{Gift Guide 2012} For the Pet Lover

Looking for the purrfect gift for your furry friend or the pet lover in your life? Our FOF experts have 11 gifts sure to please four-legged friends this holiday season!

Plus, WIN the Sidworth Dog Coat from LoveMyDog.Co.Uk when you answer this question in the comments, below: What kind of pet are you buying a gift for this year?


1. Sidworth Dog Coat from lovemydog.co.uk, $136.41

“Nearly all of LoveMyDog’s tweed collections are inspired by Miss Marple from the Agatha Christie novels! The new Sidworth range is a British handcrafted collection made in England. It’s the ultimate luxury for your dog. Procrastinators rejoice–you’ve still got time to order online and get your gift in time for the holiday!” –Lilly Shahravesh, founder of Love My Dog, a UK-based couture line of dog clothing.

2. Christian Loubarkin Shoes toy from Trixie & Peanut, $12+

“What furry little friend wouldn’t want to chew on a pair of Christian Loubarkins? Give your pooch a little glamour with this plush toy.”–Lilly Shahravesh, founder of Love My Dog, a UK-based couture line of dog clothing.

3. Silver Bow Tie from doggieclothesline.com, $19.95+

“If anything it’s worth going to this site just to see the cutest dog ever modeling a great selection of doggy bow ties. Also, it’s a fabulous gift for dogs who don’t want to wear any apparel but want to join in with the festive celebrations.”–Lilly Shahravesh, founder of Love My Dog, a UK-based couture line of dog clothing.

4. British Bulldog pet ornament from Macy’s, $45

We love the British bulldog here in London. This is a brilliant gift for dog lovers that may not have pets themselves. Looks great on a Christmas tree or the mantel!”–Lilly Shahravesh, founder of Love My Dog, a UK-based couture line of dog clothing.

5. Jonathan Adler Dog Collars from Bloomingdales, $19.99

“Gorgeous color prints to choose from and they come with a bone shaped ID tag. Fantastic price for a designer collar with lots of detail.”–Lilly Shahravesh, founder of Love My Dog, a UK-based couture line of dog clothing.

6. Antlers, from CleanRun.com, $7.95

“Dogs love to chew, so why not give them an antler? Antlers are shed naturally, have no odor when chewed, don’t stain and last a long time.” –Sarah Wilson, founder of MySmartPuppy.com

7. Mungo & Maud Portia Pebble Dog Toy from Barneys New York, $34

“This is the most adorable doggie toy!” —Terry Gibralter


1. Fox Terrier Catnip Toy by George San Francisco, $9

“When I saw this cat toy it really made me chuckle–not only is my own dog a terrier, but he also does not get along with cats (as much as I have tried over the years!) Lots of other breeds to choose from on their website too.”–Lilly Shahravesh, founder of Love My Dog, a UK-based couture line of dog clothing.

2. Drinkwell Original Fountain from PetSafe.net, $49.99

“Cats need to drink water to stay healthy and many cats drink moving water with more enthusiasm than from a bowl.”– Sarah Wilson, founder of MySmartPuppy.com

3. Lotus Cat Tree from Catsplay.com, $379.99

“We want our homes to have style while keeping our feline friend totally happy. Achieve these two desires with this elegant cat tree.”– Sarah Wilson, founder of MySmartPuppy.com


1. Bunny Brunch Holiday Box from BinkyBunny.com, $12.95

“We have a Rabbit named Mr. Bounce. He would absolutely love this bunny brunch box. It’s beautifully gift boxed with Organic Mint, Dandelion leaf, Plantain Herb, and Rose Petals. Almost too pretty for your bunny to eat!”–Lilly Shahravesh, founder of Love My Dog, a UK-based couture line of dog clothing.

Answer this question in the comments below for a chance to win the Sidworth Dog Coat from LoveMyDog.Co.Uk: What kind of pet are you buying a gift for this year?

