{Giveaway} Win a custom, embroidered locket

Jennifer Shingelo is giving away a locket embroidered with a letter of your choice from her Etsy shop, Stella Saves the Day. Enter to win by answering in the comments below: Whose picture would you keep in a locket?

Lockets, all the rage during the Victorian era, haven’t quite fallen out of style, but they’ve fallen out of style. Let us explain. A recent search for “locket” on Google, turned up a most uninspiring collection of trinkets. That is, until we found Jennifer Shingelo’s Etsy shop, Stella Saves the Day. After we stopped oohing and ahhing of the hand-stitched designs, we wondered just who is Stella? And how does Jennifer craft these gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pieces?

Her collection is named after her great grandmother, Stella. Jenn was inspired to create lockets after years of adoring her grandmother’s jewelry box. “I opened my Etsy shop in 2009 and sold my first piece in 2011,” says Jenn, a trained sculptor. “In sculpting, you also make items that hold memory. I did that for a ten years but wanted to do something where I’d be interacting with people more. This business has been very touching and personal.” Jenn says her customers often share their personal stories. “A man just sent me pictures of his baby twin sons,” she says. “He wants them represented by two embroidered acorns in a locket for his wife.”

An advisor at the Pratt Institute of Design by day, Jennifer crafts the jewelry in her Brooklyn kitchen at night. (“Some day I’ll have a studio,” she says.) Her lockets are sourced from a small, father-daughter owned company in New England (“I actually have to pick up the phone and call them to place orders!” she says.) Jenn hand-embroiders inserts for the lockets using patterns she finds in antique Victorian books about locket making. “For me, it’s all about the history,” she explains.

Enter to win a locket embroidered with a letter of your choice by answering in the comments below: Whose picture would you keep in a locket?

Thank you for entering. This contest is now closed.

One FOF will win.

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Contest closes December 1, 2011 at midnight E.S.T.

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  • vclark500

    I would definitely keep a pic of my mother. Though she is deceased she inspires me to this day. She was the milk of human kindness and a locket with her picture in it would remind me to be the same.

  • Fran

    My cat- a better friend than any person.
    A pet will never stab youy in he back or betray you or gossip if your having a bad hair day or say anything negative. The are just there for you- the definition of a true friend.

  • pboyd3

    It would have to be my son, Benjamin who passed away December 25, 2001. It would remind me more to keep close my other children.

  • sandy9787

    I would put a picture of my beautiful son and daughter in the locket.

  • Diana Harris

    I would put a picture of my forever loved faithful companion, Bullet, my dog. So that he will be remembered always.

  • val

    I I won this beautiful locket I would keep the tiny
    old picture of my mum who has passed on.

  • Pam

    I recently worked on the family history and located a photo of my great-grandfather. This is the only photo I have ever seen of the man who brought my grandfather to America from Italy. I would love to wear his photo in my locket as a reminder of how important family is.

  • Sherri

    Oh my so lovely but I would put my beautiful Mothers initial. She left me so long ago but always in my heart and on my mind. So proud to be her daughter.

  • Mikki Scott

    My one year old daughter- the love of my life. 🙂

  • m1wheecli

    “The love of my life Sgt Roger W Farewell, Killed in Action, South Vietnam, July 3, 1971.

  • Charlotte Robertson

    I would put a picture of my Dad. When my Daughter was very young, he was the only “Man” that she would let hold her and play with her. I would then give the locket to my Daughter, my Dad is still and always will be her #1 Grandpa.

  • mabolf

    my parents!!!

  • Cyndilou1

    My partner in life. The love of my life, of course.

  • carrie obrien

    My daughter—she’s fabulous!

  • Pattie6066

    I have a beautiful granddaughter who will be 2 on December 30, 2011. This is who I would put in the locket. Her name is Sasha Kai.

  • Zenaida

    My daughter.

  • j27

    My husband, lover, and best friend of 39+ years.

