{Giveaway} A 30-minute conversation with a renowned psychic

Win a 30-minute conversation with world-renowned psychic, FOF Echo Bodine, plus win The Gift, her bestseller about understanding and developing your pyschic abilities, and A Small, Still Voice, her book about intuition. To enter, comment below and answer: Have you ever had a psychic reading?

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When we first discovered FOF Echo Bodine, a world-renowned psychic, we were surprised how “un-psychic-like” she was. “I don’t dress the way people expect me too. My house is just a normal house — it’s not full of cats,” says Echo. “Many of my students and clients tell me that they chose me because I look normal and I don’t scare them.”

Echo has been a practicing psychic for over thirty years. She’s written 11 books on the subject, many published by New World Library (the publishing powerhouse behind spiritual blockbusters such as The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle). She’s also made numerous TV appearances including on The View and NBC’s Later Today. Here, she sets us straight on some of the misconceptions about psychics and offers a few predictions for the year to come….

Is Echo your real name?

What made you realize you had psychic abilities?
At the age of 17, I was with my family at the dinner table. My brother, who was 14 years old at the time, was in the basement practicing his drums. He was just learning how to play and sounded pretty rough. Then suddenly, the drumming sounded really nice. My brother flew up the stairs–hysterical. He said that a white figure that floated up to him, and its hands came down on top of his and played the music. My mom consulted a psychic who told her that my brother had met his guardian angel. She said, ‘you have some very gifted children and I’d like to see you and your oldest daughter for a psychic reading.’

[Watch a YouTube video where Echo Bodine describes in more detail how she discovered her psychic abilities.]

Did you go for a reading?
Yes. She said I was born with all four of the psychic abilities and the gift of healing.

Did you believe her?
No. I said to her, ‘I don’t have any of this stuff, and I don’t want any of this stuff. I just want a nice, normal life.’ I had already been accepted to the University of Minnesota to become a social worker.

So, what ended up happening?
I ignored it and went on to college for three years. I was going to live my life the way I wanted to live it. But, my psychic abilities kept getting stronger and stronger. It took baby steps for me to accept these abilities and find a way of having a normal life.

What are the four psychic abilities?
There’s clairvoyance, which is the gift of seeing – visions or pictures. There’s clairaudience–the gift of hearing, which is like mental telepathy. For instance, you think about someone and then he or she calls you on the phone. Another ability is clairsentience, the gift of sensing, where you can pick up the energy in a room. A lot of us have this ability. The last is called clairgustance, the gift of smell. It sounds pretty goofy, but it’s real. It works the best when a deceased loved one comes to visit us. When my dad comes to visit, I get one of two smells–cigarette smoke (he was a smoker) or Old Spice cologne.

A person can have some psychic abilities but not others?
That’s correct.

Can you learn to be psychic or do you have to have an innate ability?
We can learn to develop the psychic abilities we already have. In my classes, I teach people how to use their abilities to help them through their lives. I would say that 90 percent of my students don’t want to become professional psychics. A lot of nurses and realtors take my classes. The nurses want to use their abilities to work with their patients. The realtors want to use their abilities to match the right houses with the right clients.

What’s the difference between being spiritual and psychic? Do you have to be spiritual to be psychic?
No, you don’t. Being psychic is an ability. We all have different abilities, such as musical ability. For me, being spiritual is having my own relationship with God, not necessarily based on religion. There are two common misconceptions about psychics and religion. One is that people think all psychics are evil or work for Satan. The other is that all psychics are on a spiritual path. Not all psychics are on a spiritual path.

What do you say to people who are skeptical of psychics?
I’m glad people have a healthy skepticism. If someone’s on the fence, I’ll say, ” If it’s interesting to you, why don’t you explore it? Read some books about it rather than just accepting that it’s not real.”

Do you think maybe it’s hard for people who haven’t experienced it to believe it?
I do. Even people who are very close to me say, ‘Echo, I don’t know what you are talking about. This doesn’t make sense to me.’ It’s tough, especially for people who are very intellectual or logical. A dear friend of mine, for example, says ‘I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t believe it. It boggles my mind that you’ve been doing it for forty years.’

Do you think people get more or less skeptical with age?
Less. When we’re younger, we think we know it all. When we get older–50 and up–we realize we don’t have all the answers and go on a quest to find the real answers.

Are there good psychics and bad psychics?
The bummer is that there are psychics out there who take advantage of people. Someone once came up to my dad at a football game and said she saw several dark clouds around him and could get rid of them for $5,000. That kind of stuff really irritates me.

So how do you know if someone is good?
I ask my intuition. When I was younger I went to a lot of different psychics. I learned a lot from what I call the ‘half-developed psychics.’ Some people see pictures in their head and think they’re ready to go, ready to read people’s futures. I went to college, I had other careers and I practiced for 12 years before I really truly, felt I could do this as a full-time career.

What do women over fifty ask you about the most?
They want to know about improving their health, their spirituality, second careers and some are asking about second marriages. The word that comes to me is freedom. It’s no longer about what they can do for others, it’s about what they can do for themselves.

What services do you provide?
I teach online psychic development classes and in-person psychic development classes. I’ve written 11 books about healing, intuition and psychic abilities. I also have a Healing Penpals Program. We match healers with people in need. We’ve done absentee healings on over 7,000 people for free. We get letters from all over the world saying things such as, “My stage 4 cancer is gone. My doctor wants to know what you did.”

