An Innovative New Way For Us To Keep In Touch With Our Parents

Are you finding it difficult to stay in touch with your parents and other loved ones who aren’t tech-savvy? FabOverFifty has partnered with ViewClix to show you how you can!

Teaching your mom and dad to text-message may not be a cinch, but teaching them to video chat may be nearly impossible. The ViewClix Smart Frame, an innovative new device, solves the problem by providing a hassle-free way for your digitally-challenged parents to video chat and instantly receive photos from family and friends, anywhere.

The ViewClix Smart Frame’s large 15.6 inch HD screen displays photos in a slideshow until the Smart Frame receives a video call, and then it automatically connects you so you’re face-to-face with mom and dad. ViewClix also includes FREE access to UNLIMITED photo storage in the ViewClix Cloud.

Simple to set up and simple to operate.

Plug in the frame and then connect to Wi-Fi, and ViewClix is ready to receive video calls and photos.  No Wi-Fi? No problem! An optional mobile data connection is available for locations that don’t have Wi-Fi access.

Video Chat and share photos instantly using the FREE ViewClix App for Apple and Android devices. Simply add a person’s email to each frame’s secure Share List and they’ll be able to send photos and video chat. The more the better! Want to use a laptop or computer? Easy, ViewClix works across multiple devices, and allows for as many users as you’d like.

The ViewClix Smart Frame is $299 and would make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, which is right around the corner. Receive an exclusive $50 off coupon, thanks to the partnership between ViewClix and FabOverFifty.

Learn more about this revolutionary device and start sharing your memories with loved ones today!

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