  • chichijunk

    I’d put a picture of my honey in there, OR if I had a small enough picture of both of my sons, I would use that.
    chichijunk at cs dot com

  • khughes09

    MY grandson’s picture.

  • OneFabulousNana

    Oh, goodness, this is easy. I’d put a photo of my mom inside as she was my best friend, my greatest supporter, my #1 fan and my beloved mother for fifty-two years. I miss her every day and the beautiful locket would be a way to keep her close to my heart. I’m so proud of the woman I am, giving all the credit to her. She taught me about God’s love for me, to love others as I love myself, to treat everyone as an equal and to love and appreciate nature. She did good!

  • Connie Fischer

    I would definitely have to put pictures of both of my sons in a locket to keep close to my heart. They, along with my wonderful husband, are quite simply, my life.

    Thank you for the giveaway! It’s gorgeous!

  • sharon910

    I would put my mom and dad in there I miss them so much.As do there grandchildren Would loved for them to see my great grandchild to be born in Feb.

  • Doreen Olson

    I would put my mother’s photo in a locket. She was my mentor, my inspiration, my prayer warrior, my teacher, my encourager, my helper, and my best friend. Fortunately, I can still feel her near me even without a photo, but I would like to honor her.

  • hrbeck_98

    I would put my husband’s photo in it so he will always be near my heart.

  • AdeleI

    I would put in a picture of my husband!

  • DonnaJ

    I would keep a pic of myself with my dad from when I was a little girl

  • Valeen

    Both my amazing kids!

  • Anne Wight

    It is a beautiful piece of jewelry. I would put my son’s photo in it; he passed away this past January.

  • Anne Wight

    It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry. I would put my son photo in it; Nick passed away this past January.

  • sheilachaffins

    My children of course.

  • madmac

    I would put a picture of my son & daughter.

  • Maureen

    I would put a picture of my children.

  • mdemarais59

    My Mom and Dad. my mom now has Alzheimer’s and it would honor her.

  • Barbara S

    would have a picture of my mom and dad. so missing them with all the new grandchildren they would have so enjoyed

  • sandram

    I would definitely put my one and only precious two and a half year old grandson’s picture in this locket if I won.

  • AthertonQueen

    My Son,of course.

  • pavanco

    I would probably alternate photos, depending on the time of the year—choosing my children, my deceased Mother or my hubby and I for precious commemorations.

  • Julie

    So as not to play favorites with my three children (or my husband) I would probably have a picture of my adorable pekingese dog, Layla. As it is, most of the pictures on my cellphone are of her so why stop now?

  • patannarn

    i would put a picture of my late husband who died very suddenly. He will always be in my heart but i would honor him after our 25yr loving relationship

  • Mel K.

    I would put a picture of my late Siamese. I’ve wanted to do this for years but haven’t found the right locket. I really like this one. Thanks.

  • DLori27

    I would have a picture of my parents in the locket because I love them more than anyone in the world. My father passed away in 1992 and I miss him dearly. Nothing would give me as much pleasure as looking at a picture of my beautiful parents, remembering all the wonderful times we’ve spent together and realizing how lucky I am to have them in my life.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  • irisvillagegirl

    I would put a picture of my Dad. He is my hero!

  • geraldine david

    i would get my grandmothers who passed away this June. She is the matriarch of our family. We miss her dearly.

  • Christy

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 34th anniversary this coming year ~ I’d put a picture of the two of us together in this lovely locket.

  • nanbon44

    I would put my Mother’s photo in the locket, to keep her close to my heart… She passed away 4 years ago and I still miss her and think of her every day

  • inMO

    My kids, to wear near my heart as I carry them always in my heart.

  • CarolMcJ

    I would put a photo of my husband and I with my daughters on our wedding day.

  • Wendy

    One of my beautiful mother, who I miss so much.

  • mandrada

    I would put a family picture, to capture that moment in time when life was full of promise and festive as it was Thanksgiving and the picture was for a Christmas card of the year!

  • lorraine

    Sounds weird, but probably my dog Emma, who I rescued (rescued me!) during a tough time.