Any predictions for the coming year?
The rest of 2011 and 2012 are going to continue to be intense. For many years people have been fulfilling their emptiness with material things. The blessing of this economy is that people’s buttons are going to get pushed so they are going to look at their values and priorities differently and find their spirituality. What concerns me for 2012 is the weather–it will be calm one day and erratic the next. We need to check in with our intuition before making any outdoor plans.

Enter to win a 30-minute phone conversation with Echo plus her books, The Gift and A Small, Still Voice. One FOF will win a phone reading plus Echo’s books. Two runners up will win Echo’s books. To enter, comment below and answer: Have you ever had a psychic reading?

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  2. Carlo says:

    Thanks , I have recently been searching for info approximately this subject for ages and
    yours is the greatest I’ve discovered so far. But, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you positive about the source?

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  3. kayMI says:

    I did in My young 20’s after My Mother died totally out of the blue and I got so much heat from those close I didn’t again but life is so at a cross roads…as a Christian I got a lot of heat. At 53 depression is hitting Me hard and doctors have no clue and medicine didn’t work made it work and consulors (spelling) were nice but nowhere…..Lost and would love some insight….debt is huge right now

  4. Murphy says:

    I have had a visit with a Psychic but it wasn’t really a reading. She was giving messages to a friend of mine who was dying from cancer. It was very interesting and helpful to my friend.

  5. Laura says:

    I had many psychic readings.Some are 80% right on an some are not..My life is like a spin wheel.. Your book make me think about my life…But then again, who isn’t, their lives a spinning tail…
    I havin talked to my mother in 15 yrs.. nor my 3 sisters.. now my middle sister an I don’t speak.. I feel so like the Black sheep..But I learn to over come this an moved on..But my soul hurts…
    I know I wasn’t the angel..But my life is a lesson for my soul?..How do I become all these crazy things going on in my life..Theres night I just cry…Thinking about death but, never can bring myself to kill myself..
    I think about my sons..I know they love me…Your Book helped me think about all the craziness going on…
    God Bless

  6. roch4tc@aol.com says:

    I had a psychic reading many years ago. The lady told me things I already knew. I was disappointed. I’m hoping to meet a psychic to who might be able to help me with a second career as I have just retired and feel ‘lost.’

  7. Wendy says:

    I have been rereading Echoes of the Soul and it’s given me a boost again! I’m looking at ordering more books from Echo! I have had psychic readings done in the past. One of my most memorable readings was after my dad died. I learned so much about my dad and it gave me the peace I needed. I feel like I’m at a point in my life where I need direction and a reading would be wonderful!

  8. Kris says:

    I have had numerous readings throughout the years both accurate and not. I have believed in the valididty of the psychic ability ever since I was 8 years od. My beloved grandmother had passed away and I was not allowed to go to the funeral. The night of her burial , as I lay in my bed, I saw my grandmother walk past my bedroom , look in and then keep on walking. I believe she was, and still is, watching over me.

  9. Joy says:

    I’ve never had a ready but would love to have one. Lots going on in my life and it’s time.

  10. rosa says:

    I was told that I have the gift but refuse to acknowledge it.I really dnt think i do but I would love to talk to you to find out the truth! I have many things that I would love to know about the future… Yes, I have had readings some very good some not as good. But still facinates me!!!I do hope I win….

  11. Barbara says:

    I’ve never had a psychic reading. I have consulted tarot cards many times, and I’ve had psychic experiences since I was a young child. I would love to talk with Echo and hear her impressions. Her predictions have been correct for me. For the last several years, my buttons definitely have been pushed, and I’m reevaluating everything. Psychic insight could be invaluable to me right now.

  12. Mary squires says:

    I loss someone very very precious to me and since then I have read many books on “Life after Death” I think now I’m more confused about everything. I’ve read 2 of Echo’s books and found them very uplifting but can this all be correct? I don’t know but I sure would like to for sure.

  13. Mariann says:

    I never have, but now I will.

  14. DarkEyes says:

    I almost had a “reading” Everything in my life was going haywire all at the same time. My Dad was sick, my brother dying, my son was in jail, my daughter left home, and needless to say, my work was suffering. In tears, I pulled over to a place that had a “Psychic Reading” sign in the window, went in, handed her $75 and told her, I just want you to tell me that everything is going to work out, I don’t care about the other stuff.” She took my money, looked me right in the eye, and said convincingly, “but everything really is going to work out.” I left, everything has worked out, but I feel like one big raw nerve. I really could use some guidance.

  15. Valerie says:

    I have had fantastic readings in the past including that I would indeed have a healthy child after having had a long, tough struggle, and the date my dad died. I was so lucky to have these informations. They made my life so much better that I could be with both of them – the beginning for my son, and end for my father. I am blessed.

  16. EOSMDC says:

    I’ve had many psychic readings, some good, a few so-so.
    most rather bad. I’m interested in this reading because I
    believe that I have thr experience to be a good judge, and
    also, because I am not familiar with this reader.

  17. Rowena says:

    When I was five, my Aunt sat me down with a set of Tarot cards. She handed them to me and said tell me about “me.”. I laid the cards out in a cross and told her what I saw. She declared me as having the “gift.”. I have read many palms and cards since then but only for friends and never for money, I always “freak” people out. I know when bad things are going to happen, I have seen people who are not related to me but who have deceased and Cemeteries talk to me. I believe but never talk aboutnit with anyone because I think people will think I am crazy or not spiritual.

