Cheating: Confrontation, Resignation or Celebration!

When we asked what you’d do if you found out your partner was cheating, 129 comments poured onto our Facebook page. We suggest printing out this list of responses and leaving it on his pillow, just in case he has even the slightest notion of straying. 



“Drive him over to her place with all his belongings and happily wave goodbye…her problem now…no one cheats just once!”
Kar Slade
“Walk away and not look back – best decision I ever made ☺️.
Judy warren
“Stuffed all his dirty clothes in a trash bag and dumped them on her porch with a note that said, ‘If you can f**k him, you can do his laundry.’
Dian Holland
“Sell the house and give him half so I never had to bother with him again, then wait for his lovely pension he worked hard for 💪🏼.
Linda Done
“It would be over. No screaming, no crying, no hysterics. In fact, if I found it out, I wouldn’t even let him know until I’ve interviewed every good divorce attorney in the area and hired a good accountant to account for every dollar of assets.”
Elayne Robertson Demby
“It depends on the situation and the individuals involved – sometimes it’s better to stay, and other times better to leave – just don’t make a snap decision in the heat of the moment – give it time to come to the right decision!”
Renate Patterson
“Kick Him To The Curb!! Never Give A Cheater A Second Chance!!”
Carol Sydor
“Cry, a lot. The pain and hurt would be incredible. But what else can one do? I don’t believe in violence. So, I guess I would wish her well and let her go. People say they would do all these violent things but what good would that do?
Cary N Sue Faccone
“I always said that if I got cheated on I would leave, and I mean what I say because it happened to me and I left. He now regrets it, but it was nine years ago and I’m single and loving it.”
Kimmie Audley
“Ask him ‘why?’ Did he have the need to do such a thing. And take it from there. Start the conversation.
Regina Sanchez
“Divorce the POS and destroy him financially if you can. Make sure you take all the documents and all financial statements before dumping him.
Kris Julin
“Hallelujah! My green light to start dating other men!
Jessica Gedrocz
“Put all of his stuff in his car and set it on fire Angela Bassett style in Waiting to Exhale.
Tonya McAlpin
“Have him committed because I’d know he’s lost his mind lol.
Deborah Oglesby
“Throw a divorce party, and dance every weekend.”
Debra Haywood
“I’d wonder where he got the energy and time.”
Karla K Eldridge
“In my case I’d cheer as someone else would have the problem.”
Lynda Smith Smith

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