  • A.C.J.

    My grandbabies, for sure!

  • kachinarine

    My “boys” two Somali cats!

  • Sharon Meagher

    My dog Curly’s!

  • smfsprout

    I would keep pictures of my grandchildren in my locket.

  • jessica // miniaturerhino

    love Jenn’s work! I might keep a pic of my boo, or my cats Bug & Banjo. Hard to decide…

  • dmhsny

    If this locket were mine, I would put a picture of my Grandmother inside. She was the epitome of a strong woman; first to rise to her level in state service, faced poverty, adversity, and all of the challenges that a woman in a large family could. She kept everyone close, taught all of us girls to be proud, strong and on our best behavior and most of all that family was what mattered most. She taught as all to swim, even my children; and I think it was a metaphor to “keep on swimming” through whatever life gives you!

  • kariann

    I would a picture of my two daughters who are so dear to me.

  • Theresa Brancato

    My grandchildren….although they are my step grandchildren the closeness I have with my stepdaughter has/is felt though my wonderful grandchildren….this is a very special relationship and I would be proud to wear them close to my heart everyday!!

  • Lynn

    I would put my sweetheart in the locket.

  • Helen

    I would keep a picture of my two daughters in the locket

  • krispy9

    I keep one of my family

  • Shari

    I would put a photo of my best friend and true love – my husband of 31 years!

  • Gail

    I’d put a picture of my husband of 35 years.

  • nancdep5

    My sons’ picture would be in there. We get a picture done each year, but I would keep a baby picture of them in the locket.

  • RarnChild

    No question about this one! It would definitely be my beautiful grandson Matthew’s picture 😀

  • bison61

    my husband

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  • Ita Luehrsen

    As ordinary as it might sound, I’d have to put pictures of my 2 daughters in that locket. I’ve always believed that they are the greatest gifts ever given to me….and represent the qualties I always hoped I’d have as a woman. How fitting that I might be able to have them so close to my heart in that way as well? A sweet everyday reminder…

  • Janis

    I would keep a picture of my only child, my wonderful son it the locket. He is the most important person in my life and we support each other even through the ongoing pressure of a divorce that has not been finalized for over 3 years and is expected to go on for at least one more.

  • corinne garrett

    I lost a child when she was only 5 years old to an accident. I would keep her picture in my locket.

  • Donna

    I would have a picture of my adorable 3 year old stepgrandson (whom I consider to be my grandson and have since the first time I met him) and a picture of the soon-to-arrive grandson. I have waited a long time for grandchildren and had nearly given up hope. Now to acquire two in one year is just amazing – an answer to my prayers!

  • Debbiet

    A picture of my very best friend, my husband!

  • mimi

    I would put in a picture of my kids

  • Ginny K

    If I were to win this locket I would put a picture of my son that passed away recently. It would be a wonderful way to keep his memory close to my heart!

  • Florence Olynik

    My son relocated to Florida 5 years ago to be near me. Unfortunately, he died within 5 days. I would like to wear his picture close to my heart.

  • Michelle

    A picture of my mom from 1955 – she was pregnant with me.

  • Lili

    My children,

  • Pat Choate

    I love lockets. I have bought lockets for my granddaughters. If I were to win a locket such as this I would put a picture of my 4 grandchildren in it. They are my prized possessions. I love all my family; but there is something special about grandchildren. My second choicse of picture would be the love of my life who I have never been able to bel with we have been like 2 ships passing in the night. For over 50 years we have encountered each other but for one reason or the other it just hasn’t worked out for us. But the love is there. We were high school sweethearts!

  • Debbie Chaney

    I’d keep a picture of my mom in a locket. She was my best friend and I’ve been missing her every day since she passed away right before Thanksgiving last year, but she’s always close to my heart.

  • Fran Kahn

    I’d keep a picture of my most treasured possession-my family.

