{Giveaway} Win a gorgeous, FOF-designed bracelet


Jewelry designer and FOF, Marleny Gonzalez, is giving away one a signature crocheted chain bracelet (retail value: $85) from her company, Tierra Dulce Couture.

Enter to win by answering in the comments, below: Where do you buy your jewelry?

FOF Marleny Gonzalez, an avid jewelry designer is battling breast cancer. Encouraged by her friends and daughter, Claudia, Marleny started selling at art shows in South Florida two years ago. Her jewelry, all hand crocheted macramé pieces with natural stones, was such a hit that she’s since expanded the business to Etsy and soon will launch her own website.  Her bracelets and necklaces range from $50 to $200.  “She’s not yet in remission but, hopefully, will soon be,” says Claudia. “We are almost at the end of the treatment. Her jewelry business gives her inspiration and allows her to focus on something else besides the cancer.” FOF chatted with Claudia and Marleny (Claudia translated for her mom, since Marleny is a native Spanish speaker.)

How old is Marleny?
Claudia: 54.

Do you own the business together?
Claudia: Yes. She does all the jewelry design. I do the logistics for all the shows and business development.

When did you start the business?
Claudia: We started selling at art shows in South Florida, about two years ago. But, my mom started designing four years ago. They have so many different art markets and shows here so it makes it so easy for us.

What does Tierra Dulce Couture stand for?
Claudia: My mom came up with it–it means “sweet earth” and I added Couture so it sounded more fashionable.

How did you decide to start the company?
Claudia: We started showing the jewelry off to our friends and family and everybody liked it. I thought it really had a future. So my mom quit her job in makeup sales to do this full time..

What are Marleny’s signature pieces?
Claudia: Crochet style in macrame with natural stones.

Where does she source the materials from?
Claudia: From her trips to Cali, Colombia and also from Miami.

Where do you sell your jewelry?
Claudia: Besides the art shows in South Florida, we sell in a store in Colombia and online at Etsy.com. We also are working on a website.

Enter to win by answering in the comments, below: Where do you buy your jewelry?

One FOF will win. (See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes May 16th, 2013 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

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  • I buy jewelry at the art shows, antique shops, or local shops like lilly barack or zachery

  • angie e


  • margaracantu

    i dont actually buy it, but receive it as gifts!

  • heather c

    TJMaxx, antique shops

  • cassandra

    I buy my jewelry from department stores. I like Nordstrom.

  • Veronica Garrett

    I buy it from my local jewelry store.

  • Natalie Schilla

    Usually at the mall in random shops.

  • love this! usually T J Maxx

  • susan smoaks

    i like to buy jewelry at the mall


    I buy my jewelry from jewelry websites and jewelry stores.

  • dani marie

    i buy a lot of jewelry off of etsy.

  • Sunn ymay

    Estate sales, garage sales, resale shops, City Buddha, Knuth’s, Target, Steinmart, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, occasional craft shows and anywhere I can find a great sale. I keep my eyes open to deals and great designs.

  • Ann Council

    I like to make jewelry. I make bracelets from the seashore.

  • dorothy seago

    craft shows, local shops, flea markets

  • tamara serrao

    from jewelry stores, malls, walmart etc!!!

  • Racheal

    I buy costume jewelry from several places including stores and locally made products. Etsy is another great place to find unique items.

  • Lindsey

    I buy my jewelry from all sorts of places. It depends on their uniqueness. I’ve become addicted to Etsy though.

  • kathy pease

    I usually buy my jewelry on ebay but it has been awhile

  • Stacy T.

    I buy most of my jewelry at thrift stores… I like unique pieces that not everyone has, like this beautiful bracelet.

  • Melanie Montgomery

    Forever 21, and JcPenney

  • Gaye M

    I buy jewelry at many places. Love to buy at craft fairs and from small independent jewelers (including Etsy).

  • Jill

    I buy my jewelry from lots of different places: Macy’s, Etsy, Nordstroms.

  • Derek Timm

    Various places offline & online. Last place was at Nordstroms.

