“I Was So Excited I Couldn’t Sleep!”

It’s fun to get excited, even if our anticipation robs us of our zzzs. What’s the last thing that had you so exhilarated you couldn’t get to sleep? Kimberly’s answer keeps making us laugh!

“Moving into my own new house.”
Eva Torres

“My grandson’s first prom!”
Jerry Clements

“My dog having puppies.”
Tracey Payne  

“Having a boyfriend at 61!”
Teresa Larkin-Jones

“Getting braces at 56.”
Allison Patrick Brennan

“Waiting to pick my daughter up at the airport. Then waiting to take her back to the airport. Lol.”
Kimberly Hamm

“My oldest son’s wedding.”
Debbie Templeton

“Going to Texas to see my son graduate from LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE.”
Paula Demihosa Roberts

“The time I went on a cruise.”
Deborah Jones

“Our vacation to Cozumel, Mexico.”
Mary Browning

“My son David setting up his new business.”
Lorna Jarvis

“The grandkids are coming.”
Kim Harrison

“Second honeymoon in Hawaii/night before departure.”
Marina Thayer

“Netflix! Netflix keeps me up a lot.”
Jessica Gedrocz

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