Yep, never is a long time, but I can safely say–after 35 years of not smoking–that I’ll NEVER do it again. As for spin class, I NEVER went to one and NEVER intend to go to one.  So I’m with you, Lisa! 

One thing these ladies will never do again!

“Date.  Thank goodness I’m married.”
Doreen Haller-Howarth
“Ride a roller coaster.”
Mary E. Siemborski
“Drive up Pikes Peak and experience the Calistoga Mud. It gets everywhere!”
Holly Anderson Brooke

“Never go on Space Mountain again at Disney. I had no idea it would be so awful! Made me sick, ruined the day.”
Lu Kennedy McLain
“Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty.”
Alice Siegel Warren
“Climb the stairway of a lighthouse! I froze after maybe 30 steps! They were sooo narrow, it was a real struggle to climb down. Terrifying!!!”
Jo Wright
“Ski! My bones are too fragile now.”
Becky Smith Harvey
“Go for a ride in a race car at the Texas Motor Speedway. I was so scared, especially around the turns. I just kept praying for it to be over😩.”
Sandi Lee
“Get divorced; once was enough heartache for me. I’ll stay with second husband no matter what and work things out so we can grow old together happily!”
Michele Whitesitt
“Work for the federal government.”
Yvette Toms
“Take a cruise. I was sea sick for the entire week.”
Jennifer Christensen Davis
“Have a baby. One and done at age 40. No. More. Kids.”
Mary Laux
“Times Square on New Year’s Eve!
Leesa Wimmer
“Fly over Grand Canyon on a tour. Plane’s air conditioner went out and it was hot. Not a pleasant tour for me.”
Terrie Elbatnigi
“It was a split…being a nurse (saw too much bad stuff) and getting married (saw too much bad stuff).”
Vicky Gustafson
“Take a local bus from Dharamshala to New Delhi, India.Worst 18 hours of my life.”
Tracy Hackett

“Ice and roller skate. Bad hips, poor balance, Nope.😐”
Christina Carr Van Lysebettens

“Drugs. Been clean for 12 years.”
Kim Possible Frost
“Swim with dolphins 🐬.”
Yvonne M Sandoval

“Eat animals or their products🐷🐏🐮🐂.”
Rae J Fermor

“Get on a helicopter or small plane.”
Caitlin Hecsh

Hot air ballooning.
Julie Clive

White water rafting!!!!
Debbie Buckley

A stay- in-the-car car wash. It was awful.
Janice Lessner Lieberman

Spin class.
Lisa Urban

Carolyn Sites Arensmeyer

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