{Food} FOF Fall Dinner Party

Is it possible to create a dinner party menu that has the complex flavors of fall but is easy on the host? Three genius FOF caterers took on the challenge. Here, they share a make-ahead autumn feast guaranteed to leave your guests singing for seconds.

Honey-Pear Sparkler
FOF caterer Abigail Kirsch of Abigail Kirsch Catering

“The cocktail  is a great fall go-to – It showcases the best of the fall season, pear and honey with a touch of effervescence.”

{click here for the recipe!}

Sweet Potato and Green Apple Soup

FOF caterer Abigail Kirsch of Abigail Kirsch Catering

“The soup is made from familiar ingredients, but used in a unique way.  People like a new twist on a familiar flavor. It’s also vegetarian-friendly and has a lot of visual appeal with bright harvest colors.”

{click here for the recipe!}

Autumn Moroccan Chicken Beestaya
FOF caterer Alison Mesrop of Alison Mesrop Catering

“It’s a good party dish because you can make it entirely in advance and it can sit out for a long time on a buffet, it retains heat well. It makes for good conversation because people can’t quite pinpoint the flavors.  They are warm and interesting; a balance of sweet and savory and a tiny bit of heat that is universally appealing. It also makes wonderful centerpiece for a meal accessorized with couscous, roasted veggies or several fresh salads.”

{click here for the recipe!}

Pear Tarte Tartin
FOF caterer Susan Gage of Susan Gage Caterers
“It’s a great fall dessert. It’s seasonal, colorful and pears tend to be a little unappreciated. The cranberries are a wonderful tart contrast to the sweet pears.  We find that this dessert can add an elegant finish to any meal.”

{click here for the recipe!}

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4 Responses to “{Food} FOF Fall Dinner Party”

  1. Katherine from FabOverFifty says:

    Glad you’re trying out the pear tarte tatin! I’m sure it will be wonderful…

  2. Nononsensebeauty says:

    What a glorious meal! I’m trying the pear tarte tatin tonight.

  3. Bernice Scott says:

    Absolutely delicious – one of my favorite ethnic recipes.

    • Memet says:

      I emailed a fneird today to tell her about your new blog. She has your If-Then chart and I thought she would be excited to know what your ministry is up to. God bless you as you seek to strengthen families!dana


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