Keep Those Cool Compliments Coming!

Would you rather be complimented for the way you look or something you’ve accomplished? Hmm, hard question. Here are some compliments you’ve recently received.

“I was around the corner at a social gathering and overheard some person say, ‘GiGi, she’s such a nice and funny lady.’”
GiGi Hall Rivera

“That I’m a teacher like Mary Poppins.”
Laura Cartwright

“Had a strange man in a restaurant come up to my table. He said to me, ‘you must have had a beautiful mother.’ I was taken aback. I thought that was such a nice thing to say.”
Nancy Austin

“My 29- year old gorgeous daughter told me she really hopes that when she reaches my age she is as beautiful as i am. Not only was I stunned, but got really teary.”
Mokihana Jourdan

“That I don’t look 60. My son is 27, and they thought he and I were a couple. Good compliment for me, not so good for him!”
Debbi Moreno-Walker

“‘Older women are the best’ – from my cute Fresh Market checkout cutie!”
Lita Murphy

“When the girl in the drive thru window told me my makeup was so pretty and asked me the name of it. I wasn’t wearing any. And I am 66. Now that’s a compliment.”
Ellen Baumgartner

“Your arms look like you could pull the arms off an orangutan.”
Mary A. Callahan

“That my special needs students are making progress.”
Sherrie Miles Smith

“I don’t get compliments any longer. I am a decent cook and will get complimented on my dishes. Hey, I’ll take it! Stay fabulous.”
Laureen Cobuccio

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