  • Donna Kellogg

    I dont buy jewelery for myself my family usually buys it for me because they know i wont spend money on myself

  • Miranda Ward

    Etsy and the clearance racks


  • Jackee

    The Clearance rack.

  • Kaelyn L.


  • Jennifer Reed

    I love to buy jewelry through etsy sales.

  • strawberry3d


  • at Kohls

  • Laurie Emerson

    I buy it at a shop in town although I have begun shopping from Etsy shops online.

  • I usually buy jewelry at a shop in the mall or receive it as gifts.

  • Cathy Truman

    I buy my jewelry at Elder Beerman

  • Keven Canann


  • Kayla

    I buy mine at tag sales a lot of times!

  • Keven Canann


  • Maxine HigginsU

    Usually at craft fairs and vintage stores

  • Linda Peavy

    I buy my jewelry wherever it catches my eye. Sometimes online and sometimes in the store.

  • Vickie Riddle

    Online, mainly closeout deals.

  • Michelle Garrity

    Usually at Macys or Saks

  • kristen m

    I usually buy my jewelry online from blue nile, or wherever strikes my fancy!

  • Rebecca Peters

    I buy my jewelry where ever I see something I want.. either stores, online and etsy

  • lori walker


  • Kelly McGrew

    i buy my jewelry usually online !

  • nicole noorigian

    I shop around for the best price , But i do frequent Long’s

  • Diane F

    I buy from different places. I buy whatever catches my eye.

  • Ruby Daniels

    I usually buy it from kays

  • Kristina Champe

    I usually buy my jewelry from Lane Bryant or Forever 21

  • brandy g.

    I usually buy my jewelry from amazon.com

  • Audrey Davis

    I buy my jewelry from Macys.

  • Shannon Kime

    I buy all my jewlrey at the Shane Company.

  • dia jewlers

  • Lorena Keech

    Usually from second hand stores and estate sales.

  • Kathrine Otoole

    I buy all of my jewelry online or in small shops to help support small businesses

  • Amber

    I buy my jewelry at Nordstrom and Shopbop.

  • Susan

    I buy my jewelry at Macys!

  • shannon Baas

    on tv most of the time.

  • Gemeldi

    Never used this type of jewelry until I meet Tierra Dulce Couture… Fall in love and I have the opportunity to customize my own jewelry .. What else can I ask for?

  • kim crane

    I buy my jewelry mostly at outdoor markets!

  • tarheel4ever

    Where do I buy my jewelry? Usually at Belk because they have a Fine Jewelry section and a Fashion Jewelry section with lots to choose from but I love jewelry so I will shop for jewelry online and in any retail store that offers it. Thanks! 🙂

  • When I buy it, I usually buy things at stores like Macy’s, Dillards, and even Walmart. If I see something that strikes me, I buy it.

  • Gail Becotte

    I love craft fairs, Etsy, EBay and the flea markets in Florida. I love buying handmade things from local artists!!

  • Lenore Hoffman

    Lately I have bought my jewelry at Macy’s. They have a good selection and I usually find something great. Love this bracelet you are giving away

  • JoAnn

    I buy it at craft shows or stores. I can just be walking along and see something that attracts me to it. I also see a lot on line and buy from there too.

  • Deborah Brement

    I like to find my pieces in unusual places, consignment, vintage, and antique shops, art fairs and shows. Our local art and community center has some fantastic pieces from local artists. Your bracelet shown is stunning and in my favorite color too!

  • Katrina Hooper

    I buy my jewelry where ever I am shopping. I am always looking for great pieces.

  • Roxanne

    Mainly online but also at Kohls

  • Barbara C

    I buy online and in stores for jewelry. Love this

  • I try to buy from small independent sellers from etsy or local shops rather than big dept stores when I can afford to do it. I prefer not having the same thing everyone else has

  • Deena Nissley

    I just bought a necklace, bracelet and earring set at Monroe and Main’s website. It was so colorful, and perfect for summer, but also reasonably priced. I do love to shop locally to support our own artists, which are many, here in Durango, CO. But I love your prize bracelet and will check out Etsy to see more of your designs and look forward to your new website. Wishing you good fortune with your business and your health concern…

