love all four of my children equally, it’s limitless. I am, however, closest to my second oldest. We just have a stronger bond. As simple as that.”
Geri Show-Gilbert

“I think I was my dad’s favorite and my only sibling was my mom’s favorite. I have two children and they are both my favorites, just in different ways. I love them both the same. I also have two grandchildren and they are also both my favorite grandkids, just in different ways. I love them both the same as well.”
Cindy Siegman Daprile Winslow

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  1. Fawn George says:

    My mom has a favorite. It’s my older sister. She supposedly turned out better. She got married right out of high school, like Mom wanted her to and had two beautiful daughters. Her Husband makes pretty good money and She runs a Day care business. Unlike me I waited. Had several boyfriends. Did not find Mr. Right till I was 38. We got married with in 6 months. Of course kind of late for kids. Had 3 miscarried babies. We don’t make very much money. I’m disabled from a car accident. So I’m not Perfect. So that’s why I’m not her favorite. I still do things with her. But it stings. I told myself, if I had kids I would try not to have a favorite. Above all else. I sure would tell my Kid that she’s not my favorite, Like my mom did to me.


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