One FOF will win. (See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes December 20th, 2012 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

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63 Responses to “{Gift Guide 2012} For the Pet Lover”

  1. hofken says:

    This would be the perfect gift for my brother’s dog. He hates the “cold” in Seattle.


  2. lisa mcfarland says:


  3. Mary Kime says:

    my little doggy

  4. Cindi Decker says:

    I have 3 Boston Terriers and a Min Pin. They will all be getting a little gift.

  5. Dorothy Campbell says:

    My beautiful Havanese Molly!

  6. Christine says:

    our little louie

  7. Joanna Baker says:

    I am buying gifts for two basset hounds and one African pygmy hedgehog.

  8. AJB says:

    I’m buying for both cats & dogs!

  9. mtwheat says:

    My Sweet Golden Retriever, Charley! He got a Doggie Stocking full of chewy Toys. ♥

  10. Susan says:

    I have two cats that have been exceptionally good this year and would love to receive the stylish cat tree.

  11. Deanne H. says:

    To the best dog in the world, Rebelle, my golden retriever. Love that dog!

  12. rexterrier1 says:

    I’m buying for my 2 Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

  13. Laura Borud says:

    I usually buy a gift for both my kitty and dog but not this year, not a good year money wise.

  14. DELIA SADLER says:

    My two “grand dogs” since I’ve yet to be given grandchildren. Both of my sons recently rescued a dog each. A one-year old cocker spaniel and an absolutely adorable 7-week old mix of black lab and we think Chow. I love dogs anyway and would rescue them all if I could. Head Up Ya’ll. Check out your local animal control. The puppy was from a litter of 8 about to be put down. Every thing was free – – kennel, carrier, dog food and first two immunizations. You can’t beat that and you’ll save a life.

  15. Marilyn N says:

    We are buying presents for our beagle Reilly who deserves something because our cat Shadow always intimidates him as he walks about the house. He is a devoted best friend to my husband. Our cat Shadow needs presents because he is sad that our other cat is no longer with us. Any extra will go to the animals my daughter falls in love with at the emergency hospital she works at.

  16. Susan Lockwood says:

    Brussels Griffen puppy

  17. patti lovecky says:

    I will be buying a gift for my 12 year old calico cat, called Misty, who I adopted when my dad passed away. She is so cuddly and so sweet and reminds me so much of my dad.

  18. Deborah Shirley says:

    I am buying a gift for my miniature daschund.

  19. Julie says:

    Two beautiful beagles. Would complement their Union Jack leashes!

  20. S Kay d. says:

    A gift for each of our goldens!

  21. Dindy904 says:

    This year I am buying gifts for my seven darling kitties and have bought 3 sweaters for the new Maltese puppy I hope to soon be getting. My beautiful Caviler King Charles Spaniel ROSIE …my soul mate and love..passed away suddenly from cancer in August. I am an animal lover. 🙂

  22. hananghaddar says:

    The Lotus Cat Tree.

  23. Roxann Grey says:

    I have two (2) Jack Russell’s that I will be buying Xmas gifts for.

  24. Mary N says:

    I have a dog and a cat that I purchase gifts for along with doggie nephews that also look for a gift from their Auntie.

  25. aj says:

    My daughter’s rescue Dalmation has just been diagnosed with lymphoma.
    This dog has been a family member for 10 years- she and my daughter are best of friends.
    Chemo for dogs is actually quite affordable, compared to humans- for this, we are grateful.
    Fortunately, dogs with lymphoma respond well to chemo- they get about 6-11 months of quality recovery, and when it recurs, you provide comfort measures, as the second time around, chemo doesn’t help.
    So, I am going to buy Cassie whatever she wants for Christmas- probably a steak!!!

  26. Kathryn says:

    I’ll be buying a gift for my cat this year, but I know a dog that would look quite dashing in the Sidworth dog coat.

