Your Many States Of Matrimony

“I haven’t been married. I’m 52, but in May of 2017 I will be marrying for the first and only time! Wonderful loving man!”

Mitzi Osborne

Three times! First two were abusive, my third is a charm! Live and learn.”

Barbara Yamasato


“NEVER.  Close a few times, but didn’t go through with it.”

Maggie Rodriguez

One, going on 29 years like it should be. Till death do us part.”

Gracie Hugo Guerrero


“3. First two passed away. Now have a wonderful, compassionate husband. All three were very loving and very special!”

Dorris Reynolds Smith Potter

4 (don’t judge!) but have saved the best til last.“

Sue Walker

Twice. First only lasted 7 years. I was 20. Best thing that ever happened. I was blessed with a beautiful daughter and she grew to be an amazing young woman. I met the love of my life just months after my first husband filed the paperwork. Been married to him for 13 amazing years and a lifetime to be together. We have twin boys age 10. Im truly happy and fortunate to have this amazing man and father in my life. If anything ever happens to him, I won’t remarry.”

Christina Jepsen

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