Giveaway: Win a Styling Session With a FOFashionista!

Your son’s future in laws are coming to dinner. What should you wear?

You’d love to go to your 40th high school reunion this fall, but aren’t size 8 anymore, and want to find a flattering look for your size 14 figure.

Your going on a first date with a banking executive, but usually wear funky clothes. How can you dress more conservatively without sacrificing your individuality?

                  Terry Gibralter

What woman doesn’t face fashion dilemmas from time to time? You might call a friend, sister or your daughter for advice.  Or, you can contact Terry Gibralter, aka THE STYLE DOCTOR. I’ve known many stylish women over the decades, and Terry is at the tippy top of the list.  After years working in the fashion and beauty industries as a stylist and creative director, Terry launched an online boutique, House of Terrance, to sell interesting and unique clothing and accessories to help us spice up our wardrobes.

“Clothing and accessories are intensely meaningful to me. Nothing tells the story of you better than what you’re wearing,” Terry said. “I love sharing my style know-how with family and friends, and with any woman who might feel unsure about how to dress for an important occasion.”

Now Terry will help solve your fashion predicament during a 50-minute styling session online, or in person if you live in the New York metropolitan area. And FabOverFifty is giving one lucky woman a free exclusive styling session with Terry Gibralter, aka THE STYLE DOCTOR, valued at $50.

Simply fill in the form below and tell us about your style quandary to be entered into this cool giveaway!

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  1. bonniesawinner says:

    When does this end? I can’t believe no one else has commented—I would so love to with this giveaway! It’s just what I need to give me some rules for styling casual outfits.


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