Top 6 Fall Trends by Ming Wang

Stylish women have been counting on the versatility and functionality of Ming Wang knit pieces for almost three decades, so FOF wanted to learn what gives the brand such staying power. Monica Escamilla, a Ming Wang product specialist, explains:

What is the Ming Wang design philosophy?

When you buy two of Ming Wang’s separates, it’s really like buying four or even six, because every single piece can work with most anything hanging in your closet to create a range of looks. We pair seasonal color trends with our timeless statement pieces, so even when a color is no longer at the height of fashion, you will be.

Can you give us an example of the brand’s versatility?

Jackets create great points of interest and can transform your wardrobe, whether they’re dressed up or down. They add extra flair that other tops and bottoms can’t. Pair them with dressy black pants or denim. They also can easily make the transition from day to night.

What is the fabric?

Ming Wang pieces are crafted with a specialized yarn, which is a mixture of polyester, acrylic and rayon, so that everything is wrinkle-free, machine washable, fade-resistant, and travel friendly. The fit is super comfortable. We own our manufacturing facility in China so we have great quality control over production.

What is the price range, what sizes are available and where is the collection sold?

Pants are around $170 and jackets are in the $200 range. Considering the amount you’ll save on dry cleaning bills over the course of a garment’s life, the prices are pretty good. Besides specialty stores around the country, the line is sold in Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Von Maur—the latter two carry plus sizes and petites, respectively.

We notice you feature three-quarter length sleeves?

We have a mixture of sleeve lengths, but the three-quarter length sleeves allow you to show off your accessories and jewelry.

Monica’s Top 6 Fall Trends

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Black And White and Gray All Over   “Gray is like a different neutral, from a light pale gray to a dark charcoal. Everyone can wear it, from those who are afraid of color to those who want to add a pop of color, like a red bag and shoes. It’s easy and gives you a sleek look.”

Mix It Up   “You can mix a satiny blouse or denim pants with a knit jacket. Makes your look more interesting. And don’t be afraid to mix nubby and flat textures.”

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Crown Jewels   “Look for Chianti wine color and sapphire blue jewel tones. These two colors complement each other well and can be mixed in the same outfit, especially with accessories. Dark colors usually dominate in the fall but these colors are introducing a new richness for this time of year.”

The Animal in You   “Animal prints always return but now they’re popular in fun, bright colors and with tiny details. These aren’t as dramatic as animal prints in black and white.”

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Everyone Loves Faux Fur   “Look for trim on capes, vests and jackets. You’ll see more fur, in general. It adds a little oomph without having to add color.”

Suit Yourself   “Modernized suits are returning, but with jackets and skirts instead of jackets and pants. They translate well from day to night and are great for the holidays. You can break up the pieces and don’t need to wear them together.”

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