10 Ways To Bend The Rules

Life would be pretty dreadful if we did every single thing, all the time, by the book. Bending the rules occasionally can be downright liberating and thrilling. Get started today.

Give yourself permission to:

1. Go to a pretentious “black tie” wedding wearing what you want to wear

2. Play hooky from work every other month and have a spa day, all by yourself


3. Walk fewer than 10,000 steps 1 day a week


4. Flirt with a man or woman crush (even if you’re happily married) once every quarter


5. Stay in your PJs one entire weekend each season, let the dirty dishes pile up in the sink, and binge on a Bravo or HBO show you missed


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  1. mncold says:

    I like most of these. There are actually some businesses that allow one day off for “mental health” once a year, and I think one friend worked where you got one per quarter.

    • Geri Brin says:

      Thanks, mncold. Days off for mental health is a great idea!


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