  18. Susan says:

    I re-read the requirements and it appears that we’re to ask a question of Echo. I’m 62, retired and loving it, thought at times I feel lost and just not myself. I have a neurological disorder, cervical dystonia, that is quite painful. I’ve lived with it for over 20 years, now, and try to always be positive and keep on keepin’ on. The phrase “how do I get my Self back” has resounded with me and I wonder every day how I get back to the me that was confident, full of grace, happy and unselfish. How DO I get my Self back, Echo?? ox

  19. Susan says:

    I’ve never had a psychic reading but have always wanted to. When my mom passed unexpectedly eleven years ago, I knew she was with me at different times after that. My youngest granddaughter has “seen” her Great Grammy and we have a photo of Mom’s orb at the baby’s blessing ceremony at church. I still find white feathers at different and momentous times, times when I’m missing Mom the most or doing something that I know she’d want to share with me. I am a believer!

  20. Beatrice Boyle says:

    I believe I have a mild form of Clairaudience. I sense what someone is going to say, or just before they phone me. I also have pretty good intuition about people and their intentions…I’m usually right about aquaintences…not so much on family.

    I had a reading at a physic fair about 30 yrs ago that completly shocked me…told me of events that came to pass, and things about myself…new talents that I would develop etc., that were so off base to me at the time…but came to fuition.

    However, I don’t believe that carnival type seers who set up offices to con the public!

    You have to prove yourself to me…I will have an open mind if I trust you.

  21. g says:

    Yes, when I was much younger. I remember it as a positive experience.

  22. Roxanne says:

    I have never had a reading – probably because I was scared to go a psychic who was not authentic. I think I have claraudiance – I always go to the phone before it rings… and often call people just before they were going to call me.

  23. Lana Baker says:

    This sounds fascinating. I did not know the names, or functions, of the four “extra-senses.”

  24. jodarrow says:

    No I’ve never had a legitimate psychic reading but I would love to have one. I and several members of my family have had “minor” psychic abilities, predicting phone calls from loved ones overseas, the sex of unborn children in dreams, and knowing when/what events are about to happen. I truly believe that believing these things are possible and not being made fun of increase the likelyhood your abilities not being brushed off as chance.

  25. Anita Heykants says:

    Yes, I have had psychic readings however not for a very long time. I would be interested what is in store for me now.

  26. Maureen says:

    Yes, I have actually had 2 readings during stressful periods in my life. Not only were they enlighting, they gave me peace and right on the money with the outcomes they started would be. Right now I am experiencing another periods of my life where I will most likely find someone to do a reading, so I can be enlightened and deal with the current situation more calmly. If you haven’t had a reading try it, you will be very surprised.

  27. A. Conley says:

    I have always been interested in the psychic and spiritual phenomon. As a child I felt I had intuitive feelings but was not sure what they were. As I got older some of the things in my life occurred that I had dreamt of, predicted somewhat etc. I always wanted to be able to contact my parents and grandmother since they are now on the other side of this life to make sure they are happy. I have read alot of books on psychic abilities, from psychics, spiritual books since the losss of parents and grandmother. I want to know more the quest for learning. What an opportunity this would be.

  28. Cindy says:

    I’ve never used a psychic but my daughter has and my deceased grandmother referred to them frequently. I believe God gives us all talents and sometimes think I have intuitions. I have dreamed things that come true. Would love to visit with you. I’m sure with all the things going on in my life, we would have lots to talk about.

  29. kzlady says:

    I have gone to Lillydale in NY and was fortunate enough to have had a reading. What a life changing experience it was!!

  30. staceyg206 says:

    I love having psychic readings and they can be so helpful in ruling out taking one path and following another. While they never tell me exactly what to do they do affirm that my thoughts and feelings about something were correct.

  31. bamr07 says:

    Yes some right on and others general in content.

  32. nboone says:

    I am very interested in a reading and hope it might help me define the next passage of my life as a single, independent 58 year old. Still searching for who i want to be when I grow up.

  33. Barbara says:

    It all seems so healing to me.

  34. TuKute says:

    Yes I have. Some are vague but never had a reading by a renouned psychic. My destiny awaits and I need to know if I am on the right path.

  35. Gloria Luongo says:

    How do you know if you have the gift?

  36. JMeidel says:

    I have had some readings that were very accurate and some that were to vague to take seriously. I had a bird whisperer to my house to help me with my birds. She explained to one of my rescue birds that he could trust me. Unfortunately she didn’t get the message that others in my household were also trustworthy. The lady died before I could have her back.

  37. barbara says:

    I have had psychic readings and recently had one where the medium told me I was a healer. I know I have a strong psychic sense and have seen spirits. My great grandfather was a famous mystic named the Baal Shem Tov. I would love to find out more about my gift and how I can help develop it and help others.

  38. Jean says:

    My question: Will 2011/2012 find us owning our “dream home”???

  39. Flo Zoltanetzky says:

    Yes, I have had several psychic readings but sad to say, none of which had really brought much insight into my life and future. I’m really interested in Echo’s insights and would love to have a reading with her.

  40. Susan says:

    I’ve had a reading from Lorraine Roe and it was my first experience. Loved it and if someone is frightened about having a reading… It’s not scary at all!
    My question is for Echo… How long did it take you to have peace about your having psychic abilites?

