{Giveaway} A Beautiful Lynn Ritchie Top

Lynn Ritchie’s truly individual collection of contemporary womenswear is artwork on your body. Gathering inspiration from an awesome library of prints, Lynn creates masterfully designed tops that stand out from anything else on the market. You’ll never see yourself coming and going when you’re dressed in one of her pieces. The collection also includes timeless ponte knit pants, jackets for every occasion, and dresses that hang just so over your body.

The printed tops, which feature impeccable detailing, are ultra-comfortable in fabrics such as silk, ponte, cotton and rayon/Spandex.  And they’re all machine washable, which makes them that much more exciting to own. Visit Lynn Ritchie’s online shop and see for yourself!

One lucky FOF will win the printed top of her choice.

To enter to win, visit the Lynn Ritchie shop

and comment below by answering the question:

Which Lynn Ritchie printed top best reflects
your style and personality

Want extra chances to win?

1 FOF will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes February 20, 2014 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

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  • Merrill

    I am soooo loving the 3/4 sleeve oversized paintball top. I am envisioning it with might white denim boot leg jeans! What a cute look for this summer!


  • Susan

    Polka dot top
    Just fun!

  • margaracantu

    oooh love the fabric in this grey one! Three Quarter Sleeve Scoop Neck Tunic but i also loved the rest of the very colorful collection! wouldnt mind rocking a few!

  • Barbara

    Love the Dorthy Dot Short Sleve! Black, white, polka dots with a touch of red is definitely my style.

  • Carolina

    I am tall & I think I would look great in the 3/4 sleeve brush stroke top!! With white capris in the summer??? It would be a realy hot killer look…

  • Linda G

    My favorite is the paintball oversized top. For three reasons: 1. It is flashy, bold and full of color with a bohemian feel.
    2. The fabric is sheer and flowing. Light weight, great for traveling.
    3. Versatile. Wear it with or without the cami, or over swim wear, or resort/cruise chic white skinny jeans and top it with a chunky solid color necklace.

  • I think they are all beautiful. I really like the black and white Harlequin! The 3/4 sleeve Brush Stroke is beautiful also!

  • Patricia Chambers

    I LOVE the Quarter Sleeve tunic….love the colors and the style!

  • Sandy

    I love the Asymmetrical One Pocket Top. Love the blues in it and the fact that it is figure forgiving! Very nice.

  • Larisa K

    I have a difficult time to chose only one item from such a beautiful variety of the most comfy and elegant pieces. If I must, it would be Flutter Sleeve Boat Neck Printed Burnout. It will fit right withal my pants and skirts.

  • L Rose

    They are all so amazing … how could I possibly single out one?

  • Jami

    the blue on the left, with the pocket, scoop neck and 3/4 sleeve. perfect fun, airy n light… its great

  • Rosi McCoy

    I love the Three Quarter Sleeve Scoop Neck with Pockets. This would be a fabulous top to win!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Lillian E. D.

    For me the Asymmetrical One Pocket Top is the best one that goes with my personality. The vibrant fresh hues of blues and yellow, which I love and the cut of the top, just a great style to use this Spring.

  • Cindy

    I love the Asymmetrical One Pocket Top!

  • Patricia N

    They are all so beautiful, but I think the Three Quarter Sleeve Brush Stroke Print Top reflects my style and personality best.

  • Kristi C

    The Dorthy Dot short sleeve tunic is most like me. I love the burst of color.

  • Marsha Crain

    Love a couple but my favorite is the Harlequin Print V Neck-would go great with my new black skinny pants!!!!

  • Nancy Jachcik

    I like the V-Neck Polka Dot Pocket Top I love black and especially polka dots The addition of pockets makes it especially cute and casual looking

  • Maria Goulart

    lovely tops!

  • Becky Mc Dowell

    I like the Three Quarter Sleeve Brush Stroke Print Top

  • Eddy

    3/4 sleeve patchwork tunic

  • Sabrina

    I love the asymmetrical one pocket top best.

