Finding and Keeping Love… At Any Age

Fifty-something Cynthia Spillman says she’s “kissed a lot of frogs in her time,” but is now happily married her third husband, Peter, whom she married when she was 48.

“Like many women, I have (in the past) found myself to be ‘relationship-challenged,’ she writes in the introduction to her new book, From Dinner Date to Soulmate, Guide to Mature Dating.  “In other words, we keep banging our heads against a brick wall in our love search, to the point where we really start to believe that we’re going to end up lonely old ladies with cats for company.

“We’re human and we make mistakes, and as we age it can feel petrifying even to contemplate re-entering the relationship jungle. When you’re in the jungle, you need a guide,” Cynthia continues.  Her “mature dating” self-help  book is the guide. “It’s my mission to help you overcome your fears, frustration and apathy, by providing you with a clear blueprint for the journey to finding and keeping love–at any age,” she declares.

From Dinner Date to Soulmate is divided into three sections: Be Prepared, which covers subjects from getting to know yourself to making room for another person in your life; How To Find Potential Partners, embracing topics from networking to spotting and exterminating your internal saboteur and impostor mentality, and Moving From First Date To Soulmate,  which explores how to become a successful baggage handler and 13 secrets for lasting happiness. The book is a humorous, practical, and inspirational handbook for FabOverFifty dating market.

Cynthia is the chief executive of The International Dating Academy, a one-stop dating shop for people who wish to improve their dating skills. Before that, she was chief executive of Dinner Dates, the UK’s top social networking club for elite professional singles.  An inspirational trainer and motivational speaker, Cynthia divides her time between London and Nice (lucky lady!)

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