Make The Great Outdoors Even Greater

I can’t wait till my first real backyard is renovated next month, and I can enjoy the great outdoors.

I have no idea what furniture to buy (some of it is a small fortune), but I’ve done my research, and selected the smaller items that should make outdoor entertaining easy, fun, and comfortable.

The grill set would make a great Father’s Day gift, too!

Everything is available at We’ve linked each item if you want to learn more about it.

Melamine dinnerware that looks every bit as beautiful as the real thing, but won’t chip, scratch or break. Dinner and salad plates, plus bowls, in happy mix-and-match  colors. Stop using crummy paper plates, and start serving in real style. 
No matter how fancy you are, it’s best to keep real glassware inside. Serve everything from iced tea to beer in these sensational looking, 16-ounce acrylic tumblers. They have great clarity, and  just enough color to give beverages a cool reception.
Disposable flatware may be fine for a kid’s birthday party, but bring out the ‘good stuff’ when you entertain outdoors. Besides, you’ll have this sturdy, and reasonably priced, stainless steel set for years. Colorful plastic handles bring life to your summer soirees.

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