  • janis

    I would put a pic of my children when they were little

  • Linda Owens

    I would keep my daughter’s picture in it, she has just gotten married and move all the way to California and I live in Georgia

  • Kathi

    I would definitely put a pictur of My 3 Precious Grandchildren and my second choice would be My 3 Precious Pets

  • Phoenix

    I would put a picture of several family members who are no longer with us.

  • PollyAnna007

    I would love to win this-of course who wouldn’t ! It’s a very pretty piece of jewelry ! I think if I won, I’d put a picture of my Grand-Daughter ! Why ?, because I never really got to be a part of her life. After she was born, her mother took off to Kansas with her to keep her away from our son ! I didn’t meet her until she was 18 years old and had children of her own. She has 3 adorable children. To make a long story short,I never got to hold her as a baby,never got to dress her up,comb her hair,bake with her,take her shopping with us,you get the gist ! That’s why I would cherish a picture of her !

  • Jana Hayes

    My Mom and Dad’s wedding picture- they are still together 53 years later.

  • elizabeth

    one of me and my husband.

  • Kathy Greaves

    This is so pretty! I would put a picture of my 4 grandchildren who are the loves of my life!

  • Suzy Reschke

    I would keep a picture of my only son, Nick, in the locket.

  • Tha

    I would put a picture of the singing group Il Divo in it. I had just gone through the loss of both parents whom I had taken care of alone for years. I was at a very dark place in my life. I stumbled onto the group’s music and my life opened up. I have met many wonderful friends all around the world because of the guys and will always be indebted to them for bringing joy back into my life.

  • sheilasshowcase

    I would put a picture of my son in the locket. He was in the Hospital this Thanksgiving with heart trouble.

  • svlockwood

    My husband Bob

  • dmnyes

    My beautiful granddaughter Alexis, she is my heart!

  • jef610

    I would put a picture of my parents’ wedding picture on one side. Then, I would put a picture of my fiancé on the opposite side. It would be fabulous!

  • jwagn

    My husband Harold 🙂

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I have so many loved ones, but I only have one grandson–and I would love to have a picture of him in this beautiful monogrammed locket. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • MG

    I would put a picture of my two daughters. They have little in common other than my love for them. I would keep them together close to my heart

  • Diane

    My dad. He died in 2005 when he was 88. He was a great dad & a great grandfather to my kids. I miss him every day.

  • Tannersmom

    My husband and my son – the ones closest to my heart.

  • Kat S

    My son was abused when he was three. I was not home at the time, but I lost him for a couple of years. I would put his photo at that age in the locket.

  • MaryBeth Burandt

    It would be a picture of my best friend and companion Ed. He is my dog, who is always at my side. In the locket, he will always be near my heart.

  • Darinda

    I would put a picture of my beautiful sister. I miss her!

  • beachwoman

    My husband’s picture will have the place of honor if I win the locket.

  • jenni104

    I wouldn’t put a picture in it but two locks of hair. One from each of my sons. I kept a snip from each of their first haircuts, and placing a small snippet from each in the locket would keep them safe and close to me. I know who they belong to, and they embrace memories of all of their years. So each time I look at them, I actually see a different picture in my mind for a different memory and more are added as each day passes. It would be like a magical memory keeper for me. 😀

  • jhendon60

    I would put a picture of my mom, who passed away two weeks ago.

  • Rose Marchese

    If I were to win a locket I would keep a picture of my 3 daughters,they are my pride and joy and I love them to the moon and stars.

  • dfkinton

    I have always loved lockets and never have gotten one! I would put a picture of my three children in it as they mean the world to me. On the other side, I would put a picture of my parents who are married almost 60 years. They are such an inspiration.

  • Zoe Lee

    My beautiful daughter;s photo and maybe a photo of my hubby and daughter 🙂

  • beth weatherford

    I would have to do something out of the box…unexpected…put a totally unexpected picture in it. Maybe put a picture of something I am saving for in it…right now, I have a new sewing machine on my mind. Or maybe rotating pictures of people or something I admire…I am a pretty big Bruce Springsteen fan…I LOVE donuts..and only allow myself to buy them on very special occasions, because I never can eat just one, or two or six….

