9 Foods That Are (Possibly) Better Than Sex

Some things are simply irresistible.

Like sex with a man who takes your breath away when your eyes meet his; an iced-cold drink on a sweltering summer day; and these nine ridiculously caloric foods. We applaud anyone with the discipline to eat nothing but kale and quinoa the rest of her life, but even the wisest doctors in the land say it’s perfectly ok to splurge, as long as it’s once in a while. And we mean ONCE IN A WHILE.

1. Ice Cream

You haven’t lived a full life until you’ve tried Churros con Leche.

2. Real Croissants

You’ll secretly lick your fingers hours after eating one of these buttery, flaky marvels.

3. French Cheeses

Whoever thought something so smelly could make you so happy?

4. Tortilla Chips & Guacamole

Once these hit the table, you can’t get them into your mouth fast enough!

5. Coffee Frappés

You start to get a little sad when you’re trying to get at the last drop.

6. Fettuccine Alfredo

When butter, heavy cream and parmesan unite to create a heart-stopping experience.

7. Margaritas

They’ve got that irresistible sweet and sour thing going, and make you feel so darn chill.

8. Authentic Baby Back Ribs

Juicy, smoky and best slathered in piquant BBQ sauce.

9. Hazelnut Spread

Surely, another tablespoon (or two) can’t be that bad, could it?!?

Anything you’d add?

9 Responses to “9 Foods That Are (Possibly) Better Than Sex”

  1. lorraine says:

    How about hot fudge sundaes, chocolate brownies with a big gob of chocolate or vanilla ice cream topped with hot fidge, or a real thick chocolate layer cake!

  2. Chef Karen says:

    Chocolate chili truffles – the sweet of the dark creamy chocolate mixed with a little heat on the finish is a heavenly taste.

  3. sheila Larmie says:

    Lemoncello cake

  4. LindyBelle says:

    I can second dark chocolate–any kind, but particularly mixed with fruit, nuts, or Cajun spices!

    Anything highly seasoned and spicy–curry, Tabasco Sauce on anything . . .

    • Chef Karen says:

      I’m right there with you, girlfriend!

  5. Christine Norman says:

    I know all these foods look and taste delicious, they are just not part of my usual diet, which is pretty healthy. So I would rather have more together time with my husband. My husband on the other hand would most likely salivate over one of the above.

  6. Carmela Congdon says:

    …and of course dark chocolate with roasted hazelnuts from Italy

  7. Carmela Congdon says:

    fresh figs, persimmons, chilled watermelon

    • Geri Brin says:

      I like your choices, Carmela, even if they’re pretty healthy 🙂


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