{Movies} Lessons learned about FOF men from the new movie, About Fifty.

In the upcoming comedy, “About Fifty,” Adam (played by Martin Grey Gottlieb) turns fifty and finds himself with a broken marriage and a dead-end career. To cheer him up, his best FOFriend, Jon, suggests they take a weekend trip to Palm Springs to re-live their younger days. At a steakhouse the first evening of their trip, Jon and Adam meet two FOFs. Despite setting out to meet younger ladies, they end up having a great time. When Jon and Adam cut the night short, Peggy, one of the FOFs, becomes furious. “They just stopped in for the steak; now they’re going to go out and see if they can get some real meat,” she says. “You don’t think I know what’s what? Believe me, your day is coming…”

Peggy is right, Jon and Adam’s day is more than just “coming”… it has arrived. Both men experience midlife crises on the trip. What ensues is a hilarious “coming of age story about coming of age,” and also an interesting look into the feelings and fears FOF men. Here are the top lessons we learned about FOF men from “About Fifty.” Take notes and then, go see this laugh-out-loud movie for yourself!




“About Fifty” is now playing in Palm Springs, Calif. and will be playing in select theaters in South Florida in December. It will be released on DVD and VOD on February 14, 2012.

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