What You’d Do With $2 Million to Impact the Most People

It’s heartwarming to learn what worthwhile and wide-ranging things you’d do if you had a large amount of money.
“Probably I would fund a food donation center for the needy, and set up a trust fund for the same to continue when I’m gone.”
Lu Kennedy McLain
“Funding education to learn a trade. That would trickle down for generations.”
Laurie Sylvest Nicholas
I am a HUGE animal lover, so I would definitely do something for homeless animals!! ❤️🐾🐾❤️
Paula Bernhardt
“Pay college tuition for those interested in becoming teachers. Think of not only their lives being positively impacted, but of the lives of their students for years and years to come. And they’d finish college with no student loan debt to hamstring them as they start their careers.”
Sarah Noël
“Something to try and heal our mother earth. She is dying right around us!”
Lynn Kammerer
“Supply clean water for all. Aqueducts, wells, irrigation, pumps, purification, whatever it takes.”
Kathi Mulvehill Surgenor
“Free babysitting/daycare service for moms/dads to work without worry.”
Doreen Pack
“Housing for homeless veterans.”
Lourie Strickland
“I would fund real life Type 1 diabetes education to newly diagnosed families.
Mary Jean Newton Pendarvis
“Create tiny house villages in areas where they’re needed.”
JoAnn Kyzer Doty

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I would promote healthy neighborhood gardening in all areas and all communities and these would help the people in the areas.And the wealthy community gardens would help resource the shelters locally.


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