How Often You See Your Adult ‘Kids’

We often can’t wait for our kids to get out of the house when they’re teenagers. But, oh, how we love to see them walking up our front steps once they become adults, with real jobs, actually nice personalities and homes of their own. When we asked how often you see your grown ‘kids,’ your responses were engaging, as always!

“As often as possible…love love love seeing my adult children and their families as much as we can but try hard always not to pressure.. they are all building and living their lives which is just as it should be…when we do get together it’s lovely, just lovely to see them, talk with them, feed them and love them .. aww and then there’s the added beautiful bonus of the grandchildren.”

Heather Hailstone Bradshaw

“Never. I’m in Oregon, one lives in Texas (6 yrs. since I’ve seen him) and the other now lives in Hawaii, but before that Nevada (I’ve seen him once in 4 yrs.). And I hate it.”

Jodi Smith Rasar

My only son moved to Vermont last July for my daughter- in-law to pursue her master’s degree, I live in California. We Skype once seek but I miss him terribly.  I’m planning to visit them in the spring.”

Deborah Lee Wilson

During holidays. We hope to move to be closer to two of them. None is closer than a 10-hour drive. They left Indiana after college to find good jobs.”

Debra Klockow

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