17 Of Our Favorite Guilty Food Pleasures

Even the strongest woman has food cravings that she just can’t shake. Whether it’s sweets, or even pizza, every woman has a food (or foods) that she may consider a guilty pleasure.

Here are a few foods that look and taste too good to resist!

“I love donuts and will occasionally indulge. I figure that I’m already halfway through life anyway, I may as well enjoy what I have left.”
Laura Belle

“For the taters. Boil them, mash them, stick ’ em in a stew.”
Cheri Loop Foster

Oooooo FRUIT GUMS & sorting them into colours…eat the green, yellow, red, black, then orange???? been doing this since I was 4!!!”
Sarah Bias

Susan Musante Wong

French fries and Popeye’s Fried Chicken! Yum!”
Connie Armendariz Herrera

Peanut M&M’s. Lots and lots of peanut M&M’s!”
Jodi Smith Rasar


Pumpkin pie”
Barbara Stanisci

Payday bars!!”
Lynda Cartmill


“Wisconsin cream puffs and the list goes on and on.”
Bonnie Unger-Carr


Cheesecake, and brownies. Yep.. lots of each!”
Barb Wallace


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