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  1. jen says:

    A tough subject no doubt. I know loads of married people who live in separate bedrooms just comfortable not giving up their stuff etc…Be sure if they’re not sleeping with you that they will be with someone else out of normal natural needs most folks have. You can’t assume your partner is a unic just because you lost interest in sex. Marriage is a private and personal situtation no right or wrong to be judged by other people. My parents were married for 62yrs thru any storm they weathered and stayed together by realizing people make mistakes (or have unforfilled desires) and deserve to be forgiven for being human. People put far too much emphasis on sex as a factor of whether they should stay together or not? I think each of us must make our decision on what their life would be like if they leave a lifelong friend, divide assets and disrupt family over a differnce in their sexual needs. People need to grow up and be realistic about the real truths and stop pointing fingers or placing blame. Be accountable for your own shortcomings first. Do you still love yourself? If not don’t expect someone else to fill that need for you, heal you or cure you. they are only capable of doing that for themself. It can’t be called “cheating” if the other person isn’t even in the game. Just my opinion…

  2. Bella says:

    These aren’t reasons, these are rationalizations and excuses for breaking vows you made to another person. You made promises, you didn’t say I promise unless it isn’t easy to keep those promises anymore. Anything, ANYTHING, worth having is WORK! Sometimes hard work, but its so worth it in the long run.
    I know it was tongue in cheek, but I didn’t care for this post at all.

  3. Fran says:

    I’m very concerned that people really think the reasons listed is cause for infidelity. The movies and television show this as a norm and I’m disgusted with it all. My daughter is going through a divorce now for her husband of 20 years for cheating. This has caused her physical and emotional pain that she is trying to recover from. Thankfully she moved back with me and together we are healing. Just try to think of how many people “cheating” affects. Moral character is something to be proud of. CHEATING IS NEVER OKAY.

  4. NancyM says:

    Cheating is NEVER ok. Remember your vows married women. How would you feel if there was a website for men over 50 citing all the ways it is OK for HIM to cheat. Talk to you husband, YOU think of ideas to spice up your marriage, try marriage counseling. Marriage is worth the work.

  5. LindaE says:

    Egads! I really thought the tag line was going to be ‘running to the freezer, the ice cream scoop in hand!’ Now that’s my cheating! Unfortunately!

    • Berti says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Linda! I thought that this article was going to be about Botox and expensive cosmetic procedures or dieting! Instead, I found this, an article, which in my opinion, is inappropriate for and cheapens this site. I expect that topics like this are plentiful enough in other outlets, such as Cosmo, People, and popular magazines like that.

      And, please, don’t come after me with pitchforks – it’s just that I had always viewed this site as one that dealt with serious topics, in depth, and not with one or two line glib answers.

  6. Victoria says:

    If it is not an “open” relationship than cheating
    Hurts all involved, fidelity is an issue of trust.
    And once trust is lost many other aspect of a relationship
    are as well. One must remember it is a two
    way street. I personally would love if my spouse
    gave me sports tickets! And we both cuddle up with good books!

  7. Sophia says:

    It’s hard to leave a man who you found out has been cheating on you, after a 30 year marriage. Especially when you have no relatives, are almost 60 years old, and do not have enough money to start a new life. I’m too tired, and old to cheat, but I would sure like to feel wanted again.

  8. yummyfaerie says:

    Not to sound all self righteous, but it is never time to start cheating, just because he is a useless jerk doesn’t mean you have to stoop to a despicable level and compromise your good character. Either leave him first and if that is not possible then be strong and take the appropriate actions to make it possible.

  9. Victoria Salti says:

    His conduct does not dictate your character, you do.

  10. Mick says:

    How about it’s never time to start cheating? Get the divorce and do what you want, but don’t sneak around behind someone else’s back. It’s dishonest – put on your big girl panties and do what has to be done.

  11. Laura Borud says:

    Very well said Ria Halcomb. If you need to lie in a relationship your problems go much deeper than this posting which is intended to be funny (all you folks you are going to get your dander up) posits. We can all agree it is never okay to cheat, it just causes pain to everyone involved.

  12. Jan says:

    Never OK to cheat. Was this supposed to be funny because I am failing to find the humour. If someone is that unhappy they need to have a discussion, seek counseling or just file for divorce. Male or female-cheaters are either cowards or just plain lazy.

  13. donnarp1 says:

    I believe that you can look at the comments about cheating and turn it into a positive action. Despite our spouses oblivious actions we can still take care of ourselves by taking care of our bodies and our minds by doing things that make us feel good. For example , joining a gym,having a girls night out, reading a good book and starting a new hobby. Our positive attitude will rub off on our spouse and maybe it will lead to a conversation on improving our relationship.

  14. Francy Cat says:

    There is never a good time to cheat and there is nothing funny about cheating . . . ever.

  15. Margaret says:

    Perhaps my sense of humor got lost along the way; I found this to be sad. When these events happen in a marriage or relationship, they are a sign of trouble and it’s time to seek the services of a couple’s counselor.

  16. LuAnn says:

    Perhaps I need more of a sense of humor, but I don’t find this amusing.

  17. Nancy says:

    Eeeks! I hesitate to comment, not knowing if this post is mostly ‘tongue in cheek’…but here goes…IMHO, it is never ok to cheat. If these things (or others) are deal-breakers for you, then have the courage to address them, and if they remain deal-breakers, have the courage to say good-bye.

    • Donna says:

      Totally agree, Nancy!


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