The Best And The Worst Of 18 Cities

Most of us have love hate relationships with the cities and towns where we live. Here, 18 FOFs tell us the best–and worst–attributes of the places they call “home.” We loved hearing from women from Bolsover in the UK to Ship Bottom in New Jersey.

Sacramento, California

Stacey M.

Best: Proximity to really awesome places like San Francisco and Lake Tahoe

Worst: Crime, population growth, traffic, air quality and summer heat

Ship Bottom, New Jersey

Elaine S.

Walk to ocean, amazing sunsets and sunrises

Summer traffic, that is about it!

Chicago, Illinois

Linda R.

The food, great ethnic diversity!!  

Lol!! The list is very long, I’m sure most have heard the news, I will make it short: crime, politicians, taxes (highest in the country, for all 3, and taxes getting higher as I type this)

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  1. paisleygirl says:

    I hope that isn’t a picture of the women’s march in Sacramento. If it is it would definitely be sad because these women are marching and fighting for our rights just like women have done before us.


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