Never Mind Skiing. Let’s Go Shopping.

If I ever attempted to ski, at any point in my life, I surely would have broken at least one bone in my body.  But, like Wendy (see her comment below), I might win a medal if this activity became an Olympic sport. And, now that I’ve bought my first grill, I might have a chance at winning for barbecuing if I practice enough. What ‘sport’ would get you a medal?”      



Sarah Bias
Dan Perkins
Kathy Ortiz
Listening to music!
Gaye Brady
“Binge watching TV.
Andrea Miller
“Decorating our home year round…gold.”
Diane Marold
“Reading and drinking coffee while listening to classical music.”
Jacquie Edwards
Sandi Taylor
Patti Bowman
“Facebook consternation.”
Betsy Reville
“Eating chocolate.”
Andrea Teresa
Michelle York
“Getting my family together.”
Dora Villarreal de Reyes
Wendy K Hahn
“Couch sitting.”
Gail Schaefer Manndel

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