  • lisa

    I love the 3/4 sleeve paintball print top as I love to have out loud color on to cheer up my surroundings at work.
    (cubicle non color abound)


    I love the harlequin V-neck pocket top. I love black and white!

  • Patti Kollar

    I absolutely love the V-neck Polka Dot print top!

  • alisonwonderland

    My favorite is the Polka Dot Pocket top…in the movie “Because I Said So” Diane Keaton’s character encourages her 20 something daughter (played by Mandy Moore) to wear a polka dot dress…to help her get a boyfriend…
    .I had a dress just like hers when I was 20 something and wore it a lot! This top is playful and memorable…maybe polka dots will help me to be lucky in love now!

  • Julie Santosusso

    I love the longer lengths on these tops and they don’t seem to cling to the body! It would be very hard to choose !

  • DH

    3/4 sleeve brush strokes is beautiful. Excellent for travel too!

  • Carole

    The black and white harlequin V-neck with pockets is my pick–chic yet relaxed.

  • Melissa

    This was hard – I love them all! But, the paintball top is my absolute fave!!

  • Cyndie

    What FUN colors for tops! My favorite would be the Asymmetrical one pocket! I love the way it looks… Also, the 3/4 Paintball top…..hard to pick just one favorite! 🙂

  • r crouch

    I love the 3/4 sleeve paintball top, love the colors

  • Karen

    They are all beautiful and different looking. I would wear any one them if I could afford one.

  • Kathi

    The Selection of tops are Beautiful, I have always been a fan of Black/white combination, it looks so dressy to me. My favorite top even though they are All Beautiful would be the Harlequin V Neck in Black & White 🙂

  • Laura Sherwood

    Love the tops! I especially love the 3/4 sleeve brushstroke.

  • Gayla

    I love the Flutter Sleeve Boat Neck Printed Burnout top and it would look great with some jeans.

  • Christine

    love Harlequin Print V-Neck Pocket Top

  • Fran Herzig

    The patchwork top is definitely my personality. I’m petite, so I like a fitted top. The red color scheme just screams my name. I’m a black and white and red all over kind of girl.

  • mar g

    i like the
    Three Quarter Sleeve Scoop Neck with Pockets

  • Karen

    I like the Pocket Top. It would be cute with a pair of black shorts.

  • Zenaida

    I love the Flare V-Neck Paisley Stripe Top.

  • Jules Prater

    Three Quarter Sleeve Boat Neck Top with Patchwork

  • Barb

    Asymmetrical One Pocket Top- this is the one for me. I love the colors and the modern look of the design. It would be a great top for the spring & summer.

  • They are all adorable!!! Brush stroke would be number 1, followed by the scoop neck….

  • The brush stroke top is lovely because of the vibrant colors… That would be my first choice!!! My second choice would be the scoop neck… Actually, they all are pretty cute!

  • Valerie A. Metzler

    Asymmetrical one pocket just makes me happy to look at it! The color makes me feel refreshed.

  • barbara phelps

    Oh wow, the harlequin print v neck top is fabulous! Would love that one, it looks so great! Just my style.

  • Theresa Dziatko

    I like the geometric floral top in the middle. It is very colorful and makes me fell I’m in a tropical paradise.

  • Debra

    The “Harlequin Print Top with Nylon Net Insets” is the perfect top for me. The net insets let me be a little bit sassy while the black and white print matches every pair of pants I own – since I only own black pants (and white jeans)!

  • Jennifer Essad

    the “scoop neck top” is my favorite – hope she brings out sleeveless tops for the summer

  • Carla Meiners

    I love the 3/4 sleeve brush stroke tunic. The colors are gorgeous and I love the shape! Perfect for spring!

  • mary

    What beautiful clothing, love it all

  • Patricia Michko

    i love the paintball oversize top. It looks so comfy.

