10 Wise Ways To Get Through A Bitter Divorce

Remember Mary Martin singing “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair” in the musical South Pacific? If only it were that easy! Ending a relationship can be a bittersweet time, or just plain bitter. Here, 10 FOFs give us valuable advice on getting through a distressing divorce.

“This heartache & drama won’t last forever. Stay strong & hold on as time really does heal. There will always be a tender scar but it won’t always be a gaping wound. Don’t get overwhelmed by the big picture… Just ask God for “footlights” & take the next right step. Before you know it this will all be in your rear view mirror. Hold onto to what you know is true, focus on your kids, swallow your pride, keep your chin up, & as someone once told me, “chop wood, carry water”. Oh…& stay close to people you know you’re safe with.”
Kelley Parker

“Be strong for your kids, but don’t be afraid to be human. Find time for you. Breathe. Go to yoga. Don’t go on social media. Don’t compare your situation to anybody. When you feel like isolating, call a friend. Call me. I’m really good at this stuff and am a vault. Feel free to be you.”
Orla Marie Murphy

“Never feel the need to explain or justify how you cope, and then do what you need to do for you. Someone else’s way may not be your way. Walk slowly, be kind to you and know it is something that happened to you, but it doesn’t define you.  It is just a part of your story.”
Paullette Hoogerwerf

“Make sure you have a good lawyer, a good therapist, then once it’s over take time to heal. Don’t rush into another relationship, don’t make any major decisions for at least a year!”
Cindy Crouch Parkinson

“Stand up strong and make a plan to move on without him! Don’t let him hold you back or play games with you ! It will be hard but you will be glad you do this in the long run ! Don’t look back. You deserve better for yourself and the kids!”
Ronda Pourner

“Going through it at the moment. You can’t change the past, time will heal. Just be positive and learn to love yourself. Cry all you want, it is healing.”
Kris Julin

“Know that you are not alone. It is the worst of times, but it can bring the best of times #free.”
Angie Perry

“This too shall pass. Be gentle and love yourself. You will be happy again, maybe not tomorrow or next week or next month, but you WILL be happier than you’ve ever been.”
Deborah Pattillo Cochran

“Do NOT even think about dating yet, especially if you have children. A divorce is one of the most unstable things people go through, and as a mother you can offer great stability by emanating strength, confidence & assuredness daily, even amidst the pain you may feel.’
Rebecca Brookoff Fichtel

“Think of what your children will tell you when they get older. Your future is their future. I’ve been there, done that, and realized how my decisions have impacted them. In the end, find a place where you can agree to disagree and get on with life and be friendly to each other. From the child’s view, it’s much easier when they do not have to chose sides.”
Karla DeBok

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