21 FOFs Reveal Their Partners’ Most Memorable Gifts

Candace was hoping for a diamond for her 30th anniversary, but got something else instead. Read on to see her most memorable gift from her partner, and gifts 20 other FOFs will never forget.

“My husband gave me a journal when he came home from Iraq. He’s not a touchy/feely kind of man, but he expressed his feelings for our family in the journal. It gave me a little insight into his experience over there. He always kept things positive when we would communicate during his tour, because he didn’t want to upset me.”
Brenda Billings Frazier

He was the first man to buy me flowers. One dozen beautiful long stem roses”
Kathy Andolina

Besides him ❤, A little folded up sticky note that said ‘one week tropical destination of your choice’.”
Sandra Beally

The precious gift of being my caretaker. I have a terminal disease and his actions towards me speak a lot louder than any words ever could. I would not trade that for anything else in the world.”
Aurora Torres

On our first anniversary ( which is paper) he photocopied all the pictures of us, cut words out of magazines..like wife, beautiful, and sex,  and then framed it…22 years later it’s still hanging on our bedroom wall.”
Deanna Brown

On our wedding day…my wedding band.”
Ronnie Verstein Maynard

A Christmas ornament of ballet slippers with the note ‘you will dance in my heart for all time.’”
Mary Jo Alexander

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