10 Types Of People We Have To Endure Over The Holidays

1. The lovey dovey lush

By his 4th Scotch, he’s kissing everyone, including his son’s new girlfriend


2. The dramatic daughter-in-law

Everything becomes a production, from setting the table to serving the kidsdil

3. The flashy family friend

She may be your sister’s close friend, but she’s such a show-off, you wish she was far awayglam

4. The testy teenager

No matter what you say or do, he’s ready for battleteen

5. The infamous freeloader

He doesn’t lift a finger to contribute, but he always puts in his two cents


6. The cantankerous child

He may be cute, but his tantrums are tryingkid

7. The credit-seeking cousin

She has to let everyone know that she made the apple piepie

8. The monopolizing mother-in-law

She controls every aspect of the day like a drill sergeant

9. The unctuous uncle

He may seem sincere, but he’s as genuine as a $3 billuncle

10. The overstaying out-of-towner

You’re thrilled to see them, but you can’t wait to see them finally go sleep

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  1. Antionette Blake says:

    I wish we had family to invite, hubby and I are adult orphans with no other relatives in the area. Happy Holiday!

  2. Corinne Garrett says:

    We all have stories of these and a few more. My only sibling lives out of state, so we are lucky: holiday gatherings with chosen family – our dear friends.


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