  41. Mary says:

    I have had many positive experiences with psychics. I went to one when I was living in LA. I always felt great afterwards. I find most readings to be uplifting. I contact psychics when I am going through major life changes. It is always very uplifing – even if the news is not that great.

  42. Darcee says:

    I have never had a reading and I would love to have one.

  43. eileen says:

    Yes I have had several. Every few years I try to find a new psychic, always someone whom friends have recommended. Some readings have been wonderful. During one reading, with no prompting, a psychic correctly told me that I had a supervisor at work who was toxic (and yes this was true!), was doing psychological damage to everyone in her environment — and that she would no longer be there as of October 15, which was a few weeks away. I did not believe her. But on October 10, we learned that indeed this woman had suddenly been fired and was being replaced — on October 15. I love psychics and their gifts!

  44. dorisyoungerdesigns says:

    Yes, I have had a psychic reading and was amazed at what she knew about me although she had never seen me before! I would love to have another one!

  45. Dylan L. says:

    I haven’t had a full psychic reading done before, but I have always wanted to save up money to have a reading done by Echo! I listen to her radio shows a lot, but I’m always too nervous to call in! 😉 I am a student of Echo’s and part of the learning process for me has been working with my intuition and doing my best to answer questions myself, but since I am still very new to it, I would benefit very much from having a professional reading done to help me fully understand my abilities and big changes happening in my life. Thanks for this opportunity!

  46. Olga Martin says:

    I would love a reading, it would help so much with the chaos of my life at this time. Blessings.

  47. Olga Martin says:

    I’ve have had a couple of readings in the past, but the way my life is going, I’d give anything for your expertise!


  48. Diane Jackson says:

    My cousin took me on my birthday to see a psychic on my birthday. At the time my husband and I were going through a very nasty separation nearing what I presumed was a divorce. The psychic told me that I would reunite with my husband and things would work out! We did, but I always have carried around a doubt about my husbands fidelity since then. We have 5 children and 10 grandchildren between us.

  49. Sheila Chaffins says:

    No I have had no psychic reading. I have had a Tarot card reading. Very interesting. It is still coming true actually. Amazing!

  50. babydarling says:

    I’ve had a few psychic readings as well as one medium reading. I found them to be helpful and encouraging. I usually go there for answers but instead are supplied with the tools to find my own. I would love a reading from Echo Bodine

  51. serenitykay says:

    I believe in her abilities, God gave all of us gifts this is hers.

  52. annambg says:

    I once had a reading by a gypsy which I believe was fake. Therefore, I have never had a a real psychic reading and do not know what to expect. One could say that I am really curious and have an open mind about it.

  53. JoannBally says:

    Would love to win this 🙂

  54. Claudia Peterson says:

    No, I have never had a psychic reading but I would love to talk to you!

  55. Cheryl Paugh says:

    No, I have never had a psychic reading, but I would love to. I have had my cards read and so many things have come true.

  56. kittywhiskers says:

    I’d love to know what might come. I’ve had a tarrot card reading, an Vedic reading 20 yrs. ago which I think was acurate if not what I wanted to hear; and a aura reading. I think it was. I do have quetions and could really benefir from some advice or inklings.

  57. svlockwood says:

    I have never had a reading and would welcome the opportunity!!!

  58. Chris says:

    Never had one and would love, love, love to!

  59. Miranda says:

    I have never had a professional psychic reading.

  60. liaison says:

    I have had a reading and it was very intriguing. I was told I would have a very long wait, but that I would eventually achieve everything I ever dreamed of. That may or may not come to pass, but I find those words comforting during troubling times.

  61. Judi says:

    Yes, I have had several local psychic readings. Two of the readings were very accurate about what was happening in my life at the time. Future predictions have not come to pass. I am facinated by the process and feel I am sensitive to energies at times and had a knowledge of some events before they occurred. I would like to hone these skills. I would enjoy a reading by Echo Bodine.

  62. Patricia says:

    No, I never had a reading from a psychic, to me there are alot of things that can not be explained, I believe in the spritual being, I believe I have Angels watching over me. I have always wanted a reading from a psychic that has proven credientals, there are alot of phony psychics out there that just take your money and tell you anything, that is”my opinion”, I would love to have a reading with Echo, to hear and learn about things that I already believe in I know her reading will be honest, I am not afraid to hear anything she tells me, yes, I really hope to win this reading, thank you FOF and thank you Echo.

  63. Karen Silverman says:

    Yes! The best readings I’ve ever had were in a “psychic” comunity, Casadaga, in Florida. I’ve never had a similar experience. As soon as I got out of the car, there was such a feeling of serenity. The psychic was probably in her 70s and she handed me a stack of paper and a pencil to, as she said, take notes, so I wouldn’t forget what she’d said.

  64. carrie obrien says:

    I have had a couple of readings over the course of my lifetime!

  65. libanmexic says:

    I would like to say that I have experienced some of these things, and that I have had a psychic reading..only two in my life actually.It was always the psychic who sought me out, though. ..maybe I will do it differently this time.

  66. Gene says:

    Yes, many years ago and it was a joke. Just the opposite came true. But I do believe in psychic abilities, just not everyone doing them. There’s so much happening in my life that the comfort and knowledge from a reading from someone like you would ease the decisions to be made in the coming year

  67. Wendy says:

    No, I have not. I would love to have a reading with Echo because I so need to face fear that I have. I could not afford to get a reading and now may have the chance. I worry about my one nephew who is incarcerated and my other nephew with autism, and my two sisters dealing with the pain of their sons. Also, why a certain person entered my life again after 30 years which ended up negative.