  • Lori Justus

    Love them all but # 3
    for me:)

  • Gloria Williams

    I love the one pocket asymmetrical top. So different!

  • Stella Ferraiuolo

    Love many but, the a-symmetrical with pocket is one of my fav’s. The blue’s are rich and beautiful and the cut is cool.

  • Kathryn

    I love the Envelope Front Top in blues and greens. It looks fun and happy.

  • Susan

    I really like the flare v-neck paisley stripe top -very unique and would brighten up my paleness!

  • pamela howell

    Any of the tops with a swirl and movement to it –the asymmetrical one–would be me: full of movement, sass, and color. Yes!!

  • pamela howell

    Any of the tops with a swirl and movement to it –the asymmetrical one–would be me: full of movement, sass, and color.

  • Maryl Hatwan

    I love the look of all your tops but most of all the black and White 3/4 length sleeve with a pocket.

  • Jamie ferrari

    I love all of your tops! They are all quite stunning. I love the black and
    White 3/4 length sleeve top. It’s me I love the pockets and am a
    Big fan!!!!

  • Linda Davis Siess

    For me, it’d be the Flutter Sleeve Boat Neck Printed Burnout top – so pretty, and unusual!

  • Darlene

    The first one with the bright blue colors is my favorite. It puts me in the mood for spring!

  • Connie Williamson

    That Three Quarter Sleeve Paintball Print Oversized Top would look great on me. I want it.

  • Janet George

    I love the Three Quarter Sleeve Brush Stroke Print Top.

  • Debbie

    I love the one on the left. It hides the bad and shows off the good!

  • Sandii Rittenhouse

    The Harlequin print V Neck pocket top is me..I wear a lot of black and white and love how tis would look w black leggings..and ballet flats

  • Laura Borud

    Oh yeah or the printed burnout top.

  • Laura Borud

    Scoop neck tunic, printed top.

  • e

    brush stroke print top is beautiful!

  • Renah Holmes

    The brush stroke print scoop neck top. Love it.

  • Debbie W

    My fave is the Harlequin Print Top with Nylon Net Insets!

  • Linda Poston

    The 3/4 sleeve Paintball top is amazing! I am in the process of losing weight & getting to own this top would give me the confidence I am working to build. Thank you for offering such a beautiful gift!

  • Rita

    I like the asymmetrical one pocket top. Beautiful colors and very breezy looking. Cool and casual. Very me!

  • Vonne

    I like the three-Quarter Sleeve Scoop Neck with Pockets. Nice color combo with the black and white mix as well. Nice to have the pockets for convenience too.

  • I wanted to write more in my comment but kept having issues with my computer. Mostly wanted to say That along with the style and cut, I also loved the color of the Split Neck Paisley Striped Tunic. Just turned 60 last month but don’t feel it and happily I’ve been told I don’t look it! I like to dress in stylish clothing and this would be a beautiful piece to make me look as great as I feel!

  • Eugenie

    The Split Neck Paisley Stripe Tunic is my favorite. The colors in the print are so me.

  • Nancy L

    Love the Paintball Print oversize top! Colors are awesome & I love the loose fit! Come to momma!

  • Dottie527

    the swingy little blue and yellow number . I would LOVE to have it !!

  • gmc

    Flair v-neck paisley would be my choice. Love the colors!

  • Susan

    Assymetrical One-Pocket Top

  • jhendon60

    flutter sleeve boat neck, just right for my shape, and love the print!

  • Mary

    My fave is the Flare V-Neck Paisley Stripe Top…

  • Debbie Phillips

    I love the Three Quarter Sleeve Brush Stroke Print and it’s colors. Including a matching cami is a stroke of genius!

    • Debbie Phillips

      -its –

  • Mary G

    Love the asymmetrical one pocket top.

  • Jill

    The Three Quarter Sleeve Paintball Print Oversize Top, I like the colors & it reflects my artsy personality.