  • FabulousMimi

    Love the retro look of the locket with a a new spin to the updated look! I’d put my precious grandsons pics inside 🙂

  • Ann Rock

    In the past it would have been my son but now that’s he’s almost 16 I guess it would have to be my beloved dog, Shadow!

  • Jill Frieling

    I would have to choose my beloved dog, Zoey, who loves me unconditionally, is always glad to see me and never holds a grudge!

  • mollyann

    picture of my husband of 26 yrs.

  • slbennetti

    I would keep my grandson in my locket, he is so sweet.

  • deb

    I would have a picture of my three children placed in the locket – it is a precious picture taken in the spring…dressed in their easter finest….a very special memory……the way things were 35 years ago

  • Shelia

    I love this locket==would hold my grandson’s photo at my heart.

  • christine curwood

    I would put a picture of me as a child to remind me to stay connected to my inner child: full of wonder and imagination~ free of the layers that life puts upon oneself~full of love & curiosity. It would be a great reminder to love myself as much as I love others that are important to me.

  • kathycairns

    I would put a picture of my baby daughter in the locket. We lost her to cancer one week after her third birthday. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about and grieve for her. She was my only daughter, and I miss her so much!

  • maxie522

    I will put a picture of my first grandchild inside the locket.

  • taffyjo

    I would put a picture of my husband, of 22 years who has put up with me and 5 pregnancies- ( all of them hard), and my hormones. I hope he put’s up with me for another 22 years.

  • Margarida

    I would place an early picture of myself with my husband.

  • Fab55

    I would take the teeny tiny picture I have of my boys when they were little [right now it’s in a locket on a charm bracelet that i never wear] and put them into this locket, which I could wear close to my heart everyday xoxo

  • carmenwood

    I would put a picture of Caeli, my beloved Yorkie,
    who passed away last week.

  • Maureen O’Neal

    My sister! We live 1,000 miles apart, but she’s still my best friend!

  • Kim Cage

    I would put a picture of my mother in it. She passed away
    4 years ago and I miss her terribly. Having the picture in the locket would keep her close to my heart at all times.

  • superdumb

    My first kitty, Piewackett.

  • Faith

    I would put a picture of my son in it. He is graduating and leaving for college but I always want him close to my heart. I hope that I am always in his heart, too!

  • Carole B Martin

    My mother who is no longer with me, but loved her dearly and miss her

  • Anne-Marie Kovacs

    It would definitely be a picture of my family unit. That is my teenage kids, my husband and me. To keep them close. Lovely.

  • Roberta

    I love lockets, I still have the one given to me as an infant. It has pictures of my mom & dad from the year I was born. It means more to me now, since they have both passed away.
    I would put my husband’s picture in it probably from our wedding pictures. We have been married for 54 years. It doesn’t seem that long. If I have room, I would add a picture of our great-grandson. We also have 4 grandsons, three are grown & one is eleven.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  • sherry leann stewart

    No doubt about it! A picture of my granddaughter and grandson! Because “I love them the most!”

  • Janet Keyser

    My husband, Ed. He is the love of my life and my soul!

  • Pauline

    I would put a picture of my dad and mom. My dad passed away so many years ago, my mom is now in a nursing home. I live 700 miles away, just makes me feel so awful to be away. I would put a picture of my family on the other side of the locket.

  • KrisMc

    I would have a picture of my smiling teen Son, who smiles infrequently (braces!), but when he does–he lights up my life and inspires me to think young! Thanks buddy! =)

  • marrobin36

    I would love to be able to win this locket. Both of my parents are deceased and this would enable me to put a picture of them, one on each side. In this way, they would be together forever. I don’t have a locket which is something I’ve always wanted to own.

  • mary1

    I would put a picture of my dog. He had such a gentle soul and was a faithful companion for 14 years

  • Theresa Bowles

    I would put a picture of my parents on their wedding day, June 9, 1951. They are looking at each other and you can feel their love for one another. Daddy passed away 4 years ago and Mom has Parkinsons but in my mind they will remain forever young and in love.