  68. Lori Schumacher says:

    I have not had a psychic reading.

  69. melissa wilkison says:

    I have never had a full on psychic reading – but I know that I would like one – I have been working on my skills over the last 10 months or so – I have clairaudiance, clairsentience, i am an intuitive – but with all these amazing gifts, I am very green- it would be fun to get a reading with one of my teachers!!!!!

  70. Nancy Hammock says:

    I went to a psychic many years ago. She was very accurate.

  71. terry says:

    I have never had a psychic reading , but would really love to

  72. Kathleen says:

    I have had readings and done readings. Intuition has been a part of my life from the beginning.

  73. Susan Hersh says:

    I have had my natal chart done & cards read but never had the pleasure of a psychic reading. It’s really because no one has recommended someone who has this gift. I believe it’s not as common as opposed to someone who learns how to a chart or read cards. This innate ability is special & is given to someone who can make this world a better place by helping people see the light.

  74. colleen gilgenbach says:

    I have and loved it

  75. Marcia Sawyer says:

    I had a reading once, but what the person told me was so very general, it could have applied to anyone. I am very interested, but skeptical of actually finding someone who really knows what they were doing. I would love to have Echo do a reading for me.

  76. Jan Marshall says:

    Yes I have had readings in the past and many have been right on the mark. Sometimes one can interpret incorrectly. About my prince arriving; the psychic was right. the following day the prints were delivered by the postman, from Kodak!
    I am ready to speak with Echo and together we may impact “women of a certain age”. Please enter me in her contest.
    Thank you, Jan Marshall

  77. mary says:

    Not yet -I’m open to the possibilitites!

  78. bobbi says:

    I would LOVE to actually WIN, well just about ANYTHING, but this one is near and dear to my heart! [ESP. NOW! Why? Because of husband of 35 years would NEVER “allow” me have a reading, but that is NOW changing!] We are beginning the process of DIVORCE, so I REALLY need guidance, Echo.
    BUT GOOD LUCK to the WINNER! 🙂

  79. Lavonna White says:

    I’ve never been able to afford one. Also, I’ve never heard enough word of mouth about one to go ahead and spend the money! At this time in my life, I could really use a reading.

  80. CoachCaron says:

    I just watched the video set and am very interested! I have had a psychic reading before. At the reading, I was single and was told that I would marry a Germanic man with blonde hair and that if I did marry him, it would be difficult. I did meet and marry him 13 years ago. It has been difficult. Things have been better, though I still question. Now what do I do?
    I would love to have a reading with Echo!

  81. Kerry Millman says:


    Really enjoyed reading this. I always go back to what you taught. God, Peace, Intuition. Trust. Thank you my Teacher for all you do. Blessings of Peace and Healing to you!

  82. Wifeyrj says:

    I have wanted to have a true reading but have not. I have had my mother visit me in my dreams but nothing more. I’m spiritual and believe that there is a gift that we have coined as psychic. I would love to hear what Echo would have to say to me.

  83. Karen Marek says:

    I have had two psychic readings both of which were amazing. I could probably write a 10 page paper on what they accurately predicted but space is limited. I am very spiritualistic and open-minded especially when it comes to one of my favorite topics, such as this. I have read numerous books, and have actually been told by both psychics that I have the ability as well, but need to enhance it. I was given a book to read and I must say, I was a litle fearful thinking that I may actually possess this ability. With my family, I always know when something is not right and I just get a feeling. An example is my husband who was going to the hospital as an out-patient for a cardica cath. The doctor said he would be going home the same day. I knew it was not going to happen and he was coded and came home 5 days later. I always sense when my sons are going to have trouble, and get a feeling of calmness at other times, and know whatever is happening at the time will be o.k. Just recently I told my huband that I felt he should go visit his mom becuse I had that uneasy feeling, she passed away 2 days later, and was not acutely ill. It would be a honor to meet Echo and speak with her about this fascinating topic, and to learn from her how to develop my abilities. I am a nurse, and found it interesting that many people who take her clases are also nurses.

  84. Rita says:

    I have a friend, with a degree in divinity, who is also a gifted clairvoyant. She works with angels and does readings. She is quite accurate and has done readings for me.
    While there are many gifted individuals who do readings, there are many more frauds out there operating who take advantage of people. One has to be very careful.

  85. mmchiara says:

    My daughter became ill January 27th. I am an intuitive and cannot distance myself from this emotionally, to really see it. For the first time in my life I find myself lost without it.

  86. Susan Juster says:

    Oh, yes. I have had my cards read many times. but it ususally felt bogus, as though I was supplying the answers, and not vice versa. I feel that there is something that needs to be released from deep inside me, something that is preventing me from achieving my potential. Perhaps Echo can find that voice and help me.

  87. Anna says:

    I am requesting a reading. very intensely need to connect with her. Thank you for considering and choosing me.