  • Linda

    I buy from anywhere as long as the piece speaks to me 🙂

  • Brooke Williamson

    I buy my jewelry from so many different places! I do not technically have a favorite. I just like unique and fashionable jewelry! Plus, I LOVE to support boutiques that make their own as well! 🙂

  • Nancy

    I buy my jewelry at all sorts of places; from estate sales to jewelry stores and county fairs to entrepreneurial friends. This particular bracelet is very attractive and would make a nice addition to my eclectic collection 🙂

  • MelodyJ

    I buy from both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

  • I love to buy from funky little boutiques. I find unique items that aren’t just like everyone else’s. Oh, and bracelets are my favorite jewelry items. Love this red one!

  • Patricia Assanowicz

    i found a new shop that just opened and a mom and daughter makes their own unique and beautiful jewelry, i purchased a beautiful necklace for my daughters birthday, “Beads & Things” i love finding one of a kind handmade jewelry, this bracelet from Tierra Dulce Couture is the type of pieces to me are a lost art, crocheted macrame is beautiful, yes i hope to wear this, thank you for the chance

  • liliMarlene

    I purchase jewelery in variety of places. I love to buy from local artisans–NYC area has loads
    of talented people making jewelery, I love to buy something that is one of a kind, and sometimes collaborating with the designer to make something truly unique. Other places I look at etsy (of course). Then there are consignment, thrift, and vintage shops.

  • Cindy Steele

    I buy jewelry from various places. I like Nature’s Jewelry website, JC Penny and sometimes Walmart.

  • I buy my jewellery at garage sales and thrift stores.

  • Glenda Cox

    I love buying “original” jewelry at craft/ art shoes and am always very happy to find something that is more original. I’m constantly being complimented on my jewelry that I wear as it’s usually something very unique or unusual. I would love to wear this bracelet, even more so as red is my absolutely favorite color!! GC

  • smfsprout

    I buy my jewelry where ever I am when something strikes my fancy.

  • I like Novica, which is a site that supports women-owned businesses in Third World Countries, plus I buy from my neighbor who is an artist. I like unique pieces that have a greater meaning.

  • patti lovecky

    Actually, my best friend makes beautiful jewelry, so I have been fortunate to have been gifted with many lovely pieces from her. Otherwise, I buy costume jewelry at random places.

  • Pamela Lloyd

    small boutique because I find such unique pieces that way. Love this braclet

  • Linda Saunders

    Where ever I find something I like. If I see it and like it and can afford it I buy it.

  • wizardewu

    Most of the jewelry that I buy is handmade and sold by the artisans online on either Etsy or Facebook.

  • Judi Kniff

    If I see something I like…….that’s it I buy it!

  • chrisskins

    The Loft and Ann Taylor. Always on sale only.

  • Jennifer Kielty

    I buy my jewelry wherever I find nice pieces, such as Macy’s, Blue Nile, etc.

  • Kim Lencsak

    I love Alex and Ani bracelets…just so inspirational

  • Debbie W.

    I buy jewelry at dept. stores, craft fairs, and boutiques.

  • Naheed

    I buy it if I like it. It could be anywhere!

  • starsmom

    I don’t have a specific place……occasionally on line, but jewelry is usually something I like to actually see before buying.

  • Darnell M. Davis

    I used to buy all of my jewelry at QVC, now it is either Target, Kohls or JCPenny.

  • FRan

    I buy at Craft Shows and online

  • velder dixon

    anywhere i find it i like it

  • deBosq’s Jewelry

  • kate60

    consignment and resale shops-you’d be surprised what you can find.

  • Oh, this is one Ozark Farm Chick who get’s her jewelry here, there and yonder. Much of what I have are gifts from hubby, Farm Boy and others. Others are from cool little stores tucked in these Missouri Mountain Teeny Towns. I love unique….It’s just the way I fly!!!

    Ya’ll have yourselves one fantastically blessed and beautiful day straight from the stormy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa.

    Nezzy http://www.cowpattysurprise.blogspot.com

  • Rose-Ann Clements

    I’m always on the lookout for jewelry I like, so just about anywhere!