  • franlowy

    Wow, the brush stroke top is a breath of fresh spring after such a harsh winter! I would love to just get it now to feel like early spring despite what the groundhog says!

  • MarDo

    I love the Dolman sleeve Printed Burnout Tunic. This top would be fabulous with white linen pants or jeans during the summer and almost year round in San Diego. A stunner style.

  • Eva J

    I like the pocket tops, especially the V-Neck Polka Dot one.

  • Blair

    My favorite is the 3/4 sleeve boatneck top with patchwork! I love wearing vibrant colors and white jeans. The body conscious shape is fabulous and think it would be the perfect choice for my upcoming trip to the Caribbean. Love the fact the bottom color is not white so that if jeans or shorts aren’t the exact matching white, no one can tell. It would also be wonderful in turquoise/green combo…

  • Barbara M.

    I thought these were one of the best clothing lines I’ve seen on FoF, bright, happy colors! Even the black and white seems joyful. That said, my favorite is the Three Quarter Sleeve Boat Neck Top with Patchwork. Love the orange!

  • All very pretty, but I would choose the black and white
    Harlequin print top. Looks like it could be worn casual or dressy! I love this one!

  • Jean

    My favorite Lynn Ritchie top is the three quarter sleeve scoop neck tunic #8663. I like that it comes with a cami and I prefer more understated patterns.

  • Ann Marie Feitt

    I like the third one with the purple in it, more my style. Really they are all great!

  • Joyce McDaniel

    I like them all, but my favorite is the Asymmetrical One Pocket. I just love a top that is not clinging to me and this color is perfect for me.

  • Theresa Logan

    Hard to choose, I think the three quarter sleeve Paintball Print. I love the splashes of color on black and the breezy look of the fabric. Great idea for the camis that go with the tops. Our son is having a sunset beach wedding in Florida this June. This top would literally make a splash. Love it!.

  • Elyse

    The Flare V-Neck Paisley Stripe Top is exactly the kind of top I most love to wear!

  • Deborah Hogue

    Love all the tops, I have a very colorful personality and love different tops with lots of colors. I know that any of these tops would make a statement and I would love to own one

  • Carmen

    I honestly think I’d love any one of the tops but if I had to pick just one,I’d probably go with style # 8663. You could dress it up or down for so many occasions!

  • Basya S

    I like Dolman Sleeve Printed Burnout Tunic. The colors are bright and beautiful and match my other close nicely.

  • Lorena Keech

    I think it would be the Dolman Sleeve Printed Burnout Tunic

  • Sharron

    I LOVE, LOVE the Asymmetrical one pocket top…..I look good in any top made Asymmetrical…..my birthday is the 10th & this would be a nice surprise to win! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Gail Pindzia

    This is a toughy. Liked the 3/4 sleeve polka dot, paisley tunic, harlequin print V-neck, & flutter sleeve boatneck. My favorite though is the assymetrical 1-pocket, I’m pretty sure. LOL

  • Susan

    Such unique clothing! Love them all, especially the Brushstroke print.

  • Joc

    The 3/4 sleeve envelope front top – The bright blue colors reflects my open personality and green somehow grounds it – I tried to have a cheerful attitude like the bright blue which just catches your eye and the black lines reflect how sometimes I can be a little annual – on the straight path. It’s a beautiful top!

  • Susan G

    It seems that I am not alone in my love for the Harlequin Print V-Neck Pocket Top … I only own blue jeans or black slacks, so this would definitely fit my wardrobe! I have always liked black and white, but this pops out and demands your attention.
    I could so see myself in that top. Or, the very last one in the catalog: the all-white tunic, but if I could only choose one — it’s the Harlequin for sure!

  • Three quarter sleeve paintball are my colors. I would look great cooking on my show wearing this.

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    The Three Quarter Sleeve Brush Stroke Print Top is gorgeous!

