What Makes You Feel Cozy On A Bitter Winter Day

No question that summer invites us to go outdoors, take it a little easier, play a lot harder. But when the bone-chilling winds of winter push us inside, we can’t wait to get all comfy and cozy, just like these ladies! Gloria has other ideas, however!

A glass of merlot, chocolates and the latest murder mystery novel, or Godiva hot chocolate, cheesy popcorn and an old black and white movie…with my cat, Boo…wearing cozy sweatpants.”
Wanda Ann Brotsky

2 tickets to Puerto Vallarta!”
Gloria Martony

“Homemade soup and cheese toast. And a comfy blanket on the couch, in front of an old movie.”
Amanda Ellison Anglin

Heated blanket and heated mattress pad. The perfect pair for a cold Alberta winter night. Oh, and a cute fella with a beard helps.”
Annette Benoit

A crockpot meal, a good movie and company.”
Patty Curto Netto

A warm tea…and sitting peacefully writing poetry…bliss…”
Kellie Suzanne

My daughters all cozy on the couch watching a Disney movie”
Teresa Neill

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  1. Cathy McIvor says:

    Beata Porzecka, Nice view!


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