  27. JANET SIMON says:

    I have two dogs, the POM PUP LOVES TO PLAY AND ESPECIALLY TO CHEW. The older dog loves to chew on a nice, safe, bone. Something with A lot of flavor

  28. bloomingidiot says:

    I am buying (or have already bought) for my cats, and several grand cats and grand dogs. I’ve already bought some of those antlers featured!

  29. Sheila Chaffins says:

    I have a Great Dane I am buying for this year!

  30. Camilla Wilson says:

    We have cats.

  31. Dorothy Borgese says:

    I have four dogs (3 rescue) and two turtles and a bearded dragon so falalala



  33. Patty Pavone says:

    pet lovers rejoice!!

  34. bonnie says:

    we always stuff stockings with toys for the dogs….

  35. debra says:

    it would be a gift for a dog

  36. Lynda C says:

    I am buying something special for my sweet beagle.

  37. Nancy Jachcik says:

    I bought a Christmas gift for my grandpuppy Bandit. He would look great in the coat!

  38. Kim Cage says:

    I am buying a gift for a dog! And I have a half Yorkie/Pom
    mix who needs a jacket terribly!! Would love to win this for her!

  39. Jewel Hopson says:

    I adopted a three-year-old rescue dog from Animal Advocates. He’s enriched my life in more ways than I could have imagined. Previously, his former owner left him outside in the cold. I want to make his first warm, cozy Christmas extra special with things to play with, lots of goodies to eat and outdoor gear.

  40. smfsprout says:

    I’m buying gifts for the Boxers and Jack Russels in our family.

  41. Kathi says:

    I have 2 dogs a Sheltie, named “Danny” and a Pappillion named Cody and a Cat Named Molly they are the Loves of My Life!!!!

  42. mandrada says:

    I’m definitely going to need a cat and dog surprise. This suggestions look so ideal, wish I could win one.

  43. diana shenderovich says:

    i am buying a lot of gifts for my dog

  44. Jill says:

    My house, is happy house of Pomeranians and parrots, so thats easy, both.

  45. Lisa K says:

    2 mini, long-hair doxie girls

  46. eddyrobey says:

    My Chihuahua and Toy Rat Terrier are both getting goodies for Chanukah

  47. Gaye says:

    Sadly, I’ve lost all of my cats in the last 2 years and our dalmation. Now have a rescue poodle mix that is the love of my heart.

  48. Carol K says:

    My golden retriever.

  49. Marta L says:

    I will be buying a gift for my beautiful stray cat that showed up at my door 2 years ago & is now a major part of our family & much loved.

  50. Deborah says:

    I have three dogs to buy for! I would need a coat for my little nine pound Maltese because I keep him cut short and he gets chilled sometimes!

  51. beth says:

    my papillon, Chip and my persian mix cat, Periwinkle.

  52. Kathy says:

    My son’s dog _ Shadeaux (That’s Cajun for Shadow). He was a pound dog that my son rescued and is one of the smartest mutts I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.

  53. Debbie W. says:

    I am buying a gift for my friend’s pug!

  54. Debra Barber says:

    The Gift Guide for Pet Lovers is for me. I love the Jonathan Adler Collars For Dogs!! I have two dogs!

  55. Patricia says:

    I will be purchasing gifts for two cats, two dogs, one cockatiel and one chinchilla!

  56. Elizabeth Hopkins says:

    I am buying for my dog and cat. We have already given to my two BFFs holiday treats for their dogs and cats!!

  57. Onehsancare says:

    We are currently petless, so I will be buying for my sisters’ dogs.

  58. Nancy M says:

    We have dogs in the family, so it would be for a dog.

  59. leslie c says:

    A Jack Russell Terrier. Wouldn’t this look great on my daughter’s dog?!

  60. Helen Chun says:

    Aw, I love dressing my pup up!

  61. Tammy Lowry says:

    We’ve got a dog, a cat and a ferret to buy prezzies for.

  62. Margarida says:

    I will be buying a gift for my two dogs and cat, and my “grand” dogs!

  63. Zenaida says:

    I am buying a gift for a cat.


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