  • AJB

    Lately I’ve been buying jewelry at Brighton, Nordstrom and Papyrus.

  • Barbara Calder

    Most of the jewelry I own I received as a gift. The few pieces I purchased, I did so at a craft show/fair.

  • Linda

    I make alot of my own

  • love ross-simmons.com

  • Tanya Boerhave

    On $50 a month Walmart is the place. Ones I’m wearing were $1 on clearance.

  • Nancy Luebke

    Since I wear clip earrings (No pierced) I actually find them at Wal Mart sometimes and a few other retail stores. Fake diamonds have come a long way.

  • Nancy Jachcik

    I usually buy my jewelry from Kohl or Costco

  • At Zales!

  • I like Etsy.

  • etsiketsi@aol.com

    Love it! It would go with soooo many things in my wardrobe…and I absolutely LOVE bracelets!

  • Pat Buckert

    When I purchase jewelry I purchase from Jewelry stores, Silpada, or any place that I find something I like.

  • JEAN

    Sometimes at jewelry stores like charms for my bracelet; other things like ear rings I buy at Kohl’s and Macy’s. Would love to win the bracelet!

  • Carmen Salaberrios

    I buy jewelry that inspires me, it can be from a street vendor all the way to a high end boutique. I just like pieces that are unique and that when I look at them over the years they bring a smile to my face and I will always remember the reason why and where I bought it.

  • Elaine Campbell

    I buy my jewelry at used clothing stores or garage sales, until I’m employed again. I would love to wear this bracelet. I’m sure I’d receive many compliments on it!

  • Susan

    I only buy jewelry that I really love and it doesn’t matter where I find it. My deciding factor is price, of course. Mustn’t overindulge!

  • momzworkin

    I buy much of my casual jewelry online or at Macy’s/Nordstroms. We have a small locally owned jewelry store here in Kansas City where my husband purchases custom made pieces.

  • If I see a piece I like, it doesn’t matter if it’s a retail store(Belks), jewelry store, or a craft show if the price and quality is there, I will purchase it!

  • Shawn

    I shop at several local jewelry stores as well as just anywhere that I happen to see something I really like.

  • Wherever I find it! I Love to buy jewelry when on vacation as a souvenir of sorts – much better than a shot glass!

  • Jean Antoniazzi

    It depends, sometimes it can be a department store or a little clothing boutique or accessories store.

  • I buy my jewelry wherever I find quirky and smart styles!

  • pat swagger

    Our local town jeweler

  • djhnkl@aol.com

    Hope you are in complete remission soon, Marleny! I buy jewelry from many sources…………one of my favorite on line sites is Ross-Simon. They have pieces from low dollar to very high dollar estate jewelry. I have never been disappointed with anything I purchased from them.

  • I like to buy my jewelry from artisans — many of my art friends create jewelry! This bracelet is simply wonderful and best of luck to you both!

  • jaybyrd57

    I buy jewelry wherever, whether a craft show, the arts festival, or stores. It is whatever catches my eye!!

  • Carrie obrien

    I buy jewelry online, in department stores and from local shops— support you local businesses!

  • i love vintage and handcrafted jewelry, so bazaars and flea markets for that. For fine jewelry, I have a local jeweler that I go to. But, I’ve seen fantastic jewelry for sale at farm markets, art shows – and let’s not forget EBAY and other online places!

  • I buy jewelry when something really strikes my interest. It depends on the type of purchase and the possibilities of use. I could be in a jewelry store, online, a dept. store, an art/craft fair, museum, yard sale or anywhere you would least expect. Jewelry is wearable art that is unique to the individual’s taste.

  • Patty

    I buy mostly in stores, but have a few unique pieces I found online.

  • beth


  • Brenda Cremer

    When I see something I like in a magazine I research it and find out where I can purchase it, whether it is online or in stores.

  • eddyrobey

    I love to shop the vintage jewelry listings on ebay

  • Bunny

    I buy my jewelry in clothing boutiques & museum shops

  • cfarrellsc

    Anywhere I find something I like.

  • Debra Simning-Chapman

    When I purchase jewelry, I buy it at retailers like Kohl or Macys.