Memories of My Mother

When we asked you to tell us your favorite memory of your mother, we thought we’d get wonderful responses, but we never dreamed they’d be so detailed and bring tears to our eyes.

No wonder FOF women are so incredible. Look who raised us!

I have many. However, the one that amazed me the most was the fact that mami never went to school. Her parents died when she was a little girl. She roamed from relative to relative, doing housework and cooking. When she grew older she worked for people who were rich. She took advantage of the opportunities to learn from them. Mami spoke intelligently, had the manners of an upper class person and she learned many other things. Her mind was like a sponge. She also had a lot of style, she dressed to a T. I was very proud of her and I admired her very much.”
Judy Hill   

“At night in the winter time. We lived in Ohio. It got cold. We were very poor. Mom would get up at night in the cold dark and put our winter coats on top of us to help keep us warm. I will never forget that. We stayed warm all night-love you mom.”
Betty Jean Fancher

“When my mom and I cooked dinner together every night! I was the oldest girl out of 6 kids. And we always had dinner on the table at 6:00 pm, just like my Dad wanted!”   
Carol Denering Unger

“The touch of her hands”
Jane E Evans

I also have so many memories of my mom, but I knew we had a special connection when she stood up to my father for me. It was 1975 and I was 22, single and pregnant. I lost my job. I lost my apartment. I had no money and nowhere to go. My father said if I don’t have an abortion he was disowning me. But my champion..stood up to him and said..”If you don’t let her come home, she and I will get an apartment together. I went home the same day. So because of my mom..I have a beautiful 41-year-old daughter that I love with all my heart. Thanks mom…you are amazing!”
Diane Illingworth

“Omg, too many! But ones that stand out in particular are all the times my mom got ‘dragged’ to the many Bay City Rollers concerts in Boston. She would chaperone me and about 8 other teens. She was such an awesome lady and I miss her so much.”
Paula Demihosa Roberts

“I went through a rough period in grade school. There was a girl that wanted to beat me up and I was scared. Everyday for a couple of weeks I would go to the nurse’s office saying I felt sick. The nurse finally told my mom something must be bothering me. My mom came and got me every day. Being the youngest of four I loved the attention. We baked cookies and did fun things together. Then it came time for me to pull it together and stop coming home. To help me my mom had the fairies come visit. In the morning I found a tiny envelope with a tiny note from them. And a special tiny fairy candy that would give me courage. Hahahaha it worked. I stopped going home and faced the situation. Seriously I could face anything with the fairies on my side! She understood I just needed some time and extra attention. My mom always brought magic to our home!”
Ellen Cowie

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  1. Cathy McIvor says:

    When I think of my mother, I remember how strong she was, both physically and mentally. She raised an autistic daughter, my sister, in an era that did not have nearly as many resources as mothers do now. I remember how my mother struggled with my sister as they both got older. Now that our mother is gone, I am now my sister’s guardian.

    • GeriFOF says:

      Hi Cathy,
      Your sister is fortunate to have you.
      Fondly, Geri

      • Cathy McIvor says:

        Thank you, Geri. I love her very much…


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