  88. susan miller says:

    I have consulted many psychics on this journey. I remember one excellent reading I got about 30 years ago. I had recently lost my dear brother(he took his life due to illness and meds I am sure prescirbed wrong) I went to see Don Hudson from our city at a spiritual meeting at a convention hall, I took a ring that belonged to my brother to the meeting. Mr Hudson said he felt someone in the group had lost a dear brother recently and had a ring with them. I stood up and he touched the ring and he said was your brother a triplet and had he been sick recently. He was a triplet and had been in the care of a doctor for pneumonia. He told me about his serivce in Korea and about his girlfriend who married someone else while he was in Korea. There was no way he could have known this info without being gifted. He told me I had a gift not being used to help others and I should look for a job in the medical field. I have been a Patient Relations person for 10 years now at a big hospital and am so happy!!. I want to win this reading to see about my two sons and their sons future and if I can help them with knowledge that could help them. Thanks for listening and believe me it is a real; gift to be told about your loved ones and they are okay and looking out for me.

  89. butterfly42blue says:

    Not really. Have had religious persons with psychic abilities share things with me in the past, and have thought about it from time to time; but ‘officially’ I have not had a psychic reading.
    Three and one-half years ago when my second husband passed away, I went to an “Energy” person and she was awesome in helping me through my early bereavement. She helped me see that I have some tendencies that I may want to explore developing. But I’ve let life continue to get in the way.
    I’ve been sensitive and curious since I was about 17. Fairly intuitive. This would be an incredible opportunity and gift. Thank you.

  90. starsmom says:

    I have never had a reading, but would be thrilled to have one with Echo.

  91. Stephanie V. says:

    Never had a real reading and truly desire one to navigate these rough waters.

  92. FDDJFVA says:

    The few readings I have had were with Psychic’s at our company’s Christmas parties. One woman, who read tarot scared the beejesus out of me. She sort of predicted that my Mom would become ill and pass away and she did. I have always felt that my sister Doreen and I have some kind of psychic “energy”. I can smell scents and “feel” a room when I walk in. She has vivid dreams and can sense things. Meeting and talking to Echo would be a blessing since just this past March I saw a ghostly woman walking across my Mom’s kitchen. It wasn’t my Mother unfortunately, but it was a bit offputting to say the least. Would love to know who she was. My spirit guide perhaps? I need to connect with my Mom.

  93. Jeff says:

    No. I have never had a psychic reading. They are just too expensive.

  94. Barbara Nash says:

    I have never had a psychic reading. I have always wanted one. Echo is fascinating.

  95. Beth Pence says:

    I had one psychic reading years ago by a friend of a friend and felt it was more of a lark than a serious reading. There are so many things going on in my life right now with a milestone birthday coming up, continuing to care for my elderly parents, losing a grandson and now caring for second grandson, relationship and financial questions regarding my spouse that I believe a reading with a professional psychic could help me get a handle on my future path and which road to travel

  96. Mary Cunningham says:

    No, I’ve never had a physic reading, but a good friend of mine has and she is a true believer, so I am very open to readings.

    My writing career began after the age of 50. My father passed before I was published. I’d love to know if he’s proud of me and my writing. I’d be thrilled with a reading!

  97. jkbartist says:

    I’ve never had a psychic reading. I have had dreams that were extremely vivid in detail that later occurred in real life.

  98. manyhahama says:

    Dear Echo,
    Yes, years ago I worked with a clairvoyant while living in Mount Shasta, CA. It was wonderful and very helpful for me. I am interested in understanding more about the The Shift of the Ages that we are currently in and what part I have to play in it. Thank you! All the best to you.

  99. S.Koch says:

    I never had a psychic reading done but would just love love to have it done for me!

  100. Ali Farrer says:

    Yes I have had one psychic reading and if I was successful in winning this one, I would ask my mother, why oh why, she kept a bottom set of false teeth in the bureau which we found after she passed away!

  101. Esther Sawyer says:

    Yes, I have had more than one psychic reading. I have had several people recognize me as a “seer”. I used to get visions first thing in the morning while looking in my bathroom mirror. I kind of tried to shut that down. Not because I don’t believe, but it was pretty scary at the time. I am truly in need of some help in my life right now.

  102. Gayle Calimese says:

    I have had a few psychic readings. They were very memorable and very accurate.

  103. VJ says:

    No. I have never had a psychic reading. But would love to have a conversation with Echo.

  104. Francie says:

    Wow this is always something I have wanted to do. We moved into a 100 year old home that is spirited by a friendly female, which others have now see also, so this is something I would love to pursue. There are things I would like to do with my future and would love to know if it’s just a whim or I should get along with it. A reading what could be better!

  105. Charlene Biagi says:

    Yes, I have. And I have read Echo’s book, Echoes of the Soul

  106. terriharris says:

    Yes, I’ve had a number of consultations and always find them interesting. The most powerful experience I had was with a very intuitive handwriting and hand analyst. Things she told me still resonate with me and that was about 20 years ago. To this day, I believe she is a witch…I experienced a strong sense of “knowing” this when we were we saying good-bye. I’d LOVE to experience a reading with Echo!

  107. d.wales says:

    I had some empathic and psychic experiences in my teens and 20’s, then shut down when I was unable to prevent a suicide. It’s been 30 years and I want to be able to open up again and would love a chance to speak to you about it.

  108. tahn67 says:

    I have never had the wonderful opportunity to have a psychic reading. I’ve always wanted to, but thought that I might go to a reading from an unprofessional person. I have some tendencies to predict things that will happen to those that I love. I think that it would be an incredible learning experience to have a professional psychic chat.

