A Cutting-Edge Way To Keep Night Sweats At Bay

“Every night I wake up in a pool of perspiration,” Melanie said about the awful night sweats that are plaguing her during her menopause, which began over a year ago. “I could turn the air conditioner on full force when it’s 20 degrees out, and I still start sweating.”

Melanie has tried ice packs, PJs made with fabric designed to wick away her perspiration, and dietary supplements. She’s so desperate to relieve her utter discomfort, she’s game to try anything that sounds promising. But nothing’s worked!

“I wish I could take the air conditioner into bed with me,” Melanie jokes. Alas, that’s not such a far-fetched idea after all. Melanie now can lie under a luxurious cotton comforter that will surround her body with softly flowing cooling air and keep her dry and calm all through the night. The BedJet AirComforter is an accessory to the BedJet Climate Comfort System, a powerful cooling, heating and night sweat drying invention made just for beds. The patented BedJet uses a quiet and gentle stream of air to cool or warm any existing bed between bedding layers incredibly fast via remote control.

The BedJet air hose fits into an opening on the AirComforter, sending air inside specially constructed ‘chambers’ sewn into the AirComforter and then down onto your body. When the BedJet is on, the AirComforter looks just like a puffy down comforter, but the ‘filling’ actually is just gentle flowing BedJet air, lusciously cradling your body and turning your ordinary bed into a luxurious, temperature-controlled sleeping environment in seconds. The BedJet eliminates body moisture and sweat from the bed without using any mattress pads, mattress toppers, wires or tubes. Fashioned in a specially engineered weaves, from 100% pure cotton, the AirComforter is super soft and feels great on the skin. It goes underneath your regular blankets and bedding. The cooling helps you cuddle longer, or you and your partner also can get cozy and toasty warm on bitter cold nights by turning on the heat setting.

Or, like Melanie, BedJet can help you avoid freezing your partner out of the bedroom by keeping your side of the bed wonderfully cool while your partner heats up his side.

The BedJet Dual Zone system creates independent cooling and heating zones for each half of the bed. Each partner gets his or her remote control that can make half the bed crisply cooled and the other half tropical warm. A Bluetooth smartphone sleep app also can activate these functions, providing instant relief for everything from night sweats to cold feet and legs.

“Sometimes my bedroom feels especially warm and stuffy from the radiator heat, but I love the feeling when I slip under my BedJet which I put on the cooling setting,” said Geri Brin, founder of FabOverFifty.com. “And, it’s a godsend to millions of women whose sleep is constantly interrupted from night sweats and hot flashes. So smart and convenient.”

Mark Aramli, the inventor and principal engineer of BedJet, used to be an engineer on the life support systems for the NASA spacesuit, specifically the elements relating to cooling and climate comfort. “I thought it was crazy that we could keep astronauts perfectly comfortable in the hostile temperatures of outer space, and yet so many of us still suffer from simple temperature and sweating issues for the 30 percent of our lives we spend in bed. BedJet lets you now pick your own perfect sleep temperature for you own side of the bed,” Mark said about his invention.

BedJet is a newest technology for beds and has rapidly become the Number One customer-recommended bed cooling and heating product of any kind on Amazon. BedJet even has a 60-day “love it or return it” policy.

to extinguish night sweats with BedJet, and take advantage of an exclusive FabOverFifty discounts up to 30% OFF!

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