  • AJB

    The Three Quarter Sleeve Scoop Neck Tunic.

  • Lynne Troiano

    The Harlequin Print V-neck pocket top is such a lovely style and pattern. It’s also quite versatile. It’s fancy enough to wear out to dinner but not too fancy that one couldn’t wear it to work, too. A big winner in my opinion. I could see this as my “go-to” top.

  • Margaret

    I really like the Dolman Sleeve Printed Burnout Tunic. My colors.

  • Cathy B

    Love the Emilio Pucci look-a-like. These clothes look comfortable and versatile – great looking with leggings. Would love a top to try!

  • Ida Khodorkovskaya

    Split Neck Paisley Stripe Tunic is the one LYNN RITCHIE PRINTED TOP that BEST REFLECTS My STYLE AND PERSONALITY. It is elegant, and not loud, but colorful and happy at the same time.

  • V

    The Harlequin Print V-Neck Pocket Top looks like it could take me from my usual chore-drobe to glam in a matter of seconds. Suddenly having to leave the house for quick errands wouldn’t be so embarrassing. Love it! Would love winning it even more.

  • Judy Langdale

    The Dolman sleeve printed burnout tunic is one I would choose. It is so colorful, a work of art; I particularly like the pink tones and geometric print which reflects my feminine yet “organized” style. Age 63 but I still want to wear colors rather than be too toned down.

  • Rosemary S

    I really like the 3/4 sleeve scoop neck tunic. Classic, yet
    so now.

  • Ashley Simpson

    I would have to pick the Drop Shoulder Pieced Scoop Neck Top. It’s casual yet it could be easily paired with a pair of yoga pants to make myself looked more put together after class.

  • Deborah Papia

    I like the assymetrical one pocket top — I wear that style all the time.

  • Karen

    3/4 sleeve paintball print oversize top.

  • Assymetrical one pocket top

  • Robi Malone

    It was hard but I actually narrowed it down to two: Dorothy Dot short sleeve or the three quarter sleeve Envelope Front.

  • I would “love” the Asymmetrical One Pocket Top. Having just lost 30 pounds these tops would be a great addition to my “new” wardrobe and updating my look for spring.

  • Paula Pile

    What a gorgeous collection! I love the flare paisley v neck stripped top because it gives the illusion of a heart

  • Flutter Sleeve Boat Neck Printed Burnout

  • Stephanie V

    Harlequin Print V-Neck Pocket Top – LOVE IT!! all me!

  • Charlie Jeanne Klumpp

    Very pretty, different collection. I enjoy tops that hang gracefully and move with the air, yet are not baggy or clumsy. Lynn Ritchie has hit the design target beautifully. For me, I would choose the 3/4 sleeve brushstroke top. Love the colors, the cut and the rayon fabric! So nice that these come with a cami — hate having to run to another department to find one that works just right…

  • Sue Miller

    I love the Asymmetrical One Pocket Top- colorful!

  • mag

    Asymmetrical One Pocket Top is the shirt I think I would look best in. Both Harlequin tops are great too. Love the black and white designs.

  • Melissa Alvarado

    I love the Three Quarter Sleeve Boat Neck Top with Patchwork! Life’s too short not to wear bright colors!

  • Camilla Wilson

    The one pocket Asymmetrical

  • Ginger

    I love the Asymmetrical One Pocket Top, the colors are just perfect for my skin type and it looks super comfy.

  • Asymmetrical One Pocket Top – I love it! It flows so well.

  • Love, Style# 8663

  • Maria d

    Asymmetrical One Pocket Top is the shirt I love

  • The asymmetrical one pocket top with pocket , great style and fabulous print!

  • Judy

    Normally I’m not a ‘blue’ person, but in this case, the blue top is the one!! Beautiful!!

  • Bettie Claxton

    I like the paint ball one best.

  • Lovely tops they seem comfy and light.

  • Martha Bishop

    Harlequin top is my favorite