Your Many States Of Matrimony

Some of us have been lucky in love (very lucky); others, not so much. But whether we’ve been there, done that, or swear by the state of matrimony, we’re a resilient bunch of women!

Came within three days of marrying my high school sweetheart in 1988, but we were very young and I broke it off for very valid reasons. I married someone else five years later. That lasted 17 years. I’ve been divorced since 2011 and recently have reconnected with my high school sweetheart. I am very hopeful that the past will be set right. He is my soulmate.”

Tere Tomlinson

Only once for 30 beautiful years…..he’s been gone for a year and a half, there will never ever be anyone else I could love as much, he was my best friend, my everything, we were inseparable, so it’s hard to move forward, I waited and waited to find the right one cause when I said I do that meant forever till death do us part.”

Lynne Piper

Twice. The first one I was way too young, just 19,  and the marriage lasted 22 years.  My 2nd, who I thought was my soulmate,  ended up having multiple affairs while being married for 10 years. I finally left that toxic relationship this past Jan and never ever doing the marriage thing EVER again.”

Donna Benoit

One time. It’s been 33 years, good and bad, and now amazing. 4 great kids, one grandchild that’s 4 months old. Glad I stuck it out and I’m glad he did, too.”

Diane Echevarria Thompson


3. The first time for 20 years, then divorced because of his drinking. Second time for 3 years. Big mistake. He couldn’t leave his mom and dad.  They always came first.  Single for 20 years then remarried for the third time. That lasted just one year. Now on my own again. I never married the love of my life. We were best of friends for 47 years when he passed away and I think of him every day.”

Kathy Sarlo McCausland

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