{Friday Giveaway} Covergirl Simply Ageless Serum Primer

Win a bottle of Covergirl’s Simply Ageless Serum Primer, a combination anti-aging serum plus foundation primer. Cover Girl sent this bottle to our offices to test–can you be our tester?  We’ll send the bottle to one FOF in return for a letting us know what you think.

For a chance to win, comment below and tell us: Do you still go tanning?

(Contest closes Friday, September 3, 2010.)

Thank you for entering. This contest is now closed.

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77 Responses to “{Friday Giveaway} Covergirl Simply Ageless Serum Primer”

  1. A. Reese says:

    I tanned for years but after laser treatments to repair the damage to my skin, I wised up and use sunscreen faithfully. I have a process for self-tanning that results in a natural-looking and streak-free tan. I don’t waste time laying around by the pool either! Too bad today’s tanning products weren’t available years ago, because we’ve always known tanning was bad for the skin.

  2. eddyrobey says:

    No, the sun has always been too much for my fair skin

  3. gshep says:

    I tan while gardening. Take plenty of vitamin C. Our bodies need sunlight to produce Vitamin D.

  4. cyndi says:

    No. I have dermographia and sun aggravates it. Too many dangers. I see those women that tan in booth and overtan. There skin looks leathery and they seem to age faster.

  5. Nancy says:

    During the summer I go, usually in the morning or after 3pm. I do get tan although much less than I used to.

  6. Nancy Goodman says:

    During the summer I go to the beach for a few hours, usually before 11 or after 2. I do get a tan although much less than I used to.

  7. Joan says:

    I live in NY . I go to the beach in the summer and at least once during the winter. I am more careful in the sun then I used to. I do get quite a tan in the summer
    and when on vacation. I use a tinted moisturizer year round, although I often leave it off when I go to the beach. I have never gone to a tanning salon. I had
    used tan towels occassionally.
    I have been looking around for something that will improve my skin. I have some discolorations that I never ha before. I would also like something to decrease my “laugh lines”.

  8. myra says:

    I will be part of the test product and look forward to seeing how well it works.

  9. Dolores says:

    Are you kidding! Age spots, wrinkles and melanoma, oh my!

  10. Colleen Hattingh says:

    Yes I love the sun – born and raised in a coastal town the sun and sea is what I love most. Use lots of suntan lotion – no artificial sun for me – only what the good Lord provides.

  11. KT HESS says:

    No but I’m a mail man and I do get one arm really tan. 😉

  12. TONI says:

    My face is screaming for HELP !! Help!!!!

  13. Sharon says:

    I do tan, but I do it indirectly. In the summer I do water aerobics at the complex’s outside pool for 1 hour. I get my tan while getting in shape. Of course, I use 50 SPF all over my body including my face.

  14. freda says:

    no, I never tan! After a few CA scares I use sun screen EVERY time I get outside. Although now they are saying we need 15 min. of sun a day for vitamin D. What’s a girl to do?

  15. Debbie Bain says:

    I have never been in a tanning bed – I think it ruins a person’s skin.

  16. deb stoyek says:

    no, I don’t go tanning. I have 2 teenage boys, a job, house etc, I don’t have time to tan.

  17. Patricia Assanowicz says:

    NO, Tanning without a doubt is not good for your skin, there are so many great products out there to create the faux tan, I have always wanted to try Covergirl Simply Ageless Serum Primer. I have heard it is great for your skin, not to mention, covergirl is a trusted name in products, I am 55 years young and need this Serum. I will definatly let you know what I think, I am at the age that being truthful about what goes on your skin is not only important, but valuable, Yes I will be completey honest, my skin is very important to me and Covergirl I do trust, along with my opinion. Thank you for this chance, my skin also thanks you.

  18. Marcia Robinson says:

    Growing up at the beach and not knowing the eventual damage it would do to my skin, if I had my druthers, I’d not make the same mistake. However, I did have wonderful times in Puerto Rico, Spain, and Acapulco, where it’s almost impossible not to sit in the sun. Sorry!

  19. Jennifer Alexander says:

    I don’t go tanning. I occasionally get a spray tan.

  20. julie says:

    I don’t go out to tan any longer..I look old enough!

  21. Mary Sims says:

    No I don’t tan, at age 26 I got melignant melanoma from all the years of sun at the beach when I was younger. I am blessed to have survived as the melanoma was into the 4th layer of my skin. I have a 3 inch round circle scar on my wrist with skin grafts that people assume was a bad burn. Well it was in a way…….
    But I am 53 today and feel so blessed to have made it through that!

  22. Vickie says:

    I stopped tanning when I noticed the tanning beds were making age spots happen (I am 50), so now I only spray tan. I wish I had not used the beds and used the spray tanning from the begining.