  • carinalj

    If I could fit it, I would put my husband and two sons. I’d just have to figure out how to make a really small photo.

  • Becky

    My two beautiful dogs,Suzie and Libby.

  • Cynthia Larareo

    Both of my kids got married to wonderful spouses this year so I would put their wedding pictures in the locket.

  • eddyrobey

    my son

  • scoutcrs13

    I’d keep a picture of my darling husband in this beautiful locket.

  • Shannon Barlow

    I would put either a picture of my parents in the locket so I can keep them both close until we can see each other again 1 day. Or, I would put a picture of my husband, my 2 boys, my grandaughter, my grandson and my daughter in law. Thank you for the chance to win a beautiful locket.


    I would put a picture of my daughter to remind me
    that giving birth was the hardest thing I did in life and worth every ache and pain.

  • dianne madison

    My dogs and my niece, together in my favorite photo of them

  • Longhornmom

    I would put a “T” and a picture of my 2 boys and husband in the locket to keep them close to me all the time.

  • Longhornmom

    I have 2 boys and my husband I would put in my locket. That way I could keep them close to me all the time.

  • Becky McKinney

    My husband and two daughters.

  • puertoricolady41

    Oops. I meant “lives” overseas. :-))

  • puertoricolady41

    My daughter who loves overseas. I always have her in my heart, but the locket would have her surrounding it!!

  • cindy

    i would like my moms picture in the locket come july 10 2012 she will be died 28 years she passed away from cancer. and i miss her so very much every day i wish she was her but i know god needed her more and that now she is not sick.during the holidays it gets really bad not having your mom and dad who died almost 17 years ago but you try to go on but i still go out to her grave on thanksgiving and take her christmas flowers before the candle lite service dec.10 every year it is a way for those of us who lost a love one to rember.so if i am picked my moms picture will go in the locket so she will be close to my heart every day.i will be praying and waiting

  • Susan


  • ktpotat

    My dogs

  • merrylady

    It would be a picture of my family! When I’d get sad, lonely, or bored I could look at and I know I’d have an instant smile!

  • Roz Rickman

    I would put photos of my two (2) sets of twin
    grand daughters. They are the biggest JOY in my life.

  • Yoli

    I would keep my children and grandchildren picture.


    I would put a picture of my Mom & Dad..I miss them both, so much..

  • freda

    I would keep a picture of my grandkids, to keep them close to my heart. And the letter W for last name, so I could pass it down.

  • Leslie Petersen

    A “j” for my sweet grandbaby Jaidyn 🙂 She is the love of my life 🙂

  • 2ballersma

    I would put in a silhouette of my two boys.

  • Eugenie

    I would put a picture of my husband and me in the locket.

  • tdixon1957@sbcglobal.net

    i would put my lord and saviour G FOR GOD

  • Joan Hart

    I love this locket! If I was lucky enough to win, I would put a picture of my one and only sweet child of mine…..

  • Zenaida

    My daughter’s picture.

  • Janet

    My most excellent husband who unfortunately commences chemo next week.

  • Karin Fulton

    I would put a picture of my family in the locket, which includes my 1 & 3 year old grandaughters.

  • shewalk

    my boyfriend

  • Jacque

    I would put a picture of my grandmother. She was like more than a grandmother to me, she was a friend. To this day I miss her and wish she was still alive.

  • Irene

    This past week I wore a locket that was my husbands mothers. told my husband that evening, I had him around me all day. I opened it and he seen the old picture of himself and his mom inside.

  • Annamarie Dodge

    i would put my son/hubby’s pic in the locket or a photo of my grand mother and grandfather together…i miss them both so much and i cant think of a better way to keep them close to my heart.

  • Pat

    I would keep my daughters picture in the lock

  • Mamavalveeta03

    I would put a picture of my beloved grandfather, my “rock,” in the locket. He called me “Honey Girl” and he lived next door to me until his death from emphysema when I was 10. He loved me unconditionally and I always knew how special I was to him, something every kid deserves to have in their life!

