What Was The Hardest Part About Raising Kids?



“Having 4 daughters, it seemed like there was always some drama with friends or boyfriends and then they would beg me not to get involved. It’s tough for a mom to stay out of her children’s problems.” Beth Hall

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“It was hard to make them listen to, and believe, what I was saying about people whose hearts were not kind, and opportunists that were not their friends. Keeping them away from drugs and alcohol was always one of the hardest parts. Keeping them out of harm’s way was impossible. Not having their dad there to help was very hard. I did it alone. He traveled, but my kids made it just fine. If they run into trouble, they know what to do to get straightened out.” Sarah B Wear

“Letting them make their own decisions and fear of letting them be out of my sight” Diane Sanders


“The empty nest when they leave home and then trying to find your place when they have their own family” Susan O’Dell

“Trying to live up to the task of raising a child who is superior to me in every way. Smarter, more beautiful inside & out, gracious, with a character and level of integrity that is stunning. Creative, level-headed, free & easy going, successful! One of those one in a million ladies with that easy grace. I never felt worthy or adequate! If everyone could only have my problems, LOL! But it really is difficult when your own child is so far out of your league. But even harder than that is not having the power to give her a perfect world.” Mickie Lyn Brown

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“Having to be tough with them when all you wanted to do was love them. Worth it!” Nancy Payette

“Not being able to spend more time with them…because I had to work…and I’m still working…” Marlene Dizer McClendon

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“Missing the details of their development, which I am now lucky enough to observe looking after my great grandchildren” Lynda Hartman

“Letting them drive!” Liz Schaff

“Only had one and my son wasn’t hard at all to raise he was a pleasure and a treasure. Only when he got older is when it was hard.” Theresa Rogers Griffiths

“Never wanting to hurt their feelings. But sometimes it’s cruel to be kind.” Anna Buschi Lattanzio

“I think having enough energy! Working, cooking, cleaning, activities! Didn’t have the conveniences of today! Had to get home or stop and find a pay phone to make calls!” Ann Balaban


“I am 50 and still raising them and working full time. My friends are free but I feel like I can’t keep up with my day anymore…help! This is why people have children in their 20’s. I had the last one at 40 and boy it is tough keeping up with the motherly duties from day to day. I love being a mom but it is challenging when all I want is to sit in a chair reading a book in the sunshine or stop by a coffee shop after work.” Margie Bucci

“Raising 2 daughters during tween and teen years as if I was the worst person that walked the face of the earth while their dad could do no wrong. It really ruins your confidence as a parent. THEN, they hit their 20’s and you are there best friend and they are always calling, requesting advice and asking you to do things with them while they say their dad is ‘boring.’ Lol.” Cathy Talkington Towers


“Every single day is hard once you’re a mother but every day is rewarding! The love in our hearts never changes, whether they are two or thirty two! None of it’s easy, but I would never give up one second since 1979, when I first looked into the beautiful blue eyes of my daughter! I still look into them and still feel that sensation of complete and pure love!” Shirley Worthey

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  1. Agnes BeaderBubbe says:

    It never ever gets easier. Mine are grown, out of the house, with families of their own….and I still worry. . You never stop being a mom….but it is all worth it. Love everyone of them and how fine they all turned out…


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