  23. Ro Turner says:

    Yes, at the beach only, but wear sunscrean on my body and on my face. I wear sunglasses and a hat to protect my face. I do not use tanning beds

  24. Phyllis says:

    Never ever!

  25. RUTA FOX says:

    No way!!! Growing up in Los Angeles, we didn’t know about the dangers back then. After a bout of skin cancer on my elbow, I cross the street to avoid the sunny side.

  26. Diana says:

    No, not at all. I live in Florida and rarely do I sit out in the sun. I have too many friends who have had skin biopsies.
    When (rarely) I go to the beach I use plenty of sun screen.

  27. Jacqueline Lowder says:

    I have never gone tanning…never will.

  28. Jan says:

    I avoid tanning like the plague. I love being outdoors but I am always careful of my skin. It is very fair and I am very proud of that. So many of the women my age are still going out there and comparing who is darker. I just compare the health benefits of not getting skin cancer and the beauty benefits of keeping my skin as young looking and moist as possible. I would love to try this product.

  29. Roberta Napoli says:

    absolutely not! It is very damaging to the skin. I see young people on the beach quite often laying in the sun for hours not realizing that they will pay the price ten or twenty years from now.

  30. Deanna Vejar says:


  31. MARGARIDA says:

    I do not go tanning, but as a person who thrives in the outdoors biking, swimming and walking, I always wear a good sun block.

  32. Kathy says:

    No, I get lots of sun the natural way, when I am outside. I do not purposely lie out and try and get tanned and would never go to a salon.

  33. Rennie Miller says:


  34. Darlene Boggini says:

    At 63 years old and a 20lb weight gasin from not smoking I could use the theraphy on my face.

  35. Carol Stark says:

    I am an 8 year Breast Cancer Survivor–so I never go to the tanning salon. I do spend a lot of time outdoors though and love the sun and my summer glow. Since I live in the midwest, I have to try to get all my sun between April & October!

  36. Carol Stark says:


  37. Patricia Assanowicz says:

    Honestly I do, I do not lay out in the sun, I work in my garden and do some landscaping so I naturally tan, I am 55 years young, and really would love to stay as young looking as possible, my work is also outside, painting houses and the sun can be pretty rough, even applying sunsreen, 6 days a week outside, I try my best to keep moisturized and take care of my skin, if this will help me, I would love to be your tester. Thank you

  38. Grace Iurilli says:

    Never been much into tanning but I do love being in the ocean!
    May I ask: are your products tested on animals?

  39. Kimberly says:

    I don’t go tanning anymore. I used to when I was much younger and now my skin is showing the effects.

  40. Maria Laura says:

    Hi! I’m a “do not tan” crusader. Im against linking beauty with tan. Women must discover the beauty in healthy habits. And the same tan does, makekeup can, too. In my country tanning is a cultural must…and I go against it. Prefer to protect my skin 🙂

  41. Stefanie D says:


  42. Melody Susong says:

    Go to tanning salons. Heck no! I live in the valley of the sun. Why would I need a tanning salon? I need lots of sunscreen! HELP!!

  43. Patti says:

    Oh, I know this is bad, but here goes:
    I do occassionally use a tanning bed, but usually just for a couple visits to get a little exposure before I go on a vacation. I do not tan every day. I also need the light exposure in the winter months to “perk me up”, but even then it may only be once every 2 weeks or so.
    I do use the self-tanning lotions that are now available, but the smell of them usually gets to me. why do they have to smell so bad?
    As far as the Covergirl / Olay serum primer – I absolutely love Olay products, so I simply must try this out! It sounds perfect for me.

  44. Joy Mincoff says:

    NO!,NO!,NO!-A thousand times-no!

  45. Yolanda F. Martinez says:

    No, I do not tan. With the rise in skin cancer why would anyone want to risk tanning? My beautiful mother was 78 when she passed and did not have one wrinkle on her face. And thanks to her preaching about not sitting out and tanning and to always take care of your skin, I am proud to say that at age 58, I too can boast that I do not have any wrinkles either. I would love to try out Covergirl/Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer. I already use the Covergirl/Olay makeup and I love it!

  46. Janet says:

    No, I have never tried a tanning salon. First of all, it is bad for your skin and second, I don’t tan, just burn and peel.

  47. Patricia says:

    No, I have never laid out to tan nor have I ever went to a tanning salon. I was blessed being born a Latina so my natural skin color suits me just fine.

  48. joyce says:

    I do not, and have not for years.

  49. Catherine says:

    Don’t ….won’t…. I love some color on my pasty covering but not worth the risk or the money. Mother sun can kiss my skin while I garden or walk or bike….

