Top 10 H*O*T Shopping Hacks

When it comes to shopping, she’s “the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time),” unabashedly says my fabulously stylish FOFriend, Terry Gibralter, whose online vintage shop sells many of her own possessions.

new terry“We’ve never met a shopping challenge we didn’t slay!” she says. Consider Terry’s 10 rules for buying behavior and you could become savvy in the stores, too.

This is the most important step before doing any kind of shopping, ever. You’ll be able to see what you own and know what you need. Separate your clothes by type of garment, and maybe even by color. Use hangers designed especially for shirts, skirts, and pants because they will make everything easier to hang, as well as help you keep your wardrobe in tip-top shape. Shelves make excellent handbag organizers, and sturdy, sizeable shoe racks will save you lots of time when it comes to finding the perfect  pair for your outfit. Once you have a closet that works, you’ll never go back to closet clutter again.

Often we wander into stores without a real plan in mind, which contributes to grabbing those horrendous mistakes that wind up in the back of the closet, forever! Starting with a list will make things infinitely easier, keeping you focused on the items you actually need. It also will help save you time and keep you from making impulse purchases. (We can’t guarantee this, however!)

To accomplish real shopping goals, tackle them alone, so you’ll be able to concentrate on hunting down precisely what you want. Without friends to distract you, you’ll also save oodles of time. Make sure you allow enough time to see everything and not feel rushed and pressured. Treat this like the serious mission it is!

Dress nicely and do your hair and make-up. Who needs that “ugh, I look awful” feeling? Not looking (therefore not feeling) your best can influence your reaction to what you’re trying on. Plus, you might get more help from the sales staff (just sayin’). And make sure to wear something easy to take off and put on; that goes for shoes too. Lastly, try and find a dressing room with good lighting and a three-way mirror.

Make sure you have the time to try on clothes when you’re shopping. Sizes differ, depending on fabric, designer, and store, so you might be a 10 in Shop A and a 12 in Shop B. That way, you’ll also save yourself the hassle of returning or exchanging items. That said, sometimes it pays to try on your purchases in the comfort of your own home, rather than in a store.  You can see how the new pieces work with those you already own, and  move about for comfort and fit. As long as you keep the tags on, returning them won’t be an issue.

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  1. Bessheit says:

    All good points. I am a big fan of buying more than one of something you adore but as a jewelry designer I have to disagree with the last point of making a hanging “collage” of your jewelry so you can see it. Hanging necklaces is the worst thing you can do, especially if they are strung on silk or cord. Most necklaces have to be restrung in a year or two anyhow, but hanging them will shorten that period, stretch them out, and expose them to dust. Ideally jewelry should be stored flat. I recommend storing your jewelry in thin flat pull out drawers (kind of like architect’s trays) or even in clear plastic or cotton bags so you can see the designs but they can still breathe. Also If you know that you will always wear the same earrings or bracelet with that necklace, you can pair them for convenience. Just saying…


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