  109. Pat Franco says:

    I have had a physic reading but am doubtful it was by a truly gifted person, as it was very vague and thus far nor truly revealing in any way to me.

  110. Olga Martin says:

    Hi Echo,
    Yes, I’ve had a few psychic readings over the years and have been told that I have a gift but I’ve never been able to develop it. I’m quite eager to have another reading and would be thrilled if you would chose me! Blessings to you! Olga

  111. elizabeth says:

    I’ve never had a reading but would love to try one with Echo. When Echo told of sensing her father’s scent it reminded me of incidents following my father’s passing. He had a skin disease and used a very strong medication with a distinct strong odor. After his passing I could smell the scent now and then and knew he was near…e

  112. Anita Reed says:

    I have never had a psychic reading before, I have had dreams that have come true, this has been unsettling to say the least. Over the years I have also learned to listen to my intuition it usually never fails me.

  113. Lisa says:

    I never have. I’ve had what I now call the “pipe,” for ages. It’s rough, really, when you’re young, and more fun and richer in later years. I still scoff, but can’t deny the phenomenon. My kids roll their eyes. What else is new?:)

    I’d love to win. But am not winning much these days. We shall see.

  114. Deb says:

    Yes I have had several readings over the years and have great friends as a result. I know I can do some psychic readings, but can never do myself. Have a lot going on in my life, a reading from someone new would be great.

  115. Barbara says:

    I’ve never had a psychic reading, but have many experiences of clairaudience and clairsentience. Some dreams have been prescient too. I’ve read a couple of books about developing these gifts. Very interesting.

  116. Janet Keyser says:

    I have to say that I have never had a psychic reading. I do know that I have had signs from my relatives who have passed away in the past. They were very memorable!

  117. M. Gregory says:

    Yes, I have met some wonderfully gifted psychics over the years. Being a skeptic at first I was amazed to find my own ability to diagnose and be a part of the healing process. It opened my mind to some of the wonders of this life and has helped me to “make every day some kind of holiday!

  118. Cathie Coats says:

    I was from Minnesota and remember you by reputation. I have had readings and I have taken classes. I shut down that side of myself for awhile but now am wide open to expanding myself and accepting (attracting) wonderful things into my life. Do I want to win the reading with you? You betcha’!

  119. PAT HAYDEN says:


  120. Darcy La Fountain says:

    I had one a long time ago in NY. I have not been able to afford this luxury since then, but would be grateful for the opportunity to have some fresh insight into my increasingly difficult situation.

  121. Marilyn Tompkins says:

    I have had several readings by psychics. Some were meaningful to me, and some not. I do believe there is an afterlife. I have read both Echo and her brother’s books. They both struck me as normal people with extraordinary gifts. I unexpectantly lost my mother 11 years ago which heightened my awareness in believing that our existence is eternal. I would be greatly honored with a reading by Echo.

  122. Kim says:

    No, I have never had one, but would love to learn more about it, it’s all so fascinating!!!

  123. belindabg says:

    I had one in 1986 from Sylvia Browne and in retrospect she was incredibly accurate.
    I would LOVE to have one now, my life has changed so much in the last 4 years. It would be good to have some guidance on how to proceed with my next chapters.

  124. Toni says:

    I went to a Spiritual Camp in Cassadaga, FL to attend a non-denominational church service. After the service, there was coffee, etc and a free messages presentation. The first psychic chose me, and said,”I have a message for you.” He described my spiritual guide (whom I did not recognize) and told me that my education was not finished, that I need to pursue my education and not worry about the money. Although, I have a B.A., I wanted to study in Europe. Shortly after, my car was totaled, (without injury) and I received a check for $12,000. I lived & studied in Europe for more than a year.

  125. Janice says:

    No-I have not had a reading but would love to. Fascinating how many people have already had readings.

  126. smfsprout says:

    I have never had a reading and when I was younger I vacilated on whether I really wanted a reading. As I have gotten older, I realize that there is more to this life that I can see or touch and think a psychic reading would be wonderful.

  127. Ogden Kruger says:

    First off– my friends daughter in her 20’s is named Echo!!!! I have had a conversation years ago, but many changes are in store for me and I need a new one! HELP

  128. KatieQ says:

    I have never had a psychic reading, but have always wanted to.

  129. sussexr says:

    I’ve never had a reading but I do believe that there are people with the gift of seeing and hearing what others cannot.

    I have always wanted to have reading.

  130. Jeanne Meazell says:

    Yes, I have had a reading before but from someone who was more interested in taking my money than giving an actual reading. I am in need for a reading at this point in time!

  131. Kathi Elster says:

    yes, could use one now

  132. Cindy says:

    Yes…I have had several readings through the years. Some more accurate than others.

  133. htwollin says:

    Actually – I once many years ago had my palm read when I first went to New York City for a job. The reader told me that I’d meet someone big and dark (which is true, I did) but that I would not stay in New York for very long and that this dark person would not be in my life long term(both things were true). But I have never met with a psychic – I’m very curious!

  134. susan says:

    I have consulted a psychic and found it quite helpful I would LOVE to do so again!

  135. Mara says:

    I’ve had several psychic readings throughout my life and they have guided me in a good direction, except when I ignored what they said — no one can tell you something if you don’t want to hear it. Hopefully I’ve learned from my mistakes.