  50. Diana Duda says:

    After losing my husband to melanoma skin cancer you can bet your sweet life the answer to this is a loud resounding, “NO!!!”

  51. Robyn says:

    I did go tanning when I was younger, but always put a towel over my face. I live in Hawaii now, and truly
    I do not need to lay in the sun, just zipping around I am exposed to sun on a daily basis being so close to the equater. I would love to try this product, a product that has a good reputation to its name. My suggestion to the younger generation is if you want to look fab over fifty do not do it.

  52. Atrenzad says:

    Never go into a tanning salon, I tanned very easy so I use spf100 now, thanks God for this.

  53. Leelee says:

    Alas, my days of chasing a naturally golden tan are long over. After freckling, and then burning, and ultimately peeling the damage away in my teenage years, I learned to love the skin I was born with and how to care for it. I’d love the chance to test drive a promising new serum and share the details of the results!

  54. bonnie says:

    I live in fl so I am one way or another in the sun. I also play lots of golf. I do not lay out in the sun to get a tan.

  55. Mary Jo says:

    I never go to the tanning booth any more, and although I spent a lot of time outdoors, I now am diligent about putting on sun screen.

  56. Connie Washington says:

    I have not tried the primer. I don’t tan on purpose. It seems to happen. I do use sunscreen daily.

  57. Terry Guerin says:

    never have, never will

  58. DawnMarie Helin says:

    I do not go tanning. After a lifetime of being at the lake and only using sunscreen as an adult, I see the signs of aging more in the areas where I’ve burned or tanned darkly. I’ve seen similar signs on my children, and try to keep them safe as can be with warnings and some show and tell. My daughter has asked to go tanning, and done so once or twice before a big dance, but even she understands the danger and the reason to be more careful.

  59. Karin says:

    Tanning is horrible for your skin. Never got into the tanning salon scene. I burn in the sun and am paying for the burn I recieved as a child every time I see the dermatologist.
    I would love to try this product. I used Covergirl products in my teens and 20’s. I still use Olay products.

  60. Karin says:

    I do not go tanning. I used to lay out in the sun as a child and young adult and always burned. So, I stopped but now pay for it by having precancerous things froze off about every 6 months. Sun is bad for your skin and causes premature aging even more so if you are fair skinned like me.
    I would really love to try this product though.

  61. Barb Mazzara says:

    Even though my daughter owns a tanning salon & I can tan for free——I still don’t tan!

  62. Barb Mazzara says:

    Even though my daughter owns a tanning salon and I can tan for free——-I still don’t tan.

  63. Jennifer Rutsky says:

    I used to tan A LOT. I would buy the package deals where it was $10 unlimited tanning all week. For about 4 years I did this but now I rarely to never step in a tanning booth. The only time I do is right before a beach vacation so I have a base tan and don’t end up burning and being in pain while away.

  64. Barb Mazzara says:

    No tanning for me even though I can tan for free as my daughter owns a tanner.

  65. Jenny hebert says:

    Dont tan any more too rough on my skin

  66. d. frank says:

    I stopped tanning 15 years ago…

  67. teresa says:

    absolutely not. keeping my skin smooth and supple is of prime importance to me as i age. my daughter is 19 and addicted to tanning. i’m trying to talk her out of it!

  68. Claudia says:

    in my “younger” years i went tanning alot. Nowadays it’s a Tan out of the Bottle 🙂 Would love to try this product and write a Review.

  69. renee says:

    I am an Irish American so have very light skin tones. I to try to sit in the sun but don’t lay out in the sun trying to get tan all over. I like the looks of my face with a little color in it. The sun itself makes me feel better and gives me a better out look on life.

  70. Karen says:

    When I was kid I like to lay out in the sun.
    I do not tan now.

  71. Margarida says:

    My arms are a rich bronzed colour, but I do not spend time tanning. Rather I bike, walk the dogs, swim outside, garden and generally enjoy the great outdoors.

  72. Joyzkim says:

    I do not go tanning…I use all the artificial tanning products out there to get my golden glow.

  73. JoAnn Arnold says:

    No, no tanning for me, I’m thankful I’ve never needed it.

  74. Dorothy says:

    Would love to try this product from a company I have used for my make up needs throughout the years. Covergirl products are very cost efficient and get the job done. They are not too heavy of a product – do not leave your face feeling greasy. I love Covergirl.

  75. merrill says:

    No, I do not go to tanning salons- tried it when I was younger.. I do lay out in the sun for a minimal amount of time- just to get some vitamin D.

  76. KMM says:

    Nope! I’m thankful that I never got into tanning.

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