  • Debra Stoykovich

    My dear husband of 31 years!!! G……. He’s the only man for me!!!!

  • Elisse

    A picture of my husband and I.

  • ShemCreek

    A picture of my husband of almost 50 years!

  • Penny

    If I won this beautiful locket, I would put a picture of my twin granddaughters in it. They are the light of my life.

  • Linda

    It would have to be my family 🙂 What a beautiful locket!

  • Arlenedoll

    The love of my life – my husband and best friend!

  • The coder

    A picture of Jesus, my Best Friend

  • old goatess

    I would put a picture of my parents when they were first dating; they were young and very much in love. Both are gone now (dad in 1991, and mom last year), and it would be wonderful to have their young love and beaming smiles with me always

  • Lynne

    I would hope to find tiny bits of memoranda of my children to carry about with me.

  • Carolyn

    This is a tough one, there are so many things I could put in it. If it was heart shaped it would definitely hold a picture of my hubby (who is very camera shy). If it is round the list gets longer but ultimately it would probably be a pic of hubby. Iwould have to get him to sit still long enough to get the picture though.

  • Robin

    I would put a picture of me on my 50th birthday. Just to remind me… That even with hot flashes, mood swings and an empty nest.. 50 Is fabulous!

  • palapalaluke

    a picture of my Dad, I lost him 3 years ago.

  • Michi

    A picture of my mom. Although she passed away a number of years ago, she was and will continue to be a positive force.

  • 1955nurse

    I would put a “C” in the locket, & a tiny pic of my 2 sweet Grandbabies!!!((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) Thanks for the chance, I just adore this!

  • Dorothy

    I would put the shield number of my husband to keep him close and safe.

  • vasslt

    My two children, both adults now, who are the light of my life.

  • Debra Simning-Chapman

    my husband as a baby

  • MARY

    I think I’d put my Mom & Dad’s pictures that my Mom had in her locket.

  • Susan Pisani

    My children….M and B

  • kmariem18

    my husband and my children!

  • Laura

    I would put a picture of my parents whom have given me so much and made me the person I am today.
    (My mom is gone but my dad will be celebrating his 90th birthday in January and we are planning a big surprise birthday party for him. People are coming from all over to celebrate with us.)

  • kbaumle

    My husband, of course. We married young – we were high school sweethearts – and after 36 years, he’s one of the very few people who loves me unconditionally. He makes me feel like his one goal in life is to be a good husband to me and make my life easier as much as is possible for him. I truly am blessed among women.

  • sydney85

    I would love to have a photo of my husband, daughter, son and myself altogether. One of us is always missing because someone is taking the photo. It would be so delightful to have this special photo in a locket.

  • hugochou

    I would love to have a locket to put a piece of paper
    that my father wrote my name in chinese for me.
    I could never remember how to write all three
    characters. So he wrote it down for me to always
    have. When I was in my 20’s some bad people took
    his life away from him. I would love to have the
    letter C on it. Even though both of my parents are
    chinese and americans. We are proud to be both.
    But in honor of parents, I’d like the letter C. It’s
    also the first letter of our last name. So it would
    represent my parents when I put there pictures
    in it along with another couple that treated me
    like their daughter. He was as assistant principle
    the high school I went to and his wife was a teacher.
    They are just as precious to me as my parents. Also
    the first letter of their last name is C. He has a
    high school in Pine Bluff, Arkansas names after him.
    I would be very proud and honored to have this

  • Diane

    I would keep a picture of my mom. Alzheimer’s took her from me long before death finally did. She once had a beautiful locket that I hoped would one day be mine but it was lost somewhere along the line. This locket would be very special to me.

  • gramhebert

    my wedding date

  • ahrats

    My first love’s picture. I have only one pictur of him. He was lost so long ago and the letter B. I will never forget him.

  • Christel Tirrell

    A picture of my two children that I had left behind in South Africa, and whom I only see once every 18 months … keeping them closer to my heart!!