  136. beth w says:

    you tell me….ha. no, I have never had one. I have always been so content with my life and where it was headed. suddenly, in my mid-fifties….my life is full of unknowns. it could be interesting now…

  137. dirobert says:

    I have always respected psychic abilities. I also love the fact that psychics KNOW there is an afterlife. That gives me comfort. I would like to know if what we worry about is what will happen to us. I worry about my health and financial security. Does this mean I will be sick and poor? I know many people who worry about the same. My parents are healthy and very secure financially, yet my dad is a big worrier. It seems to run in our family.

  138. Rallo says:

    One time, over the phone. Was told I was going to meet the love of my life at a gas station. Did not happen.
    It was interesting and I do believe certain people have this gift.

  139. Lori Brown-Patrick says:

    I have never had a psychic reading–but I have always wanted someone with a gift for it to give me some direction! I am at a place in my life where I have long wanted to be, and I find myself almost too paralyzed to take advantage of it. Some knowledgeable reassurance about the right path and the right timing would be wonderful. Take care–

  140. Linda T says:

    No I have never had a reading, but would love too!

  141. Suzanne Golden says:

    Yes I have had psychic readings and I’ve been given some of the best adivce in my life. Even better then spending time with a therapist!!! Would love to experience a reading with Echo.

  142. Loreen Flory says:

    I have never had a psychic reading because I could never afford one. I have seen 2 psychics in lectures and I have many, many questions I would love answered about my life and situation at this time.

  143. Katie Ellliott says:

    I have seen one psychic in my lifetime. It has always fascinated me. However, I remained skeptical. Most things she told me did not come to fruitation.

  144. Cassi Jensen says:

    I had a session with a pyschic/palm reader once. She “saw” some interesting things, and seemed to have some abilities but tried to scam me, so I left 🙁

  145. JG says:

    I try to visit a psychic at least every couple of years.

  146. Beth Surdut says:

    Years ago, the name of a psychic was offered up to me by three unrelated people, so although I hadn’t been actively looking for a reading,I went to see her. She was highly intuitive and did indeed see something in my future that, at the time, I did not know was in my plans– moving to Hawaii.Then many years later, I wrote an article on the Psychic Tearoom in Massachusetts, where, considering the name of the place,I was very impressed with the readers I interviewed. I have experiences with long distance healing, and would love to have a reading with E

  147. puertoricolady41 says:

    Yes once about 27 years ago, and none of it played out!!!

  148. Gabriel says:

    No, but I’ve always wanted to.

  149. Debbie W. says:

    I’ve never had a reading but have thought about it. I would like to win this and see what my future holds!

  150. Karen Crumpton says:

    No, I have never had I reading, and I would so love to receive one. Thank you!

  151. mackie rosen says:

    I have had several psychic readings with a psychic in
    chicago…would love to have one with you.

  152. joyzkim says:

    yes I have, but never with anyone who has ever got told me something that came true or was true but I’ve always been interested in this topic and would love to have one with Echo.

  153. ruthiekb72@yahoo.com says:

    I have never had a reading but would love one! I have a few questionable things going on right now that are very difficult to understand.

  154. Elaine says:

    NO, but I would like to try this.

  155. Paula Peterson says:

    Yes. Many have helped me immediate issues and others have given me a long term view. I have also gained a greater appreciation for trusting my own intuition.

  156. Darlinda says:

    I’ve had several psychic readings from various individuals over the years and would love to have one from you, Echo!

  157. Shannon says:

    Yes, I have had some psychic readings. I view them as a tool, like going to the doctor. I have gained valuable information the few times I have had readings.

  158. Kirsten says:

    yes! I think it can open doors and windows into our souls. Love the online class so far too! Thanks Echo, for being the catalyst to helping me along this incredible journey!

  159. Susan Esber says:

    Yes, I have had a few readings in the past. It has been a long time and I would LOVE to win the reading by Echo!

  160. Nancy Holst says:

    I had a co-worker’s daughter tell me I was right when I was thinking I needed more sleep. We were just sitting together and I had been thinking I was really tired and had been working too hard.

  161. Jen Galvin says:

    Yes, but not with Echo. I have seen her at a book signing and loved what she shared with us. I would love to have a chance to get a reading from Echo. Thank you for considering me!

  162. Sharon says:

    I have not had a full reading yet. I had a mini reading recently and am hoping to have a full reading shortly. I even went to Lily Dale on opening weekend for the first time…but I didn’t have a reading while I was there. I would love to have a reading with Echo! I loved her books, and I feel very in tune with her. And, I just turned 50 this year : )

  163. Barbara says:

    Yep…. I have gone to see Echo on many occassions in the past… I also used to be a student of hers… She is a wonderful lady – smart, funny, wise, mellow, etc…
    I have experienced other psychics before… But Echo, well she is “real” and a very, very gifted individual!!

  164. jennifer graham says:

    Hi! Yes I have been read..iwould love a reading.:-)

  165. Sandy says:

    I have and I always take away something I can use in my life.

  166. Mary Tilley says:

    Yes and I found the reading correct. I received a tape of the reading and listened to it a couple of months after the reading, it was mostly true.

  167. Laura says:

    No, but I’ve always wanted to. I’ve had “experiences” that convince me that things we can’t sense with our 5 physical senses are often very real.

  168. Margaret Genung says:

    Yes, I have had psychic readings, but never with Echo, yet. Would LOVE to have one with her.

  169. Mary Jane Miller says:

    yes….love them!


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