Introducing “Frocks of Gibralter”

FOF Terry Gibralter has flawless style, as far as I’m concerned. She turns heads—men’s and women’s, alike—wherever she goes. She could be wearing something as simple as a white shirt and beat-up old jeans, and she’ll look spectacular. So we’ve invited Terry to write a FOFashion advice column, once or twice a month, in which she’ll share some of her tried-and-true tips.

This first column is about one of our favorite subjects—JEWELRY—in which Terry tells us how to wear it best during the holidays,
and throughout the year.

Some of Terry’s tips will link to specific items in H*O*T, her new online shop of new and vintage apparel and accessories. Terry likes to share more than advice. She’s even opened her closet to sell the shirts off her back (literally), because she’s bought and been gifted more than she could possibly wear. Her prices are marvelously modest!

Please join us in supporting FOF entrepreneurs, whenever you can. We’re the greatest generation of women in history, and we’re doing great things every single day.

Costume Jewelry Rules!

This season, why not go for all-out chic by accessorizing your holiday outfits with interesting and on-trend jewelry? After all, this is the time to shine, and nothing shines brighter than glam jewels, like statement necklaces, dangly earrings or eye-catching, drop-dead-gorgeous rings. The selection of new and vintage pieces is endless, and, chances are you’ll find one that “talks to you” at a phenomenally reasonable price. As a matter of fact, you’ll likely end up buying more than one sparkler.

Thankfully, the days when costume jewelry played second fiddle to real jewels are long behind us. Today, costume jewelry rules!

Before you show off your acquisitions, remember these do’s & dont’s:

(Click on the images to see the jewelry in Terry’s shop!)

And here are some tried-and-true suggestions on which jewelry works with which fashions:

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  1. AvonDeva says:

    Hi there,
    I totally disagree. Why would catalogs, stores, crafters etc put things together in sets? Because many like me need to have it put together for me, so less stress and time invested. I feel “put together” when all pieces are matching.
    AND if you say its so 50’s, then I am so 50’s and that is RETRO and that is SO IN!!

  2. Virginia says:

    Great advice!

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Virginia,

      So glad you liked the advice. We thought it was great, too! Appreciate your comment.



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