Your Partner’s Most Irritating Trait

Remember when you cherished every single thing he (or she) did? You even thought his snoring was adorable. Now, you’d rather sleep in another room, perhaps even on another continent. (Note: Don’t miss Bonnie’s comment. Hysterical!)
Topsy Fisher
“Refusing to acknowledge my perfection.”
Bonnie bell
“There are so many! Chewing with his mouth open is probably number 1…”
Claire Curatolo
DeeAynn Durbin
Happily divorced here! 😁
Cindy dodson
“Leaving toilet seat up!
Linda Whalen Gough
“He’s a Trump supporter.”
Robbie Massie Morrow
“Can’t hear what I say to him in the same room, but can hear a car alarm or any other sound within a mile. But he’s mine ❤️.
Marie Steffens
“He was born.
susan mann
He’s a narcissist.
Beth Hudson-Tuck
“…..lots of little things..but, I feel safe with him 😊.
sarah bias
“Squeezes toothpaste from the middle of the tube 😡.”
kathy bradshaw
“Criticizing everyone else but never himself!!”
Sally Jaramillo
“Picking his nose all the time.”
Rozligh Smith
“Screaming at me .
Ernesto Testani
“He is a slob.
Dawn Marie Daborn
His mother.”
Marcia Moreira
“The fact that I’m still waiting to meet him!
Claire Marie Montrose
“Picking toenails instead of trimming! And playing with his
facial hair!
Jen Den Reeder

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