Learn A New Language In A Fun New Way

Unlike typical kids’ books composed in Spanish, by Spanish authors, Carmen’s books are logically written “from the perspective of learning the language since I’m a teacher,” she explains.

“I know the right words and verb conjugations that need to be included in the stories. We wanted the books to have useful Spanish words and expressions that the Spanish students will listen to and use in many situations. ”Many books are accompanied by audio so the student can listen to the stories, as well as to the sounds and emotions in them. What’s more, practice grammar questions and answers are featured at the end of the books. “The difference between using My Language Town books and not using them is like day and night,” Carmen says, confidently.


Partnering with EMC Publishing, Carmen also offers five albums of original music, with over 60 songs, designed to create an engaging, interactive way to learn Spanish. “The catchy songs teach and reinforce a child’s Spanish quickly and efficiently,” she says. “You or your grandchildren can read the lyrics, sing and dance along.” Carmen uses some of the songs when she’s starting to work with kids who have no prior language experience, and “they’re already reading chapter books by October,” she adds. “When I meet some of my former students, they’ll sing the songs back to me, and recall full conversations from one of the books. It always give me goosebumps. The students get a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. How can you compare this with filling in the blanks?”

“Many teachers are excited about using the books and songs in their classes, and families are starting to give some of My Language Town books and music albums as presents. New titles are being added in the coming months,” Carmen reports. She also is launching a program to teach Spanish to small groups of adults and kids in New York. “We are offering intensive classes during the weekends and holidays. You can come and brush up your Spanish with your kid or grandson, for example, or before you go on a trip to Latin America or Spain,” she explains. “We are happy to see how many people are committed to learn another language, whatever their age.”

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