{Inspiration} Scholarly Love

A little bookish, a little vintage, and completely FOF.

Images via Hats Off The Movie and Juniper Books

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  1. Marnie Rasche says:

    I love the little bottles at hotels….and have been known to take a spoon from Olive Garden…I just loved the shape of it.

  2. Katherine from Fab Over Fifty says:

    Yes, this is one inspiring FOF! Thanks for reading, ladies…

    • Yaren says:

      My sewing ciotnsss of bags for my daughter and both her daughters fall dresses for the girls; blankets for theirChristmas and now I can finally make pj’s also; love the pattern and can’t wait to get my hands on the City Weekend fabric. Printed off the City Weekend Blanket pattern (but that’ll be an after Christmas project; perhaps Valentine’s). And yes, I’ll be burning the midnight oil .

  3. MCatherine says:

    Mimi! You may be my new heroine!

  4. Sharon21 says:

    AWESOME photograph of a classy lady!


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