The Most Memorable Thing Your ‘Child’ Has Done For You

Many parents jest that they only hear from their children when they want something. That may be true, but some of our offspring really spring into action to show us their love when it’s least expected. Take these kids, for example!

My son Matthew sent me roses for Valentine’s Day while he was overseas serving our country. I’ll never forget how awesome that was!”
Kelli Wight

“My daughter saved my life with minutes to spare when she MADE a hospital doctor examine me when no one else could see how poorly I was. Then she and my son–aged 23 and 17–spent months visiting me in hospital and further months getting me well again at home. I am so proud of them.”
Jayne Sims

“For Mother’s Day one year my grown son bought kites and took me to the park to fly them. It was the most heartwarming gift and took us back to when I would take him the the park as a little boy to fly kites. It was a complete surprise and the best gift I’ve ever received!”
April L. Brown-Brandt  

“My son helped through the darkest time in my life when my other son passed away. Just his presence and his smile helped me keep going. I don’t know what I would have done without him. Just thinking about him brightens my day. He is the best!”
Donna DuPont

Gave me beautiful grandchildren!”
Judy Hackney Bush

“There have been so many but one of the 1st was getting off the bus at the end of our driveway when he was 5 years old. Everyday he would stop and pick me pretty flowers from the side; then run down the driveway with his precious gift like he hadn’t seen me in forever. God gave him to us as our special gift. Conor, don’t ever stop being YOU. We love you.”
Kim Babin

“Hugs when I need them.”
Stacey Sanders Wascom

“Just always being there for me, checking on me, telling me they love me every day and being so caring during bad times.So blessed.”
LaJune McDonald

Came home from vacation and had new stairs for my front door, which we needed desperately!!”
Debbee Taylor Melzow

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