  • keizerfire

    I would put a picture of my two beautiful grandsons!

  • cathywithac

    My Man!

  • Leigh Vrioni

    I would put a picture of my mother and my daughter in my locket. They are my heroes. My mom was a Marine in WWII … and my daughter was a police officer. Both fought hard to preserve what they believed to good and wonderful in this world.

  • Hotforfifty

    The initials of my love!

  • Jacqualin

    My forever dog!

  • cweber405@gmail.com

    definitely my boyfriends so I can keep him close to my heart!!

  • Darla

    Love the oldfashioned look of a locket. I’d keep my Granddaughters picture in it and pass it down to her someday.


  • Beth Lowe

    I would put my husband since he had to move to Cailfornia from Indiana just to get a job, so I could look at him often.

  • carolineno

    My husband. His name is Ross!

  • linda

    a picture of my father who passed away four years ago.

  • latinpheonix

    If not kids who I miss so much I would put my Grandma A she was the only person in my life to love me un conditionally

  • latinpheonix

    My daughter & son I miss them so much… A&J

  • melissabrown

    I would put a picture of all the children at Kopila Valley Children’s Home in the locket to remind me that one person can make a huge difference in the world.

  • joann

    So many who have passed hold special memories for me. I would have to say my Aunt Ethel (great aunt) who was kind, gentle and gave me peace that was missing at home.

  • Yvonne

    Losing my 3 siblings (2 in 4 years) their pic and give to my mom.

  • soap

    the letter M; because my life improved with the letter M; some credit goes to my husband….

  • Ginny

    A picture of my pet

  • AJB

    My husband’s picture

  • Patricia Assanowicz

    without a doubt, my parents, with this locket they will be close to my heart

  • amy v

    my children together-they are so precious!

  • Nursesing

    I love the idea of a locket to hide away (?) a picture that means so much to me…my mother. She was such a warm and loving woman, and she was diagnosed at 63yrs with Alzheimer’s. At the age of 73 we lost her. This disease robbed me, and my siblings, of a real renaissance woman, as she raised 5 children, sewed , knitted, baked amazing things, wrote books, worked diligently on our familys’ genealogy back to 1500’s,played piano, and was first chair in our hometown’s college community orchestra.. and her decline broke many hearts. I would cherish the chance to have her next to my heart in a beautiful locket. Her name was Margaret..so the initial would be “M”..an initial we share also.

  • hofken

    I’d keep my husband’s picture in my locket.


  • bedford1tom1

    My Grandmother with my mother

  • gatormomx2

    I would put a picture of my beautiful children in this locket.

  • Kathy11016

    I have new twin grandsons. I would love to put their
    letters for their names in this lovely locket. Please
    give me a chance to win.

  • reeta

    I would keep a picture of my husband and kids there

  • thriftyniftyfifty

    I would put a photo of my husband of Twenty-two years, in this lovely locket if I were so fortunate to win one.
    Happy Holidays to all…

  • starsmom

    my late husband’s picture would be my choice

  • makeupgirl21@comcast.net

    I’d like to keep a picture of my parents in my locket. This piece of jewelry would be perfect. Thank you.

  • valorosa

    The picture of my husband would be my first choice but if it were possible I’d like to put a picture of all of my children in it.

  • suesur

    I would keep a picture of my grandchildren in the locket.

  • margaracantu

    my parent’s wedding portrait is beautiful and a can reprint it to scale! thank you for this opportunity!

  • tessy12

    my sweet sophie ( my dog )

  • Corinne

    Ever since my beautiful daughter, Cori, lost her valiant battle with ovarian cancer in March of this year, I carry her each day in my heart. I would love to have her picture in one of these beautiful lockets. It would give Cori’s lovely face, a place that would do her justice.
    Thank you.

  • Katie5

    I would keep a picture of my parents who have since past on; it would be a very special way to keep them near me.

  • pameladw

    I would put my husband’s initials in the locket!!

  • dbo

    the initials of my forever love